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Job Search

A common question students ask is when to begin their job search. Unfortunately, there isn’t one answer to this question. Everyone’s search is different, as is every employer. Timelines vary widely even within the same industry. Regardless, it’s important to plan ahead to assure you don’t miss out on opportunities. There are employers who will be hiring in advance, though the majority hire only as needed, which can be very unpredictable. Review the information below on both categories for more information.

It is also important to designate sufficient time for your job search. It is a good idea to think about your job search as a class, without an exam. If you typically designate 4-5 hours a week to prepare for a class that is what you should designate for your job search.

Advanced Hiring

There are employers who are able to anticipate their entry-level hiring needs months in advance. These companies are in the minority, and are by no means representative of the range of entry-level opportunities that will be available to graduating seniors.

Employers who participate in the On-Campus Recruiting program fall into the advanced hiring category. Generally speaking, the majority of employers who come to campus in the fall semester are seeking candidates for full-time opportunities (except for competitive summer internships in finance). Others will come to campus early in the spring semester as well to hire entry-level candidates and for internships.

In addition to On-Campus Recruiting, there are employers and organizations that have established 1-2 year opportunities or programs. In the non-profit sector these are sometimes referred to as fellowships, or may also be listed as internships. Some well-known examples of fixed-term programs in the non-profit sector are Teach for America, AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps. Other sectors may have established fixed-term programs, sometimes referred to as leadership development programs or rotational programs.

The application deadlines vary depending on the opportunity; some have one deadline per year, typically late fall or early spring, while larger programs may have multiple deadlines throughout the year.

As Needed Hiring

The majority of employers across all sectors – for-profit, non-profit, and government – fall into this category. Most employers hire when someone leaves or when the company or organization is growing. When positions become available, employers often want to fill the opening quickly; if a position becomes available in February, most employers will not be able to hold it open until June when a graduating student is available to begin working. But that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t start your job search early.

Building relationships through networking takes time, and your goal should be to develop a well-established and far reaching network before positions become available to assure you learn about opportunities. Even if you’re primarily targeting industries or employers who don’t hire in advance, you should be working on your job search throughout your senior year. Growing your network and gaining industry knowledge over the course of the year will be more manageable and more productive.

Step #1: Preparation

Attend senior meetings and workshops by the Career Center
Get your resume and cover letters reviewed, and approved (Drop In Hours & Appointments)
Practice your interviewing technique with Career Center staff (mock interviews)
Clean up all voice messages, online profiles, and social networking sites
Prepare your “elevator speech” (30-second pitch) for brief encounters with employers/contacts
Create a profile on (for tips, click here), and join group, “Colby Alumni & Friends”
Create an account on the online alumni directory, Colby Alumni Community (formally known as “CAN”)
Get at least one interview suit

Step #2: Self-Assessment & Research

  • Determine the job you want
    • If unsure, do some self-assessment (likes & dislikes, values & skill sets)
    • If have some idea, but need clarification:
      • Investigate various job titles and descriptions
      • Do informational interviews, and use Inside Jobs
  • Utilize What Can I Do With This Major?
  • Determine where you want to live
  • Research industries and organizations to determine best fit by reviewing organizational web pages and utilizing online resources like Vault (access via your home page in Handshake under “Shortcuts”). 
  • Research best practices for job search methods; one resource includes Job Search Guide for Gen Y

Strategy #1:  It’s Not Who You Know, but Who You Get to Know (Networking)

Networking is nearly always cited as being the most effective job search approach for Liberal Arts graduates. Networking entails contacting everyone you know and asking for advice, information, and job leads, as well as developing new relationships to increase your knowledge base and to explore possibilities.

Not sure how to approach people you don’t know? Draft an e-mail or letter to one of your potential contacts and bring it by the Career Center during Drop-Ins or make an appointment with an advisor for help proofreading your correspondence, as well as to discuss strategy.

  • Make a list of contacts (people you know and people you want to know)
  • Tell your advisor, faculty, friends, family, etc. that you’re looking for a job
  • Initiate contact to set up informational interviews with people in career fields of interest
  • Connect with Colby alumni in your field or in organizations of interest using the online alumni directory, Colby Connect. 
  • Utilize LinkedIn; join the “Colby Alumni & Friends” group
  • Join Professional Associations (see What Can I Do With This Major?)
  • When you get tips, assistance, etc., follow-up with a thank you e-mail or letter

Strategy #2:  Colby-Specific Initiatives

The Career Center organizes multiple opportunities throughout the year for students to interview with employers either at Colby or off-campus at Bates and Bowdoin. Check the calendar in Handshake frequently for announcements and resume deadlines.


Colby’s proprietary database showing announcements and on-campus recruiting deadlines. The system also lists entry- and mid-level job postings as well as internship opportunities. You may also access LACN (see below) and NACElink external jobs and internship listings.

Liberal Arts Career NetWORK (LACN)

Colby has partnered with 30+ other highly-selective liberal arts colleges to share entry-level job postings as well as internship postings.

Strategy #3:  Find Job Listings (Applying for Known Openings)

Many, but not all, fields utilize the Web to post openings they seek to fill. Your background research will tell you if this is true for your field or not. Please keep in mind that there are not only numerous general web-site/online bulletin boards, but also many industry-specific sites as well as Colby-specific resources like Handshake. Some examples are below:


SimplyHired ( (
College Recruiter Employment Site (
CareerBuilder ( ( ( (
MonsterCollege (
Neuvoo (
One Day One Job (
USAJobs (
Granted (
GOINGLOBAL (access via your home page in Handshake under “Shortcuts”)


The Colby Career Center has started to compile a list of online resources that provide job listings, in in some cases educational opportunities and/or career exploration resources, in specific industries and fields. The list can be accessed by clicking here, or by going to the Center’s web site under “Students” and then “Job Search”. Another good resource includes the exploration tool, What Can I Do With This Major? Click on “Links” under your major or area of interest to see related Professional Associations and job listings.

Strategy #4:  Identify Possible Employers (Prospecting)

Another successful job search strategy is to identify potential employers in industries of interest using the tools below. Once you find organizations that are engaged in the type of work you would like to be doing, you can visit their web sites to find openings and use networking resources to learn about potential job opportunities. Another strategy is to approach the employers directly through a direct mail campaign, where you mail/email a well-written resume accompanied by a cover letter, which clearly and directly states your qualifications.

Vault (Vault (access via your home page in Handshake under “Shortcuts”)
WetFeet (

If you are an international student looking to work in the United States, here are some resources that can guide you toward companies that are open to sponsoring visas for international students. It is important to note that once you find a company of interest, you should utilize LinkedIn to connect with alumni potentially working at the institutions, or to connect directly with the organization. Many of the resources below, particularly GOINGLOBAL, can also be helpful to U.S. citizens looking to work abroad.

Job Search Resources for International Students

Find the Best-H1B Visas: Includes a ranking of employers most likely to hire international students with H1-B Visas
Foreign Labor Certification Disclosure Data
GOINGLOBAL: Includes listings of employers that have sponsored H1B Visas; access under “Shortcuts” on your home page of the Handshake system
H1visajobs: Discounted fees for international students. Provides immigration information on topics from Visas to insurance.
List of Companies that Hire International Students Offers services for those looking for H1 Visa jobs.


Here is an article that lists many companies that will hire international students.


