Arvin Dayo

Caps 11 Class of ‘24


Arvin was the valedictorian at  Grace Christian Academy in Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands before starting Colby in the fall of 2020. In addition to his participation in CAPS, Arvin is also a Questbridge Scholar. While in high school Arvin participated in Volleyball, Tutoring, the National Speech and Debate Association and was a Library Assistant. While at Colby Arvin is studying Microbiology and Biochemistry, hopes to obtain employment at the school and perform research under the supervision of a Colby Professor. He plans to do all this while staying focused on academics and volunteering in the local Waterville community. After Colby Arvin is still considering many possibilities including laboratory research work, additional schooling and hopefully moving to the west coast.

Zaniah D. Brown (Zee)

CAPS 11 Class of ‘24



Before coming to Colby in the fall of 2020 Zee attended The Academy of Health Sciences at Prince George’s Community College in Largo MD where she had a 5.0 gpa before the second semester of senior year. Because her school didn’t offer any extracurricular activities she created two of her own clubs outside of school. The mission of one club was to support girls and the other was to keep young teens and children engaged in the community. 


At Colby Zee is studying Biology and Economics and hopes to travel abroad once or twice while at Colby. After undergrad Zee plans on attending a Physician’s Assistant program.


Joephie Lam(Joey)

CAPS 11 Class of ‘24


Joey attended Durango High School in Las Vegas but will be joining us this summer from Oviedo Florida. 


During high school Joey especially enjoyed AP World History and AP Biology and found that she was able to appreciate the learning experience over grades especially with these two courses. Joey also enjoyed the hands-on projects she did in her honors physics class. As a member of the Calculus Club Joey enthusiastically celebrated the club at school events, helped students prepare for the AP Exam and threw a huge pi day celebration.


At Colby Joey is studying Biology and looking forward to learning more about herself as an academic and taking courses in Art in East Asian studies. During the coming years Joey hopes to attend more Colby sponsored events and become an active member of campus life. After Colby Joey plans to attend pharmacy school and or graduate school to become a pharmacologist.

Tiya Ouro-Ntiyi

CAPS 11 Class of ‘24


Tiya is from Bloomfield NJ and attended East Orange STEM Academy High School where her love of Literature and Language was only matched by her love for AP Chemistry. While in high school Tiya also played soccer which allowed her to form important relationships with her teammates and coaches. As a member of Zeta Phi Beta Inc, Tiya became president of the Archonettes which is a mentoring program for young girls in her community. This experience taught her the importance of community service, hard work and also getting help when needed. The support system she formed through that work has been important to her resilience during high school and while at Colby. 


Tiya is currently pursuing a Psychology major with a concentration in Neuroscience. She plans to minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality and possibly double minor in Chemistry as well. All the while she will fulfill the requirements for pre-med. In addition to her academic interests Tiya is active in the Colby African Society, The Women of Color Alliance and the Natural Hair Club. She plans on becoming an active member of the Colby Photography Club and the Feminist Alliance in the coming years as well as taking advantage of opportunities to travel abroad and do research with a Colby professor.


After college Tiya plans on taking a gap year to prepare for the MCAT and gain some experience in a clinical setting before medical school.

Jaylin E. Talmadge

CAPS 12, Class of ‘25


Jaylin attended Mount Vernon High School in Mt, Vernon Washington. 


During high school Jaylin appreciated courses that incorporated real life applications of the subject matter and found that learning concepts that were difficult was rewarding especially when those topics overlapped with other subjects. Jaylin especially enjoyed the elective courses offered at their high school including beginning and advanced food, beginning floral design and forensic science. 


Jaylin did speech and debate competitively on their state circuit and periodically on the national circuit. Participating in debate gave them opportunities to strengthen their skills as a public speaker and learn about current events, especially how the topics covered in debate impacted the daily lives of people. 


Jaylin is hoping to earn a degree in STEM (most likely Science, Technology, and Society or Biology) with either a humanities minor or a professional certificate. Jaylin is open to pursuing other interests as she works her way through Colby. During their time at Colby Jaylin hopes to become EMT certified and explore clubs exploring ballroom dance, board games and environmental concerns. After Colby Jayline is considering a master’s program, but most importantly she wants to make sure that through their life and career they are making a positive impact on people which is why they think they will explore health care and teaching professions.


Jayline is not able to fully participate in our summer program this year but they plan on hopping onto our Zoom sessions when time in their schedule allows.

Jolynda Saint Vil (JoJo)

CAPS 12 Class of ‘25



JoJo attended North Miami Senior High School in North Miami FL. During high school she fell in love with Biology even though she was not able to perform many labs. This is one of the reasons she’s excited about studying Biochemistry at Colby, doing “hundreds of labs”, and attending medical school after her four years at Colby. During high school JoJo enjoyed playing Flag Football and participating in many clubs, especially those focused on empowerment. She plans on being active in similar clubs while here at Colby.


