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Colby’s Career Center offers a four-year career preparation curriculum engaging students as early as their first Jan Plan. Career planning is not a one-and-done activity – exploration, information gathering, and insight gained through experiences and academics all layer on each other, allowing students to map a clear direction for their first destination upon graduation.

PPEP is designed to provide a set of skills and tools to assist students with career planning and decision-making steps appropriate for each year, culminating in preparation for the first job search or graduate school application and subsequent career decisions throughout a Colby grad’s life.


Year 1: PPEP First Step

A 2-hour workshop introducing students to key career exploration tools, skills self-assessment, building a professional resume, and proper email etiquette for networking purposes. Students also must complete a job-shadow with a Colby alumni or parent.

Year 2: Sophomore Conference

Students participate in a one-day conference to become “internship ready”. Conference sessions include applying for internships opportunities for internship funding and credit, improving their resume, preparing for interviews, and networking.

Year 3: PPEP Accelerator

Due the fall of junior year, PPEP students will submit a post-graduation plan highlighting their desired outcome (destination) and the plan to get there. In addition all students will participate in an Interview Boot Camp. All programming is available to semester abroad students.

Year 4: Senior Launchpad

Early in September, PPEP seniors will attend a conference focused on gearing up for the job search and graduate school application process. Topics include hiring and application timelines, navigating job offers/salary negotiation, and preparation for the first 90 days on the job.


PPEP Coach Program

Students who have completed the PPEP First Step Seminar are guaranteed access to a Colby alum or parent who has volunteered to serve as a career coach. PPEP Coaches will conference with students regularly to discuss career planning and preparation topics as well as assisting students with growing their connections in the Colby network.


Participation in PPEP assures that students approach post Colby-plans with the utmost confidence in their professional skills and abilities. Career Advising with Career Center staff and PPEP Coaches, throughout their four years, allows students to actively and successfully attain post-Colby outcomes.

For more information on PPEP or PPEP events please call the Career Center at 207-859-4140 or email career@colby.edu.