Other Helpful Resources

Cost of Living Index: A variety of resources, including some for a fee as well as free-of-charge Immigration information on topics including Visas, finances, and financial aid
Money, What It Is, How It Works: Information on American finances, including both personal and government finances
U.S. Department of Labor
When in the Hiring Process do I Reveal that I’m an International Student?: From a presentation by Adrienne Nussbaum, Assistant Dean for International Student Services at Boston College

General Resources for International Job Search

Below is a listing of resources and websites to assist all students in their international job search. The list is not exhaustive, but should provide a good starting point. Phrases: Assistance in writing application documents for jobs abroad
: Offers summer camp, work abroad, and volunteer abroad programs
Careerjet: Job listings by country
Center for International Career Development
Cultural Vistas: Offers fellowship and work opportunities to those wishing to pursue careers abroad
Electronic Embassy: A database of links to the various Washington, D.C. foreign embassies
Escape Artist – Jobs Overseas
The globalEDGE International Internship Directory
GOINGLOBAL: Access via “Shortcuts” on your home page of the Handshake system
iHipo International Careers
Institute of International Education: Information and services for those interested in studying or working abroad
4 International Careers & Jobs: International employment directory, organized by country
International Jobs Center: A comprehensive source of international careers for professionals, and home of International Career Employment Weekly
Jobs Abroad
MIT International Career Fair: List of past company participants from around the world Advice for living, studying, or working in certain European countries
Overseas Jobs: Features overseas jobs and international employment opportunities for professionals, expatriates and adventure seekers
Peace Corps
Riley Guide: Provides resources for job opportunities abroad
Transitions Abroad: Offers links to articles about working abroad as well as job databases
U.S. State Department: Updates on travel alerts and travel warnings

Canadian Association of Educators and Employers
Council on International Education Exchange: Offers teach abroad programs for U.S. students
ESL Café: Job boards and other resources for teaching English abroad
Friends of World Teaching-Nursing: Offers lists of teaching and nursing positions abroad, for a fee
Go Overseas: Offers teach abroad programs in various countries
International Schools Services: Places educators in schools abroad
International TEFL Corporation: Offers courses for TEFL certification and assists with job placement
LanguageCorps: Programs teaching English abroad
Office of Overseas Schools: Run by the U.S. Department of State
Teaching Jobs Overseas: Advice about teaching English overseas, and a list of vacancies
WorldTeach: Places volunteers in schools around the world

Careers in Africa

Jobs in Japan
Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme
AEON Corporation: Employs teachers from English-speaking nations to teach English in Japan
CareerZone: Job database and job search advice from Singapore
Davidson Recruiting Services: Places native English speakers at schools in China, Japan, and South Korea
O-Hayo Sensei: International Teaching Opportunities in Japan
CTgoodjobs: Hong Kong job database

Australia’s Careers Online
CareerOne, UA version: A branch of
SEEK: A job database

The Canadian Association of Career Educators & Employers: Includes a job board

jobsite UK Recruitment Forum
Monster UK
EuroGraduate Live: Jobs around Europe and work abroad advice

EnLace: Links for jobs in Latin American countries, provided by the University of Texas

Below is a list of online resources that provide job listings, and in some cases educational opportunities and/or career exploration resources, in specific industries and fields. This list is not exhaustive, but the Colby Career Center hopes that it will serve as another resource to assist students’ with their post-graduate plans.


Job & Internship Listings
Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List: Career and application advice, job listings, and events. Concentrates on the Rocky Mountain Region Job database and career resources Job database, resume & cover letter information, and job ratings

College Grad: Entry level job site Job database for college students and recent grads, as well as job entry advice

Idealist: Database of non-profit jobs and positions internationally Database of U.S. jobs Search engine for jobs from job boards, company sites, and the web

US.Jobs: Job database, salary calculator, and career information

ZipRecruiter: Internship, part-time, and full-time jobs database

Career Information, Advice, and Applying
CareerTV: Employer, career, and university videos and company profiles

Education and Career Information Portal: Career information categorized by category, includes student interviews, school directories, and explanations of the different career possibilities in each category

Interfolio: Allows students to compile application documents, including transcripts, resumes, and letters of recommendation, in one place; documents sent directly to schools

The Occupational Outlook Handbook: Provides information on hundreds of occupations, includes what they do, work environment, how to become one, and salary information

O*Net Resource Center: Summary report of information on various careers

Spotlight on Careers: Provides an industry overview, information on internship, job, and education opportunities, and profiles of people working in the industry

State Occupational Projections: Offers predictions on the future of occupational employment for each career in individual states and the national as a whole

Wall Street Journal College Journal: News on education, graduate school, job outlook, and various careers Career advice, employer information, blogs, and news

Salary Information

Find the Best-Government Pay: Compares public employee salaries across job sector and state

Find the Best-Salaries By City: Provides annual average salary or hourly pay for positions across cities

Find the Best-Salaries By Industry: Compares average annual salary and hourly pay for job titles across industries Salary calculations and advice, with pages for students, entry level, etc.

The Salary Calculator: Provides information on typical pay as well as links on home financing

GENERAL GRADUATE SCHOOL & EDUCATION PROGRAM RESOURCES Graduate school directory; search by subject, program type, and location A database of graduate schools and jobs (search by degree, category, and subject), which also offers advice on admissions and job search, a career guide, etc.


General Education resources for those interested in becoming an accountant or CPA, including exam and licensure information

American Academy of Actuaries: Professional organization offering news and career resources

Be An Actuary: Information on courses of study, internships, scholarships, career and salary information, job listings, and job search advice

Graduate Schools & Education Programs Directory of Actuarial Science schools


American Institute of Architects: News and information on the field of architecture

The American Planning Association: Career advice and job listings for planners

American Society of Landscape Architects: A professional organization with career information, news, and university program and job listings

American Society of Interior Designers: Listings of events, competitions, and news in the field of interior design A job database

The Boston Society of Architects: Local job openings, continuing education information, and local events

Council for Interior Design Accreditation: List of accredited schools and information about the accreditation process

Harvard University Career Discovery: A six-week summer program at the Graduate School of Design for anyone looking to learn more about the design and planning industries

Interior Design Jobs: A job database

National Building Museum: Dedicated to telling the stories of architecture, engineering, and design; also offers jobs and internships

National Organization of Minority Architects: Offers membership to gain networking, internship, and job opportunities

Planetizen: Provides an annual list of the 10 best planning, design, and development websites, job listings, and an urban planning graduate school directory


Americans for the Arts: Advocacy, research, professional development, and recognition for the arts

Art Deadlines List: Board of announcements for jobs, fellowships, scholarships, and competitions

ArtJob: Features a list of jobs, internships, fellowships, and other opportunities in all areas of the arts

ArtSearch: A directory of art resources, including a job search page

ArtSource: Resources on art and architecture

Association for Research into Crimes Against Art: A research group on current problems in art crime, with a Master’s program, journal, and blog

CBS Corporation: Career possibilities include a variety of positions in radio, television, and film production

Creative Jobs Central: Job openings in professions from hair styling to game design to massage therapy Listings of jobs, internships, and career information in the entertainment industry Jobs and internships in the industry

Hire Culture:  A search engine for cultural positions in Massachusetts

The Hollywood Reporter: News from every facet of the entertainment industry, including film, television, art, photography, production, and advertising. Includes TV ratings and box office grosses; also offers a job listing page

NBCUniversal: Job and internship openings in a variety of entertainment, news, and film organizations

