Services Offered

The Department of Security offers a wide variety of services to members of the College community to ensure one’s safety and well-being.
Jitney Shuttle Service (x5530) - Schedule

The Jitney Service provides a safe and convenient transportation for students within the Waterville area. The service employs about twelve student drivers and a student program supervisor. It shuttles students to locations throughout the community and to local shopping areas.  The Jitney returns to campus and is available at the Pugh Center.


Jitney Service Hours
Sunday – Tuesday 2:00pm – 12:00am
Wednesday – Saturday 2:00pm – 2:00am
Off Campus dial 859-5530

Jitney is available on a first come first serve basis to students from the Pugh Center. It drops off and picks up at the Pugh Center and provides transportation to Waterville locations.

12:00am - 2:00am Safe rides to campus only --no rides outbound from campus except for students who have off campus housing residence.

Safe Walk/Escorts
Students who feel uncomfortable walking alone or are unable to drive himself or herself due to sickness, injury, intoxication, etc, can call for a safe escort to their residence or an academic building. Security Officers will walk with students or provide a vehicle escort to their destination. To utilize this service call 859-5530.

Colby Check

Colby Check is a property identification and marking program that was developed by the Department of Security to help members of the Colby community protect their valuables.  This program allows members of the Colby community to register their valuables and tag them with a property identification tag. 

An identification form is also filled out detailing the person’s valuables, including value and serial number, and is filed with the Security Office.  Should a theft take place, these preventive measures will assist the Department of Security and the local police department in tracking and recovering those marked items.

Lost and Found

The Department of Security seeks to centralize and record all items found or reported missing on campus.

Lost:  Property that is lost should be reported to Security.  The report will be cross- checked with property being held at the office.  If it is not being held, a general description of the property will be placed in the Lost and Found logbook.  If the property shows up at a later date you will be notified by Security.  It is important that Security be notified if the property is found by someone outside of the department.

Found:  Property that is found should be turned in to the Department of Security, where a report will be filed and cross-checked with other reports to determine the proper owner.  Property turned in as found will be held a minimum of 90 days.  After that time the item becomes the property of Colby College and will be disposed of as necessary.

Safety Whistles

Emergency whistles are distributed by the Dean of Students Office to all students to be used in the following manner:

1.    Blow whistle when you are in danger.

2.    Blow whistle when you hear another whistle being sounded in the vicinity of the call for help.  Call Security at x5911 to report the incident.

The whistles are not toys and should be treated with caution and used only when danger exists.  A $50 fine will be imposed with possible additional disciplinary action for a whistle blown without just cause.

Party Checks

Security officers monitor parties to check for problems or disturbances.  Officers check periodically throughout the duration of the scheduled event to ensure that all College policies and regulations are being followed.  Although the security officers are there to do party checks, it is the responsibility of the student/s hosting the event to make sure that the party is run responsibly.  Individuals in attendance at the event and/or the party host can be held responsible for any and all violations noted by security officers,  other College officials, or other agencies.

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Emergency Safety Advisories
Emergency advisories warning the campus of a potential danger are posted as soon as possible after a serious incident has occurred.  Names and specific locations are not posted on the advisories, but details such as description of the assailant, suspect vehicle, and last known location are all posted.  These advisories will be distributed and posted in all residence halls, dining halls, and other campus locations.