Colby Mud Meet

 largestaxe audrey

One of the many strong woodswomen on the team, Audrey Lomax '13, in front of the World's largest Axe

Rules for Mud Meet 2013

General rules:

  • Captain’s Meeting will begin at 8am on Saturday April 6th
  • Teams will compete with 6 members
  • Each team will be composed of exactly 3 men and 3 women.  
  • If schools feel like they cannot satisfy this, teams that pay the entry fee are still allowed to compete but their scores will not factor into the results.  
  • Foot/leg protection must be worn during all chopping and splitting events
  • Hard hat with eye protection and chaps must be worn during all chainsaw events
  • All gear must be provided by the competing teams
  • Penalties are at the head judge’s discretion
  • All timed events start 3-2-1-GO
  • Disqualifications will occur for unsportsmanlike behavior
  • No cussin’, this is a family show
  • Have fun and be safe

The explanations of the specific events during this meet are explained on the left-hand side under Competition Events

Singles Events:

All team members must compete in one singles event, and one team member will compete in two singles events.

  • Single buck – A competitor must saw through a log using a crosscut saw.  If the cookie breaks off while sawing, the cut may be finished.  If the competitor cuts-out, another cut must be made.  A starting groove of 6” measured by the judge is allowed.
  • Disc stack – A competitor must cut as many discs from a standing block that he/she can in two minutes.  Each competitor will be given a set amount of wood to work with.  Only discs on top of the block, when time is called, will count.  Teams provide their own chainsaws.
  • Burling - This event will be a double knockout event. The purpose of this event is to cause a fellow competitor to lose his/her balance on the log and fall off.  No biting, pushing, shoving, kicking, or yelling/whispering harsh words towards your competitor.  Each competitor, through random draw, will be pitted against another competitor. The winner of each heat will advance to the next level.  At the judge's discretion, if the two competitors appear to leave the log at the same time, there will be a restart immediately.  The starting procedure requires the log to be in a locked position until both competitors signal that they are ready to start. Scoring is based on the level to which competitors advance in this elimination style tournament.
  • Chain Throw – Each school shall provide their own spring steel surveyors chain, which must be 2 chains (132 feet/40 meters) long.  Each competitor shall begin with a fully coiled and thrown chain, which will then be laid out on a straight line, on the field.  Prior to layout, the competitor must tell the judge if this layout shall be scored, or if they would like to layout for score after coiling.  Upon completion of the layout, the competitor will coil and throw the chain for time.  Time shall begin with the judge saying 3-2-1-GO and after go the competitor may touch his/her chain.  Time ends when the competitor drops his/her completed coil to the ground and calls time.  Completed coils must be tight, circular coils, which have both ends securely tied.  The judge will add time penalties accordingly.
  • Super Swede – The competitor must make 4 cuts through a log, 6x6 for women and 8x8 for men.  If the cookie breaks off while sawing, the cut may be finished.  If the competitor cuts-out, another cut must be made.
  • Axe throw – 2 practice throws are allowed followed by 4 throws which will be scored.  The bull’s eye is worth 25 points, the inner circle is worth 15 points, and the outer circle is worth 10 points.  If the axe bisects 2 scoring areas, the higher value will be awarded.  The axe must stick until scored by the judge.  Crossing the line before the axe hits the target will result in disqualification of the throw.  Only the leading bit of the axe may score points.  If both bits of the axe stick, the non-leading bit must be tapped out and the leading bit must remain in the target in order to score.
  • Pole Climb – Time starts with 3-2-1-GO.  Prior to go, no part of the competitor’s body or a hand rope may be touching the pole.  Competitors may use a hand rope if they choose.  Time ends when the competitor rings the bell at the top of the pole.  All climbers must be on belay throughout the climb.
  • Match Light (Potentially) – Colby will provide a board with 10 holes perfectly fit for 10 matches.  One competitor will have 1 try at each match using a hatchet in a striking motion.  Competitors are only allowed to use the sharp end of the hatchet and not the back end.  The competitor that lights the most matches will win.    