New York Foundation for the Arts: Supports artists through grants, online resources, and professional development training, and offers fellowships in the arts, listings of art jobs and events, and one-on-one assistance via telephone and email

Reel Jobs NYC: A free weekly publication of film, television, and theatre jobs, which can be downloaded online Database for all jobs related to the entertainment industry

Variety Media Careers: News, reviews, blogs, and job listings in film, TV, music, and digital entertainment

Viacom: Owns brands in the television, film, and digital media industries; Career page provides information on openings at all divisions, which include MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Pictures

Walt Disney: Jobs and internships in a wide range of careers, including animation, banking, communications, publishing, and sales

Your Industry Insider: Insider information from all areas of the entertainment industry

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation: Offers internships, seminars, scholarships, awards, and news

Director’s Guild, Assistant Director’s Program: Provides motion picture and television industry training

The Hollywood Script Readers Digest: A site where one can publish a synopsis of a film or TV series proposal for review by Hollywood decision makers

Independent Film Project: Provides workshops, seminars, conferences, mentorship, and a magazine to support filmmakers around the world; find job listings under the networking tab

Indiewire: News, filmmaking information, movie directory and reviews, festival directory, television coverage and interviews, and blogs

Museum of Moving Image: Dedicated to improving public understanding of film, television, and digital media Classifieds for film jobs, contests, and equipment A job database for positions working on reality shows Tools and resources for those interested in screenwriting

Script Writing Secrets: Advice on how to get someone to buy your script

Show Crew Network: A database for finding show crews or for advertising oneself as a crew member or company

Writers Guild of America: News, events, writing tools and resources, and advice for script writers

Graphic Arts
All Graphic Design: An online graphic design community

American Institute of Graphic Arts: A professional association offering events and competitions as well as job listings

Animation Village: Online community for those interested in animation, with job listings

Animation World Network: Animation news, job bank, and resources for the job seeker

Digital Media Wire: A digital media news source with a job search engine

Gamasutra: A game design site with news, job board, events, and blogs

Game Jobs: Job listings from the video and computer game industry

Guide to Video Game Designer Schools: A list of schools with program information

Billboard Magazine: A source of information on trends and innovation in music, with charts, news, videos, and reviews

Chamber Music America: Site provides news and grant, job, fellowship, and award listings

Creative Musicians Coalition: A membership organization offering representation for independent artists and record labels

FilmMusic Jobs: Job listings for various positions involved in the creation of music for films

Get Signed: An online resource offering you the ability to upload pictures and videos and connect with fans and scouts; offers tips on getting signed and on performing

League of American Orchestras: Career advice and job openings for those interested in working in an orchestra

Los Angeles Music Network: An organization dedicated to providing professional development and support to artists; sponsors various events, job listings, and mentor programs

Media Web Source: Music and entertainment employment directory Advice on starting off in the music industry

Musical Chairs: Performance, teaching, and administration jobs in classical music

Music Jobs USA: Offers both job listings and an employer directory

The National Association for Music Education: Site includes job and scholarship listings, career links, and news

Navigating Music Careers: Information on various music career paths, pursuing your career, and career resources

Opera America: List of job openings in opera

Pursuing A Musical Career: A list of music schools, scholarships, financial aid options, and placement programs, provided by Same Day Music

The Society for Music Theory: Lists grants, awards, and news

Sonicbids: A Web site that helps bands and promoters connect; provides advice and resources on getting gigs, finding consumer brands for support, and engaging fans; and offers a job board showing open positions within the organization

Starpolish: Provides resources to educate and empower artists, with a focus on artist advocacy and development; support includes a college booking agency, advisors, and attorneys, as well as employment offerings via the various panels and boards which make up the organization

Performing Arts
Actors Equity Association: Offers workshops, seminars, and news

American Theater Wing: Detailed career guides for different areas of the performing arts, an internship group for those in NYC with a theatre internship, a college-to-career transition program, grants, and news

Back Stage: Answers to commonly asked questions on casting, casting notices, and news Internships and jobs for behind the scenes work in the entertainment industry

Costume Society of America: Grants, awards, and a job board for costume design Job listings for dancers

Dance Links: Links to ballet companies, dance publications, funding resources, dance schools, and other dance resources

Internet Broadway Database: A database of all New York theatre productions with detailed information about each one

LA Casting: An online casting service

Now Casting Inc.: An online casting service. An online connection for New England’s performing and teaching artists and people and organizations interested in presenting them, including a directory of artists, venues, and presenters

National Dance Council of America: Information on types of dance, dance teacher certification, rules & results for dance competitions, competitor information, and news A broad database of resources in the performing arts Casting and job listings

Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia: Provides listings for local theatres, theatre jobs, and theatre classes, and offers annual additions for actors to be seen by auditors from regional theatres

Theater Communications Group: Supports American not-for-profit theatre by providing grants, advocating for theatre, and holding conferences and events

United States Institute for Theatre Technology: Career information, grants, and fellowships for those interested in jobs in theatre technology

Voice of Dance: An online community for dancers, offering news, event listings, forums, and other information

American Society of Media Photographers: A professional society for photographers, offering networking and other resources

Auction Houses: From the Library of Congress-a list of auction houses and appraisers specializing in photography

National Press Photographers Association: Contests, scholarships, networking opportunities and job listings for photographers

Photojournalism As a Career: Information on daily life in the industry, job opportunities, financial information, and how to get started

Photosource International: An online meeting place for photobuyers and photosuppliers

The Sector Skills Council for Creative Media: Career listings in photo imaging

Society for Photographic Education: News, events, and information for the education of photographers

Visual Arts Connects artists to private collectors, gallery owners, interior designers, corporate art buyers, public art administrators, and art enthusiasts

Artspan Contemporary Art: Websites for artists, photographers, artisans

ArtTable: A non-profit organization dedicated to advancing women’s leadership in the field of visual arts, that has an internship program for college seniors, graduate students, and recent graduates who come from an underrepresented ethnic, racial, or cultural background

The National Gallery of Art: Located in Washington, D.C.; offers multiple internships and fellowships, as well as full time jobs

Society of Illustrators: Provides competitions and scholarships, as well as being a professional association

Graduate Schools & Education Programs
Association of Arts Administration Educators

Maine Arts Commission, Jane Morrison Film Fund Scholarship: Funds can be used to attend the Summer Film Institute in NY, or the Sundance Institute in Utah, and can also be applied to film classes, workshops, seminars, and apprenticeships; preference given to Maine residents (application deadline January 11)

Peterson’s Guide to Graduate Schools – Earning an MFA in Visual Arts

Peterson’s Guide to Graduate Schools – School of visual and Performing Arts


Abbott Labs: A health care company with branches around the world. Careers in research, development, manufacturing, and sales

Advanced Clinical: Supports clients in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices industries. Site has a job board

Amgen: A biotech company offering programs for students from the undergraduate to MBA level

AstraZeneca: Develops, manufactures, and markets prescription medicines. Employment is primarily in Europe, but also in America and Asia-Pacific

Biogen: A global biotechnology company with fellowships and internships

BioSpace: Biotech and Pharmaceutical news, job listings, and career advice

Biotechnology Industry Organization: A nonprofit organization of companies from around the world. Offers industry news and resources

Boehringer Ingelheim: A worldwide pharmaceutical company with career options for all experience levels

