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Scheduled Maintenance & Outages

Physical Plant department is a service oriented organization that provides a wide range of services for the campus community, including housekeeping, grounds, carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical, snow removal, grounds care, and utility generation and distribution. The Department also provides a number of support services, such as moving, project planning, and estimating.

To ensure we provide the best service to our customers, we will post outages and service notices below.

Electrical Curtail

The College has agreed to join major electricity users throughout New England in a demand response program to make substantial reductions in consumption on those rare occasions that the regional power grid is approaching maximum capacity. In response to a call from the grid operator, non-essential mechanical and electrical systems throughout the campus are expected to be cutback or turned off entirely, some points during the next couple of days. The curtailments usually last 2 to 3 hours..

We recognize that these cutbacks may result in some inconvenience or discomfort. We ask for your understanding and cooperation. This program helps to avoid brownouts on the grid and reduces the need for the construction of additional power plants in Maine and New England.

More information on the demand response program can be found below by clicking the link.

If you have specific concerns about the cutbacks, please contact PPD at X5000.

Colby Demand Response Program