Fire Safety Booklet


FIRE SAFETY                                                                                     






The Higher Education Opportunity Act (Public Law 110-315) became law in August 2008. It requires all United States academic institutions to produce an annual fire safety report outlining fire safety practices, standards, and all fire related on campus statistics. The following public discloser report details all information required by this law as it relates to Colby College.


General Statement of Colby College Residential Housing


At Colby College all residence halls have integrated fire alarm and sprinkler systems and redundant monitoring systems which are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by the Department of Security.


Fire Drills


Fire Drills are conducted once a semester by the Department of Security. All drills are supervised by a security officer and documented on a Fire Drill Log. Any system problems or building violations are logged and a work order to correct the problem is submitted to the Physical Plant department. Students who fail to leave the building during the drill are documented and reported to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary action.


Fire Life safety Education


Campus Life policies on fire safety is to prohibit the use of Hot Plates, other cooking appliances, and some electrical devices in individual rooms. Candles, smoking, and open flames are prohibited in all residence halls. A full list of banned items can be found in the Student Handbook.


Hall Staff are trained annually on Fire Safety, How to use Fire Extinguishers, and Evacuation Procedures by the Director of Campus Safety. The Hall Staff conduct hall meetings to discuss fire safety procedures with all residents.



Fire/Life Safety Inspections


Each semester Hall Staff conduct Fire Safety Inspections in the residence halls looking for hazards and violations. Violations are recorded and turned into the Campus Life Office. Campus Life will contact the violator to correct the problem. Repeat violators will face disciplinary actions that could lead to dismissal from campus Housing. A list of violations and possible sanctions can be found in the Student Handbook.


The Physical Plant Department tests all Life Safety and Monitoring Systems on a monthly basis. Every device in the Life Safety Systems are checked, cleaned and upgraded on an annual basis.


If you discover a fire:


1.  Sound the alarm. Know where the pull stations are located in your building.


2.  Call the emergency number x5911 or 911.


3.  Leave the building.


If you are in a burning building:


          1.  Go to the nearest exit or stairs. Do not use the elevator.


          2.  Feel door handles, if hot, do not open the door. Try another exit or window.


3.  If exit is blocked, return to your room; close the door, open the window, and  

     call for help.

4.  If in a smoke-filled area, keep low to the floor to escape the smoke and heat.


5.  Know all the exits and evacuation plans for your building.


Remember:  DO NOT tamper with fire alarms, smoke detectors, or other fire

                     safety equipment…They could save your life!