Boston Scientific: A medical device development and marketing company with branches around the world. Offers opportunities for students and full-time employees

Bristol-Myers Squibb: A pharmaceuticals company with varying career options, fellowships, and opportunities for physicians and students

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: A company dedicated to improving the health of people around the world which offers full time jobs as well as internships and fellowships

Drug Information Association: Offers job listings, news, and career advice and resources

Eli Lilly: A pharmaceutical company with student and professional opportunities

Genentech: A California and Oregon biotechnology company with internships, co-ops, fellowships, and postdoc programs for students and recent graduate

Genzyme: A worldwide pharmaceutical company, with internships and co-ops for college and graduate students

Gilead: An international biopharmaceutical company with internships

GlaxoSmithKline: A U.S. company responsible for discovering, developing, and delivering medicine, vaccines, and other healthcare products. Internship and career possibilities

Johnson and Johnson: Manufactures and markets a wide range of health care products. Offers both internships and full-time positions

Merck: Focused on improving people’s health through research and development

Novartis: An international healthcare product development company, with a variety of careers and programs for students

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of America: Represents major pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Provides news and information from the industry

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA): An organization of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Incudes a list of member companies

Phizer: A global biopharmaceutical company with locations around the world

U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Fellowship, graduate, and faculty programs


American Purchasing Society: A professional association of buyers and purchasing managers. Offers job listings and continuing education programs

The Association for Operations Management: A job board, information on certification and courses, and industry research Information on various careers in accounting, finance, management, and marketing

Jobs4HR: Human Resources job database

National Human Resources Association: A professional organization with job listings on the website

Society for Human Resource Management: A professional organization offering jobs, awards, and scholarships as well as news from the industry


Nonprofit and Socially Responsible Opportunities
1% for the Planet: An organization of businesses that donate 1% of their sales to environmental organizations

AIDS Health Project:  Dedicated to providing counseling and education to help stop the spread of AIDS; includes opportunities for various full time positions, internships, and volunteer positions

AmeriCorps: Offers 75,000 opportunities for individuals to serve with nonprofit groups in the U.S.—made up of AmeriCorps VISTA and AmeriCorps NCCC

Afar: Supporting research, education, and public policy to prevent HIV infection

Amigos: A nonprofit that works to provide training to develop leadership skills and multi-cultural understanding in high school and college students

AVODAH. The Jewish Service Corps: Participants participate in service and community building in Chicago, New Orleans, NYC, and Washington, D.C.

Big Brothers Big Sisters: A mentorship program which partners adults with children; career page links to opportunities across the nation

Businesses for Social Responsibility: Site lists member institutions’ job openings

Calvert Foundation: A nonprofit dedicated to increasing the flow of capital to disadvantaged communities

Care2: A job database for positions at socially responsible companies

Careers for Good: Links to job websites, career advice, and job fair listings

Catholic Volunteer Network:  A nonprofit organization of 200 domestic and international volunteer and mission programs

Community Reinvestment Fund: Helps underdeveloped communities to become economically stronger (based out of Minnesota)

The Chronicle of Philanthropy: A database of nonprofit jobs

CommonGood Careers: Nonprofit job listings

CompassPoint: Advises and supports nonprofit organizations

Corporation for National Service: Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, Learn and Serve America, and Social Innovation Fund

Doctors Without Borders: A humanitarian organization that provides medical assistance to people in countries where medical care is needed

Families USA: A nonprofit organization working to improve healthcare for all Americans; jobs and internships available

Foundation Center: Provides research and information about philanthropy

Foundation for Sustainable Development: Supports community organizations in the areas of local health, social, environmental, and economic issues by providing training and grants; listing of jobs, fellowships and training programs also available

GuideStar: An organization that gathers and publicizes data about nonprofits

Heifer International: Provides needy families with gifts of livestock and training, with the understanding that those families will in turn help others; career opportunities in the U.S. and abroad

Independent Sector: A networking organization for nonprofits, with information for volunteers

Interaction: An alliance of U.S. based international NGOs; detailed information on each organization in member directory

Jump Start: A nonprofit dedicated to improving financial literacy for students from pre-K to college

Maine Migrant Health Program: The only Maine farmworker health program; seeks support from people in a variety of professions

National Council of Nonprofits: Links to each state’s association member of the national council of nonprofits

The New Social Worker Online: Information, job listings, and a discussion forum for those interested in social work.

Nonprofit Career Network: Nonprofit job search and directory of nonprofits

Nonprofit Jobs Cooperative: Job listings for nonprofit jobs across the U.S. Nonprofit job search and online networking

The Nonprofit Times: Job listings, career resources, and articles on nonprofits

Opportunity Nonprofit job search

Partners in Health: Dedicated to improving health around the world through both lobbying efforts and providing direct medical care; offers internships and fellowships

Points of Light: A large volunteer center, providing connections to volunteer opportunities around the world

Project Mercy: A nonprofit based in Fort Wayne, Indiana active in providing aid to people in Ethiopia

Public Allies: Works to advance new leadership by training young adults and supporting them in their leadership endeavors

Raising a Reader: A nonprofit dedicated to helping families improve literacy in their homes

Reach out and Read: A nonprofit that uses pediatric exam rooms as a venue to promote early literacy

Room to Read: Works to spread literacy and gender equality in Asia and Africa; internships and volunteer opportunities in the U.S. and abroad

Service Internships: A database of service internships for college students

UNICEF (The United Children’s Fund): Responsible for supporting children and families around the globe; full time careers, internships, and fellowship opportunities

Unitus: Works to provide market-based solutions to global poverty

VolunteerMatch: Information on various volunteer and nonprofit career opportunities

Year Up: A one year training program for low income young adults, providing them with skill development, college credits, and internships; offers opportunities to work for the program around the country

Youth Nonprofit: Advice and news for recent graduates pursuing nonprofit careers

Emergency Management Careers
Emergency Management Provides an overview and advice on Emergency Management as a profession and the breadth of job opportunities therein (with a very multidisciplinary focus)

Graduate Schools & Education Programs
Public Service Graduate Education Resource Center: Idealist’s graduate school resources


Center for Communication: Job tips for those interested in careers in graphic design, journalism, music, new media, radio, theater, advertising/marketing/PR, film, fashion, publishing, and television

Communication Arts: Sources of inspiration and competitions in design, advertising, photography, etc.

