Colby Muslim Group's Library

The Colby Muslim Group maintains a library that contains many informative books, brochures, and movies. The library is located in the Group's club room on the first floor of the Pugh Student Center, and is open to the campus community. The Library contains a number of informative brochures about Islam and Muslims, and these are for people to take free of charge. Our Lending policy is based on an honors system; members of the community are welcome to borrow our books and movies as long as they return them within a reasonable period of time.

Our book collection features English translations of the Quran as well as Hadith books ( Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim etc.) It also includes books on seerah (Biography of Prophet Muhammed Pbuh), most notably, Muhammed by Haykal. Other books on islamic theology, social aspects, doctrines, comparative religion by famous scholars and muslim thinkers such as Al-Ghazzali, Al Maudoodi, and others are also included.

Our Movie collection includes the following:

  • The Message: a movie featuring the story of Islam
  • Islam: a collection of five documentries about Islam around the World
  • Quran and Science
  • Pilgrimage: a documentary on this Islamic ritual
  • Pilgrimage: a CNN documentary featuring Riz Khan journey into Mecca
  • Islam and Women: a Debate between a Muslim Woman and a University Professor
  • The 50 years War: A PBS documentary about the history of the Conflict in the Middle East

The Library is a great resource not only for group members but also for anybody in the campus community interested in learning about Islam and Muslims, so we urge every body to use it and help maintain it by returning borrowed materials and keeping it clean and tidy.