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Need to get to an interview in Portland? A career fair in Brunswick? A job shadow in Bangor? We can help! The Career Center has a Zipcar account available to students without access to a car to use for career-related experiences.

Due to our account restrictions, only trips within a period of 24 hours and within an 80 mile radius are eligible. All students using the service must have an individual membership with Zipcar before they can rent so make sure to sign up early if you think there is any chance that you made need to use the service. All students with a Career Center approved resume but without access to a car are eligible to use the Career Center account for billing.

Due to the limited funds and cars available, Zipcar use through the Career Center is not meant for continuous weekly use for internships or job shadows. If you are shadowing or completing an internship locally (Waterville area), please talk to the Career Center about coverage for taxi service. See below for a list of accepted uses.

Students are expected to rent Zipcars for the shortest time period needed for their trip (i.e. do not rent a car the night before if you are leaving in the morning).

Overnight rental (within the 24 hour period) must be approved ahead of time.

Acceptable Uses of the Zipcar through the Career Center:

  • One-time job shadows
  • Job or internship interview
  • Graduate School Testing
  • Informational Interview
  • Job or Graduate School Fair

Use of the Zipcar not covered by the Career Center:

  • Weekly internships or recurring job shadows
  • Waterville area travel (Note: if the reason for local travel falls under the acceptable uses, the Career Center can cover the cost of a taxi but not the Zipcar)
  • Errands, doctor’s appointments, or other personal uses
  • Trips over 24 hours
  • Trips outside of an 80-mile radius


How to Sign Up

  1. Make sure you have an approved resume with the Career Center. Check out how to get your resume approved here: Resume Approval Process
  2. Create an account by visiting Colby’s Zipcar websiteand signing up for a membership through the “Colby Career Center” department account (see “I’m Colby College faculty or staff and would like to join my department’s existing Zipcar account.”).
  3. After confirming that you have an approved resume, we will approve your membership and you’ll receive a membership card in the mail.
  4. Reserve the day you need a car using the Zipcar website. Make sure to sign up early as there are a limited number of Zipcars on campus.
  5. Send us the documentation of the reason you are using the Zipcar. Acceptable examples include an email confirmation of a job shadow or interview, a confirmation notification of a test registration, or other similar documents. Send this documentation to
  6. Drive off to your interview/job shadow/career fair!


Important to Note

The Career Center is not responsible for the availability of cars on campus. Sign up early to make sure a car is available when you need it.

The Career Center is not responsible for membership cards that do not arrive in time to use. The Career Center has no control over the actual membership process and how fast memberships arrive. If you think there is any chance you would like to use the service over the course of the semester, you should sign up early to avoid any delays. Keep in mind we cannot authorize a membership if you do not have an approved resume.

Any overage charges due to extra mileage, time or other circumstances are the responsibility of the student and not the responsibility of the Career Center.

Students using the service for non-career-related experiences will be ineligible for any future use of the service.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is it for?

Students needing to get to an interview, career fair, job shadow, or other career-related opportunity but do not have access to a car.


How far can I go?

Due to our current Zipcar account restrictions only those traveling within an 80 mile radius (this covers anything in Portland or Bangor). The entire trip may not exceed 24 hours.


How do I sign up?

Each student has to have a Zipcar account through our department account. Go to Colby’s Zipcar website and choose “Colby Career Center.” Zipcar membership takes up to seven days to be sent through the mail so you should sign up well in advance if you think there is any possibility you may need it during the semester. There is no cost to sign up.


Can anyone use it?

You must have a Career Center approved resume before you will be cleared to use the Zipcar service through our account.

You may not use the service if you have a running car currently on campus.

You may not use it for any reason other than those career-related (i.e. an interview, career fair, job shadow, or other career-related experience).


What happens if I go outside an 80 mile radius?

You will be responsible for the additional fee incurred by the Career Center and ineligible to use Zipcar through the Career Center for the remainder of the academic year.