Coroflot: An extensive database of creative jobs, including those in the graphic design, research & strategy sales, and marketing web design industries

Creative HotList: Job listings and a place to post resumes and portfolios for those in the visual communications field

Dow Jones News Fund: Internships, jobs, and news

Marketing Research Association: Career guide, job database, scholarships, and list of graduate programs

National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications: Jobs, professional development programs, events, and news in communications

New York Women in Communications: Jobs and internships in the communications professions, including advertising, publishing, film/radio/tv, sales, and photography

NewsLink: List of U.S. and international newspapers, magazines, radio/TV, and other news sources

Salespractice: Information on sales training and sales consulting

Selling Power: News and advice on sales careers

Talent Zoo: Job listings and news in advertising, marketing, design, and web jobs

Time Warner: A corporation with business in television networks, film and TV entertainment, and publishing; career page provides information about working in the various Time Warner businesses

American Society of Magazine Editors: News on all aspects of the profession and a job bank; organization also offers internships

American Society of News Editors: A professional organization focused on leadership development and defending journalism rights; offers various online resources for finding newspaper journalism jobs

American Society of Newspaper Writers: Journalism information and news including job resources

Asian American Journalists Association: Lists job openings, scholarships, internships, and grants

The Association of LGBT Journalists: Lists scholarships, internships, career information, and news

Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism Job Bank:  Offers an extensive list of job and internship resources Database of jobs, internships, awards, advice, and educational programs in journalism Links for those looking for jobs in online journalism, as well as news from the field

ED2010: An online community of magazine editors and those interested in editorial positions, with career advice, blogs, and job and event listings Site includes a job database, news, career advice, and a list of writing contests

Glimpse Correspondents Program: A program for writers, photographers, and filmmakers who will be working, volunteering, or studying outside their home country for at least 10 weeks; individuals act as correspondents, and in exchange receive a stipend, free tuition to an online educational program, editorial support, career training, and publication

Investigative Reporters & Editors: Training, job listings, and publications for journalists News and career information Job listings, career resources, and news for all types of journalism

The National Association of Black journalists: Job listings and other career resources

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists: Offers scholarships and job listings

National Association of Science Writers:List of awards, fellowships, grants and publications of interest to science writers

Newspaper Association of America: A nonprofit organization which represents newspapers in the U.S. and Canada

National Diversity Newspaper Job Bank: Job openings, job-hunting advice, and related resources

Poets & Writers: Jobs, contests, conferences, funding, and other tools for writers Homepage offers a list of freelance jobs; site also includes information on poetry forms and articles about writing, publishing, and related topics

Poynter Resource Center: Lists of journalism news sites, books, schools, and centers Provides links to various journalism organizations

Sample Internships and Jobs in Journalism

Science Writing: Job database, career advice, grants & funding, and news for those entering the science writing profession

The State of the News Media: An annual report on American Journalism, including a focused look on social media, newspapers, cable, local TV, and magazines; serves to educate people about how media is changing based on how Americans seek information

Vantage Press: A full-service, fee-based publishing service

Publishing/Print Media
Association of American Publishers: A professional organization providing industry statistics and research

Association of American University Presses: A professional organization offering training programs, conferences, and job listings

Association of Author’s Representatives: A professional organization with news on changes in the publishing, theater, film, and television industries Information on careers in different branches of the publishing industry and how to pursue each type of job

BookWire: Book reviews, new releases, book facts, and industry news

Boston-area Publishing Internships: A list (no longer maintained) provided by The Atlantic; acts as a good starting point for finding possible internships

Children’s Book Council: Offers listings for jobs, internships, news, and events

Council of Literary Magazines and Presses: Provides news and advice for those in the publishing industry

Foliomag: A site for those involved in the magazine publishing industry; includes a job board, magazine, breaking news, and related resources

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: A publishing company, focused on educational materials for pre-K through 12th grade, with numerous job openings in locations across the U.S

Magazine Publishers of America: Internships, job database, news, and career information on magazine media Listings for jobs, courses, certification programs, conferences, trainings, and events in media

The New York Review of Books: A literary magazine, with book reviews, events, and announcements

Pen American Center: A global literary community working to protect free expression and celebrate literature; offers grants, awards, and internships

Publishers Marketplace: Job board and daily newsletter for book publishers

PublishersWeekly: News and information from the publishing industry

Small Publishers Association of North America: An online community of authors and publishers with educational programs, news, and other support for members

Society of Children’s book Writers & Illustrators: Provides awards and grants, as well as the opportunity for writers and illustrators to connect with those in the publishing, editing, and distribution industries

The Writer: A magazine, articles, and columns on the writing industry; site includes career advice as well

Writers Market: Career advice and help finding buyers for your writing

Writers Weekly: A freelance writing ezine with job opportunities, news, and other resources

Writers Write: Interviews, blogs, classifieds, jobs, and news

Writing Jobs: A job database

Marketing/PR Job board, news, and popular advertisements

Advertising Age: A weekly publication with job listings, news, and career information

Advertising Educational Foundation: Career advice, information on specific branches of the advertising industry, guide to university advertising programs, and career links

Advertising Research Foundation: Job and internship listings, forums, and events

Adweek: Job listings, news, and information on popular advertising campaigns; publishes Creativity, an advertising and design magazine

All About Public Relations: Job postings, career guides, internships, and news

American Advertising Job Bank:  A professional organization with a database of marketing and advertising positions

American Association of Advertising Agencies: Job database

American Marketing Association-Career Network: Job database

Association of Exhibit & Event Professionals: Job database for careers in event planning, marketing, and management

Boston Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America: One of the largest chapters of the organization; reaches PR professionals in every business sector and offers support including job listings, scholarships, and news

Brandchannel: Job database and information and news on branding

Buzzbubble: A video interview podcast show of interviews of advertising and marketing professionals

Communication Arts: Job board, competitions, news, advertisement examples, and professional profiles in visual communications

The Holmes Report: Public relations news, case studies, blogs, and events

International Special Events Society: Job listings and information on becoming a certified special events professional

Marcomm Wise: Marketing industry news and resources, with articles and profitability calculators

Market Research Jobs: Listings from around the world

Marketing Blogs: Inside Market Research, Forrester Blogs, and Marketing Howler

Multicultural Advertising Training Program: Paid marketing, advertising, media, and broadcast internships for those of Alaskan Native, Native American, Asian, African-American, Hispanic, or Pacific Islander descent

New York Marketing Association: Job board has open positions from across the country

O’Dwyer’s: Job postings and information on various PR firms, including rankings

Opportunities in Public Affairs: Job listings for Capital Hill jobs, Legislative jobs, and Public Affairs and PR jobs in the DC area

PR Place: Links to resources in the public relations field

PR Week Magazine: A job board and news and research from the industry

Public Relations Careers: Database of firms, resources, and events, as well as advice for entering the industry

Public Relations Society of America: Job database, professional development, and graduate school listings

Society for News Design: A professional organization for those in the news media and visual communications fields; site offers job listings, competitions, and workshop information

Television/Radio Broadcasting
Broadcast Media and Journalism Career Guide: Links to information on possible careers, including daily life, skills, salary, and training

Corporation for Public Broadcasting: Job listings in the broadcasting industry

Director’s Guild, Assistant Director’s Program: Provides motion picture and television industry training

Director’s Guild of America: Training programs, list of employers, awards, and news; for training programs, go to “Resources” at the bottom of the home page

Entertainment Careers: Job and internship listings and general entertainment career information

International Radio and Television Society Foundation: Previously known as the International Radio and Television Society Foundation; dedicated to building future media leaders, and so, offers a summer fellowship for education and experience in broadcasting, cable, advertising, and interactive media Nation-wide job listings in international film and television production

Massachusetts Broadcasters Association: A locally based organization that rovides a job bank, internships, and scholarships

Mediabistro: Find information on job listings, courses, conferences, certificates, training, and events

National Alliance of State Broadcasters: Job postings by division of the radio and television broadcasting industries

National Association of Broadcasters: News from the broadcasting industry; offers diversity programs such as leadership training and internships

The Radio-Television Digital News Association: Job bulletin, as well as research, awards, scholarships, and news in the field

Sample Broadcast Journalism Internships and Jobs General TV and Radio job listings, as well as radio training, music, film, and sports broadcasting

Graduate Schools & Education Programs
Columbia Summer Publishing Course: A six-week introduction (held by the Columbia Journalism School) to book, magazine, and digital publishing, where students learn from over 125 publishing professionals; March application deadline