Kyla Escalon Garner

CAPS 12 Class of ‘25


(photo from a recent trip to Maine!)


Kyla graduated from Normal Community West High School in Bloomington IL. While in high school Kyla took advantage of a partnership with a local community college earning an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science. In addition to continually being on the Dean’s List throughout high school, Kayla also wrote a research paper she is particularly proud of regarding the superstitious and religious beliefs that shaped the practice of medicine during the medieval era of Europe. In addition to her academic prowess Kayla helped run a volunteer club, was president of the STEM Club and ran Tech for several high school theater productions.


Kayla plans to study Physics with a concentration in Astrophysics while at Colby and hopes to explore Maine through the various clubs on campus. She also is interested in Colby’s Artist’s Society.


Vladimir Khabaev

CAPS 12 Class of ‘25



Vladimir attended Cranston High School East in Cranston Rhode Island. New to the US and to  the English language, Vladimir, having only been in the country for three years, signed up to take AP English during his junior year. He assumed that it would help him improve his language skills but was unprepared for the challenge. But rising to that challenge and not only earning a B in the course but also a 4 on the AP exam was the academic highlight of his high school career. The work he had to put into the course and the obstacles he had to overcome made his achievement all the sweeter. In addition to his academics Vladimir participated in Math Club, Swimming Club, and enjoys hiking and playing guitar.


While at Colby Vladimir plans to double major in Mathematics/Mathematical Sciences and in Artificial Intelligence Studies/Machine Learning (or in some other computer-related field like programming). Of particular interest to Vladimir are opportunities to further explore mathematics and AI which is why he’s especially looking forward to the Calculus curriculum here at Colby. Vladimir also hopes to participate in chess club and make time for hiking and swimming.


After Colby Vladimir plans on pursuing additional schooling and is interested in traveling as well.


Lesly D. Padilla

CAPS 12 Class of ‘25


Lesly attended Yes Prep Northbrook High School in Houston TX and is particularly proud of the fact that she made a decision to take her academics more seriously after her first year and give school her all. Her favorite activity was called “Leadership” and they explored issues around restorative justice including politics, mental health and world issues. 


Lesly plans on studying Biology at Colby, looks forward to doing more hands-on research and will attend medical school after her four years of undergrad. 

AJ Keaton Feldman

CAPS 12 Class of ‘25



AJ attended Somerville High School in Somerville Massachusetts were he loved being on the track team and participated in math team, trivia team, chess club and science league. Academically Calculus, Chemistry and Biology were his favorite subjects. AJ also had the opportunity to partake in a summer program at Biogen Idec which he especially enjoyed.


At Colby AJ plans on majoring in Biology with a focus on molecular biology and biochemistry. He wants to understand cell functions more fully and participate in research working his way from assisting others with their projects to eventually designing his own research project.


After Colby AJ would like to take a few years before grad school in order to work for a chemistry or biology company in research.

Juanita Onyinye McJaphet

CAPS 12 Class of ‘25


Juanita attended New Century Technology High School in Huntsville AL and has recently moved to Randolph MA. During high school Juanita participated in a Health Science Internship which helped her to understand more about the field she plans on pursuing after Colby. Juanita was a Magnet Ambassador, a National Society of High School Scholars Ambassador, and cadet of the month all while pushing herself academically and earning all As and Bs in her coursework. Outside of the classroom Juanita tutored elementary school students and was an active member of HOSA-Future Health Professionals.

Not only is Juanita a CAPS Scholar but also a Questbridge student as well.


At Colby Juanita plans on majoring in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Biology. She’s also interested in taking a minor in either East Asian Studies or Spanish. Juanita is especially excited about the research and travel opportunities at Colby and plans to be an active member of the Biology Club and the Colby African Society. She’s especially interested in research on Sickle Cell Anemia and plans to attend medical school and become a surgeon after her undergraduate studies.

Taj Sean-Dwayne McDowell

CAPS 12 Class of ‘25


Taj attended Iona Prep in New Rochelle NY and resides in Poughkeepsie NY where he earned a cumulative 4.0gpa while also enjoying the football program at his school. After an injury in his junior year, Taj came back to play his senior year and it was his best year of play.


At Colby Taj will be a member of the football team and plans to complete a pre-med course of study. Taj has big plans for both his Football career and his plans to become a neurosurgeon. His enthusiasm for both football and becoming a surgeon abound in equal measure.

Jason T. Marquez

CAPS 12 Class of ‘25


Jason attended Kingman High School in Kingman AZ where he won the KHS math/science award, was awarded several scholarships and graduated with the highest GPA in his class. Busy in the mornings as a member of the Spanish Club, Future Business Leaders of America and the National Honor Society, Jason also kept his afternoons packed with participation in both Cross Country and Tennis.


At Colby Jason plans to join club tennis, explore various internships and co curricular learning opportunities. Jason plans on majoring in English and pursuing a career as a plastic surgeon.