Arrive on Campus: Saturday/Sunday June 25/26

Depart from Campus: Saturday/Sunday July 30/31

Program Directors
Cathy Bevier, Professor of Biology
Jeff Katz, Professor of Chemistry

Program Coordinator

Sasha Alcott

Anticipated Research Modules/Activities

  • Evidence Based Learning and Study Strategies
  • Biodiversity of Ocean Life
  • Exploring Mathematics and Chemistry
  • Green Chemistry
  • Earth and Planetary Science and Microanalysis
  • Aqueous Chemistry and Analytical Techniques used in the field
  • Exploring microbiomes and disease resistance in frogs
  • Literature Research
  • Writing for Science
  • Exploring the Maine Coast by boat
  • A Day trip to Freeport ME
  • Painting Night
  • Baking Contests
  • Plus many more


  • Students spend their weekdays doing hands-on research with Colby science faculty. These experiences are structured as Research Modules that span 1-3 days each and include coursework and homework assignments related to the topics covered.
  • Students interact directly with faculty and instructors to learn about and hone essential skills needed for success in scientific disciplines.
  • Outings and activities all around Maine are planned for weekends and some evenings.
  • There will be two exams during the five week program, which is part of the requirement for the one college credit hour earned through participation.
  • Students earn a $2500 stipend for participating in Caps.
  • CAPS does not burden participating students: travel, room and board and the cost of CAPS activities are all paid for by Colby College.


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