NYU Summer Publishing Program: A six-week intensive introduction (held by NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies) to book, magazine, and digital publishing led by over 150 publishing professionals; March application deadline

Poynter Journalism Seminars: Seminars on various forms of journalism are held both on Poynter’s St. Petersburg campus and at other locations throughout America

University of Denver Publishing Institute: A four-week summer course to prepare individuals for careers in publishing

Yale Publishing Course: Week long programs to learn about either magazine & digital publishing or book publishing


American Airlines: Undergraduate and MBA opportunities as well as general employment

Apple: Internships and Jobs

Association for Computing Machinery: A database of IT/computing jobs

The Association of Information Technology Professionals:  An online subscription-only community offering job listings, seminars, workshops, and conferences

BAE Systems Inc.: A variety of positions in defense technology and science Job database organized by location and skill set

Computerworld: News, discussion, and career information

The Computing Research Association: An association of North American academic departments of computer fields; offers awards, job listings, graduate school information, and advice for students

Computer Science Online:  A comprehensive resources including a program search tool, in-depth guides on career paths in computer science, and an expert-driven guide to scholarships, education and careers for women in the field Technology job database

EMC2: A global technology company

IEEE Computer Society: An online technology community with awards, fellowships, certification and training information, a job board, and news

Information Systems Security Association: Job listings, resume postings, awards, and fellow program Career information, training, and trends

International Game Developers Association: Scholarships, career advice, and events

International Webmasters Association: Online classes, certifications, and employment resources in web development and eCommerce A job database and job search advice

Joel on Software: Job board for software opportunities

Fastest Growing Tech Companies: Ranked by 5-year percent sales growth

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): Opportunities for internships, cooperative programs, summer employment, and full time employment in the sciences, IT, accounting, etc.

National Institute of Standards and Technology: Positions in Bioscience & Health, Building & Fire Research, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Electronics & Telecommunications, Energy, Environment/Climate, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Safety, Quality, and Transportation

NationJob: Job database organized by location and category

Network and Systems Professional Association: Job board, resume postings, scholarships, publications, and events

NewScientist Jobs: Job listings in the sciences, including chemistry, clinical, earth, environmental, energy, engineering, life sciences, math, IT, operations, and physics

Vermont Technology Council: Listings for paid VT internships

Graduate Schools & Education Programs
Applying to Graduate School in Computer Science: Advice on preparation, school selection and the application process

Graduate Programs in Computational Science: A list of programs with links to sites


General Information Careers in Consulting: Advice on the application process, typical job titles, entry-level job descriptions, qualifications, and interviewing

Association of Management Consulting Firms

International association of firms engaged in management consulting, includes an online database of member firm

CalTech Consulting Club

A school-based club that provides links to and information on case interviewing, specific consulting firms, and other college and university consulting clubs; check out the “Resources” tab Consulting Career, Job, and Training Info: Job database, career information, advice, and salary information for job-seekers

Consulting Career Quest: Job database and resume posting

Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences: Conferences, career information, scholarships, and fellowships

Institution of Management Consultants USA: Certification program, career information, and news

Spotlight on Careers: Consulting

Vault Guides

Comprehensive consulting overviews accessible on the Career Center library’s computers, including:

  • Guide to Consulting
  • Guide to the Top 25 Consulting Firms
    • Asia Pacific Edition
    • European Edition
    • Management and Strategy Consulting
    • Technology Consulting
    • Case Interviews Practice Guide More Sample Cases
    • Case Interview Practice Guide 2 More Case Interviews

Case Interview Preparation

Industry-Specific Resources
Many of the top consulting firms offer case interviewing tips and practice cases on their web sites. A few are listed below, but be sure to check out others.

General Resources

  • Ace the Case
    One of the largest sources of sample management consulting case interview questions on the Internet:  access free sample case interview questions or purchase the Ace the Case guide
    Comprehensive resource developed by case question expert and author of Case in Point, Marc Cosentino; a copy of this book can be found in the Career Center’s library
    Free video tutorials, frameworks, and examples from a former McKinsey interviewer
  • Consulting Case 101
    A fee-based resource that provides access to case interview questions and answers by firm, industry, and case type, as well as access to a consulting forum, fast math drills, interviews with seasoned consultants, industry reports & company guides, and more
  • GottaMentor: Case study interview tips; career information; and resume, cover letter, and elevator pitch advice


American Federation of Teachers: A professional organization offering advice, legal support, scholarships, and news to educators

Association for Experiential Education: A nonprofit professional organization offering accreditation to experiential education programs and providing resources for those who lead those programs

Association of International Educators: A nonprofit organization dedicated to international education and supporting advocacy and training

Council for Spiritual and Ethical Education: Offers articles, event listings, and teaching materials to advise educators on how best to teach their school’s ethical moral, ethical, and spiritual goals A database of K-12 education jobs

The Education Group: Postings for various education jobs

Independent Thinking: Job listings for teachers and administrators

Manhattan Placements:  A placement agency for teachers and administrators in NYC

National Center for Alternative Certification: A guide to alternative teacher certification options, organized by state

National Center for Education Information: Information for those interested in the education profession, including statistics, publications, survey results, and alternative certification options

National Education Association: A professional organization offering grants, advice, lesson plans, and news to educators A database of private schools with information and contacts for the individual schools

School Administrators Association of New York State: Find school administrative job openings in New York State

Strategenius: An organization dedicated to developing and supporting trustees, administrators, faculty, and staff from underrepresented groups

Teaching Certification: A guide to certification requirements by state

Teachers Count: A non-profit dedicated to assisting the teaching community; provides advice on becoming a teacher; including scholarship, degree, and career information

U.S. Department of Education: Job listings for a variety of educational careers

US Teach: A database of education jobs across the country

ABC Teaching Jobs: Job database for K-12 teaching jobs

Achievement First: Operates a network of charter schools in Connecticut and New York; offers a teacher internship for recent college graduates with little or no teaching experience

Arizona Teaching Fellows: Participants receive summer training and complete certification coursework during their first one or two years of teaching

American Montessori Society: Sets professional standards and accredits Montessori schools

The Association of Boarding Schools: The public voice for college prep boarding schools; job board is under the “for schools” tab

Association of Independent Schools in New England: Employment Opportunities page has listings for job openings at various New England Independent Schools

Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School: A private elementary school in Washington, D.C. that offers an Associate Teacher program for college graduates

Blue Engine Teaching Fellowships: A one-year program teaching Algebra, Geometry, or English in NYC public high school; starts with a month of training, and provides modest salary, housing assistance, and health insurance

Boston Teacher Residency: Yearlong classroom apprenticeship partnered with coursework to earn a Master’s in education, followed by a three-year teaching commitment to repay education expenses; stipend provided

Cal/West Educators Placement: Matches educators with positions in independent, private, and charter schools in California and other western states

Carney, Sandoe & Associates: Matches educators with hiring independent schools nationwide

Citizen Schools: Community service based; requires two years of service teaching for a stipend, benefits, and education award

City Year: Community service based. One year of service teaching; for a stipend, benefits, and education award

Chicago Public Schools: Job listings

Council for American Private Education: Supports private American elementary and secondary schools

DC Teaching Fellows: Participants complete pre-service training and then work towards certification during their first two years of teaching

Denver Teaching Fellows: Combines real world teaching experience with certification coursework over the first two years Database for educators and administrators to find positions at K-12 schools as well as post resumes

