Emergency Response at Colby

Fires, chemical spills, medical emergencies and other disasters are best handled by those trained to do so. The proper response to most emergencies on campus is to call the Security dispatcher, 911, and/or pull a fire alarm, then exit the building as quickly as possible. 

Since there is a sprinkler system in every building on campus and hazard levels are low, employees are neither expected nor trained to engage in firefighting. 

Cleaning significant chemical spills requires training and specialized knowledge and the College has individuals so trained, as well as membership in the Kennebec Valley Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team. 

For medical emergencies, there are medical personnel on staff during the school year and a hospital less than a mile away for emergencies during the non-academic year.

Numbers to Know

Colby Emergency 5911
Local Fire/Police/Ambulance 911

Other Useful Numbers/Extensions

Director of Safety 5504
Director of Security 5530
Human Resources 5500
Physical Plant 5000
Custodial Services 5020