Double Events:

  • Horizontal chop – Two competitors (one man and one woman) must each chop through a round log.  The second chopper may not start chopping until the first chopper is finished.  Time stops when the second chopper breaks through the wood.  Fastest combined time wins.
  • Vertical chop – Two competitors (one man and one woman) will share a large piece of round wood.  Each chopper will chop on only one side.  Once the first chopper signals for the second chopper to begin, the first chopper may not resume chopping.  Time stop when the wood is completely severed.
  • Quarter split – Two competitors (one man and one woman) must each quarter a bolt of wood in the shortest time possible; all four quarters must have some of the paint in order to count.  A total of 8 split full-length pieces with paint on one end is necessary for the successful completion of this event (4 from each competitor).  The second splitter may not begin until the first splitter has finished.  Once the second splitter begins the first splitter may not resume cutting.  Time stops when the second competitor throws the axes down and calls “TIME.”  There will be a 30 second penalty for each missing quarter.  There is a 10 minute time limit.

Team Events:

  • Crosscut saw – Three pairs of competitors must complete 2 discs each.  If the cookie breaks off while sawing, the cut may be finished.  If the competitor cuts-out, another cut must be made.  Time will stop when the last cookie leaves the log.  Chain binders, straps or teammates may be used to secure the log.  Teams will be given 12” in which to complete their 6 cuts.
  • Bow saw – One disc per competitor must be completed in this event.  If the cookie breaks off while sawing, the cut may be finished.  If the competitor cuts-out, another cut must be made.  Time will stop then the last disc leaves the log.  Chain binders, straps or teammates may be used to secure the log.  Teams will be given 12” in which to complete their 6 cuts.  A teammate may set the saw for the next person.
  • Twitch/Roll/Deck Relay – A team will split into pairs of 2 (one man and one woman).  Each pair will have to satisfy a different task.  The chain or rope to be used by the twitching pair must be freely coiled on the ground to begin.  No knots or loops may be tied in the rope prior to its use by the twitchers.  The log will be dragged and left for a pair to roll the log through a course using peaveys.  The log must touch two pegs.  The next pair will roll the log up a stanchion using peaveys to touch the back posts, and return the log to the bottom.
  • Pulp toss – A team must compete with 3 members at each end of the throwing pit.  Competitors will each throw 4 pieces of pulp wood consecutively in a pre-determined order.  Each competitor must throw all pieces of pulp.  A score is counted when any part of the pulp lies between the stakes after all logs have been thrown and come to rest.  A total of 48 scores are necessary to complete this event.  If a competitor picks up a moving log, the next four will not be scored.  Competitors must be behind the plane of the stakes, but not necessarily between them.  Each pulp piece must be pulled back far enough to break the plane before the competitor starts throwing (pulled back pieces may be between the stakes or outside of them).  Any throws made before all pieces are within the plane or beyond the plane of the stakes, will not be counted.  A foot violation will result if the competitor crosses the line and that stick will not be counted.  There is a 10 minute time limit.
  • Pack board water boil relay – Each team must compete with all 6 members.  Please provide your own two hatchets (or a hatchet and a knife), blanket, pack board, rope, and frying pan.  We will provide each time with a piece of cedar.  One team member must lash the two cutting tools, blanket, cedar, and frying pan to a back board.  No two items may be touching before the event starts.  The time starts and the competitor will lash the items together and run with the pack board to the first exchange.  The competitors will continue to pass the pack off at designated exchange areas.  The fifth competitor will cross the finish line with the pack where the sixth competitor will be waiting to commence the fire-build portion of this event.  The pack must stay intact during the relay, or it must be retied.  The pack cannot be handed off or cross the finish line unless all items are securely tied to it. Using the cedar provided, two hatchets (or a hatchet and a knife), and matches, the competitors are required to boil a can of soapy water.  The competitors are given three matches to start and additional matches will be provided by the judge one at a time.  The fire will be used to boil the water.  The time starts then the first competitor starts lashing the pack board and the time ends when the water boils over the edge of the can.  If water spills out prior to boiling over, another can will be provided by the judge.  No lids may be used to cover the cans.  There is a 20 minute time limit.