Educator’s Ally: A search and placement agency that oncentrates on boarding and day schools in the Northeast, especially in Westchester, CT and NYC

Education World: Professional development, career advice, and lesson plans for educators

Fortune School: Offers a teacher residency during which participants earn a salary and benefits while completing their credential

The Groton School: A grades 8-12 boarding school in Groton, MA that offers a teacher-intern program for recent college graduates; appointments are one year and are salaried with room, board, and benefits provided

Independent School Management Career Corner: Job listings for both management and teaching positions

Independent School Placement: A recruitment agency for teaching and administrative positions in independent schools in the NYC and New Jersey areas Teaching jobs and administrative school positions at K-12 public and private institutions

KIPP Schools: A network of public schools focused on preparing students in underserved communities for college and life; job board of positions across the country

MATCH Corps: Tutoring Program: Low cost and experience based one year training in Lawrence and Boston schools

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools: Provides a job board for job openings at the nation’s charter schools, including administrative, principal, and teaching positions

National Association of Independent Schools: Supports independent schools both in the U.S. and abroad

National Center for Education Statistics: School database, publications, and data for educators

National Charter School Resource Center: Extensive information about charter schools

NationJob: K-12 education Jobs/Teaching Jobs page

New Leaders: A nonprofit dedicated to developing school principals; information about program selection criteria

Newton Teacher Residency: Candidates slowly given responsibility for teaching a class, and take two graduate courses each semester

Phillips Academy: Prep school in Andover, Massachusetts that offers a one-year teaching fellowship for recent college or graduate school graduates; fellows receive stipend, benefits, housing, and meals as well as training while teaching and assisting with residential life and athletics

Rhode Island Teaching Fellows: Trains recent college graduates to work in schools helping disadvantaged Rhode Island students; offers pre-service training with teaching experience before entering the classroom full time

School Match: A database of information about public and private elementary and secondary schools

SchoolSpring: Job database for K-12 educators K-12 teaching jobs by state

SEED Foundation: Runs college preparatory, public boarding schools for children who will most benefit from the program; hires for a variety of positions, including teachers, administrators, and support staff

Southern Teachers Agency: A PK-12 teacher and administrative recruitment service which is free for candidates and focuses on private & independent school placements in the South

Teach for America: Positions teaching in low-income communities across the country, with salary and benefits

Teach NOLA: Teaching programs in New Orleans; offers a fellows program with pre-service training and certification during the first year of teaching

Teacher Certification Zone: Links to each state’s certification standards for K-12 teachers Job opportunities for teachers in the U.S. and abroad  Teaching and administrative positions at K-12 public and private institutions

Top School Jobs: K-12 database of education jobs

Uncommon Schools: A group of charter schools in Boston, NYC, Newark, Rochester, and Troy; teaching positions include apprenticeships, summer fellows, and leadership positions

Urban Prep Fellows Program: A Chicago teaching program for recent college graduates

Yahoo Education: K-12 education links by topic A database for preK-12 teaching jobs

Post Secondary/Higher Education
Academic 360: Internet resources for those seeking positions in higher education

American Association of Community Colleges: Advocacy organization offering news and event listings

Association for Student Conduct Administration: List of job openings for administrative positions dealing with student conduct

Association of American  Colleges and Universities: Comprised of more than 1,250 liberal arts institutions; lists internal position openings

Association of College and University Housing Officers-International: For those interested in a career in higher education housing

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Job database, career information, news, and data for educators

American College Personnel Association: Supports both student affairs professionals and professors with professional development programs, conventions, and news

American Council on Education: Represents presidents and chancellors of U.S. colleges and universities, offering news, advice, and guidance to schools in achieving their goals

Community College Career Center: Database of jobs at community colleges

HigherEdJobs Online: Database of higher education jobs

National Association for Campus Activities: A resource for those interested in a career in campus programming

The National Association of Independent Colleges and Institutions: Represents private colleges and universities; offers a job and internship page

National Orientation Directors Association: A national organization for the orientation, transition, and retention of college students; offers internships

Oshkosh Placement Exchange: An annual event where college and university employers meet and interview candidates for entry level and graduate assistant residence hall positions, as well as some post master’s degree positions and various student affairs positions.

National Association of Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA): Resources for a variety of careers in student affairs, job listings, publications, and events Job listings for student affairs positions across the nation

ESL & Overseas/International Education
Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme: Paid one year appointments; participants serve as Assistant Language Teachers, Coordinators for International Relations, or Sports Exchange Advisors in Japan

Language Corps: Paid positions teaching English abroad

Search Associates: Matches educators with positions in international schools around the world

WorldTeach: Positions teaching various subjects in a variety of countries, with stipend and housing provided

Outdoor and Environmental Education
Apogee Adventures: A teen outdoor adventure travel company, based out of Brunswick, ME; offers trip-leading positions to college students

Aspen Education Group: Offers positions working in a variety of fields to better the lives of children, teens, and families, including summer camps, wilderness programs, and therapeutic boarding schools

Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center: Provides outdoor learning experiences with a focus on those with special needs; offers winter and summer internship programs as well as employment for ski instructors, wilderness course directors, managers, coordinators, etc.

Camp Jobs:  A database of summer camp jobs

CampStaff: A database of jobs at North American summer camps

CanAdventure: A wilderness adventure program for struggling teens; offers positions as instructors, counselors, managers, etc.

The Chewonki Foundation: Environmental-based educational programs in Maine, including a semester school, camps, and wilderness trips

Eckerd: Program for at-risk youth offering an Outdoor Youth Counselor salaried position with benefits and room and board

Environmental Education Directory: A directory of North American environmental education organizations

High Mountain Institute: A non-profit that offers semester and summer programs that combine academics, wilderness experiences, and leadership training; semester long apprenticeship program provides training in traditional and outdoor education for college graduates, and offers graduate credit

Nantahala Outdoor Center Zipline Adventure Park: An outdoors center in North Carolina, providing rafting, adventure travel, guided trips, festivals, and more; offers positions in outdoor education

National Outdoor Leadership School: Located in Wyoming, NOLS offers courses of varying lengths to students of all ages, and has internships for college credit and jobs including NOLS instructor and wilderness medicine instructor

Outward Bound: Provides wilderness-based experiential education; offers internships as well as jobs to field staff

Overland: Hires leaders (for a salary and other benefits) for summer programs for students in 4th-12th grades providing education in the outdoors, service, language, and writing

Student Conservation Association: A conservation corps dedicated to protecting and restoring areas around the country; offers seasonal employment for project leaders and other positions, as well as full-time positions in marketing, training, etc.

Teens to Trails: A nonprofit dedicated to helping Maine teens experience the outdoors; uses college mentors

Rippleffect: A non-profit operating adventure programming in the greater Portland area; offers employment opportunities with a youth education component

Outdoor Education Training & Courses
American Mountain Guides Association: Offers programs to certify guides and climbing instructors

Ancient Pathways:  Offers experientially-based courses in wilderness survival, primitive skills, and bushcraft

Bay Area Wilderness Training: Trains teachers and youth workers and helps them acquire gear, funding, and assistance

Jack Mountain Bushcraft School: Offers bushcraft, survival, guide training, and wilderness expedition courses based out of Masardis, ME, with some courses college-accredited yearlong programs

New Visions Urban Teacher Residency: A 14-month training program in which residents get teaching experience and complete a Hunter College graduate program and NYC teaching certification; a stipend, benefits, and tuition repayment over the first two years of teaching available to residents who complete program

Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities: Offers a variety of courses in wilderness medicine

The Tracker School: A tracking and wilderness survival school with branches in NJ, CA, and FL

Graduate Schools & Education Programs
Aspire Teacher Residency Program: A four year program in which participants teach at an Aspire school (located in various California cities) while pursuing, at a highly discounted rate, a Master’s of Arts in Education and California Preliminary Teaching Credential

ASUL Chicago Teacher Residency: A program for new teachers which includes one year of employment, a Master’s degree from National Louis University, financial support, and post-program job placement

Chicago Teaching Fellows: Training for new teachers, offering full time employment in Chicago Public Schools, with salary and benefits

City on a Hill: Offers an urban teaching fellowship, as a one-year, $16,000 fellowship to help train and certify those who are interested in teaching in urban public high schools A directory of teacher education degree and certificate programs

The Greenwich Country Day: Offers a co-fellow program for college graduates—a one or two year experience in teaching and leading extra-curricular activities, with a stipend, benefits, and graduate school tuition assistance

The Massachusetts Initiative for New Teachers (MINT): District-based licensure programs in the Worchester and Lawrence Public Schools

Math for America: Offers a five-year fellowship during which participants spend one year earning a Master’s degree in Education and four years teaching math and participating in professional development

Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program: A two-year program for non-education majors that places participants in high-poverty public schools; training, certification, a scholarship for a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Mississippi, pay, and benefits available

New Teachers Collaborative: A low-cost, alternative path to Massachusetts licensure in secondary education

The New Teachers Project: A national nonprofit working to provide excellent teachers through a variety of positions in management, curriculum development, etc.

New York City Teaching Fellows: Training for new teachers, salaried employment in the NYC public school system with benefits, and a subsidized Master’s degree program while teaching full-time

Noyce Scholarship Program: Participants teach in or near the Boston Public School District for a minimum of four years in exchange for tuition to Tufts for a Master’s of Teaching and a stipend

NU-Teach-Alternative Certification Program: A fast track program to a Northwestern teaching certification

Pike School/Lesley University: An Internship/M.Ed. program for those with little teaching experience; lasts for one year, and site-based training leads to licensure and a Master’s degree in elementary education

Shady Hill School Teacher Training Program: One-year, immersion-based teacher preparation program at a K-8 school offering the possibility of partnership with public schools and collaboration with Master’s degree programs at Lesley and Tufts Universities

Teach Kentucky: Training for new teachers and salaried employment in public middle and high schools with benefits

Teacher Certification Degrees: Information on certification and degrees, guide to the best states for teachers, and career advice


NewScientist Jobs: Job listings in the sciences, including chemistry, clinical, earth, environmental, energy, engineering, life sciences, math, IT, operations, and physics

Washington Internships for Students of Engineering: A nine week program in Washington, D.C.


Ecopreneurist: A blog with extensive information for those interested in green entrepreneurship

Endeavor Global: Supports entrepreneurs around the world; offers internships and jobs

KickStart: Works to pull people out of poverty by supporting their entrepreneurial efforts

Profounder: Extensive tools to help entrepreneurs start their businesses


Air & Waste Management Association: A nonprofit professional organization with a job board, scholarships, and professional development information

American Congress on Surveying & Mapping: Provides a list of college and university programs, scholarships, and career links

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy: A nonprofit organization dedicated to making the country as a whole more energy efficient; offers both jobs and internships

American Solar Energy Society: Association of solar professionals and advocates working to speed the transition to a sustainable energy economy

American Wind Energy Association: News, statistics, events, and links to related sites

Appalachian Mountain Club: Offers full-time, part-time, and seasonal employment as well as internships

Audubon Society: Organization is focused on preserving the environment through a focus on birds and other wildlife; approximately 500 local chapters across the nation

Bureau of Land Management: The branch of the U.S. Department of the Interior responsible for preserving the nation’s environment; offers internships and fellowship for students and recent graduates

Certified B Corporation: B Corporations are for-profit organizations dedicated to avoiding harmful impacts on society; site offers a job board for positions with Certified B Corporations

The Corps Network: Links to national and state environmental corps and conservation groups

Cyber-Sierra’s Natural Resources Job Search: Categorized links to sources for jobs in natural resource occupations

Ecoemploy: Environmental job listings, resume advice, and career information on topics including salaries, military, students, and US visas

The Ecological Society of America: Offers a job board, certification for ecologists, grants, and fellowships Job search, blog, and community forum

EnviroLink: A nonprofit organization with links to thousands of environmental resources by topic

Environmental Business Council: Site includes a job board and green business guide

Environmental Career Center: Job search by keyword and region

Environmental Career Opportunities: Environmental jobs categorized by type and state

Environmental Defense Fund: Jobs in environmental protection around the country, as well as a fellowship List of current job openings

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide: An advocacy organization for communities from around the world seeking to challenge environmental abuses

Environmental Law & Policy Center: Job and internship listings, news, and industry resources

Environmental Law Institute: Information on current programs and news on environmental law

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Dedicated to protecting human health and the environment; offers a variety of positions with benefits and work flexibility

Green Building Certification Institute: Information on the certification process for professionals and buildings

Green Careers Guide: Offers thousands of articles as an introduction to various green careers

Green Corps: One-year program which combines classroom instruction with campaign efforts, offering experiences in running campaigns

Green Dream Jobs: Specialized green jobs by category

Green Energy Career Guide: Information on career options in various environmental industries

Greenjobs: Database of renewable energy jobs

Green Jobs Ready: Job search and interview advice, job board, and news

Institute of Clean Air Companies: Includes a job database

International Society of Sustainability Professionals: Offers professional development programs, news, career resource, and job postings

National Association of Environmental Professionals: Site includes job, internship, and event listings

The National Council for Science and the Environment: A nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that environmental decision-making is well-informed

National Environmental Education Foundation: Chartered by Congress to advance environmental knowledge, and dedicated to helping Americans make informed choices for the environment

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: A research institute in North Carolina that is part of the NIH and the Department of Health and Human Services; responsible for determining how environmental factors influence human health

National Park Service: A federal agency dedicated to conserving our nation’s parks, offering a variety of jobs with benefits and tuition assistance

National Wildlife Federation: A conservation agency dedicated to protecting wildlife for America’s future; offers jobs and internships in a variety of positions

Natural Resources Council of Maine: A local nonprofit working to preserve Maine’s natural resources

Natural Resources Defense Council: A national environmental action group offering careers in a variety of areas

The Nature Conservancy: Addresses the world’s most pressing conservation issues; job and internship openings in a variety of environmental-related fields

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association: Professional organization for those working in the fields of renewable energy and green building

Sierra Club: An environmental protection organization, headquartered in San Francisco, with chapters around the country; job listings, apprenticeships, and internships available

Skidmore College Environmental Studies: Useful links and resources in Environmental Studies

Society for Conservation Biology: Offers a job board and a database of academic programs

Society of American Foresters: A professional organization with a job board

Society of Environmental Journalists: Awards, fellowships, news, and career resources

Society of Women Environmental Professionals: Offers job postings and a career fair

Solar Energy Industries Association: Offers job listings, educational opportunities, and news

Student Conservation Association: America’s conservation corps; lists positions protecting and restoring parks, sanctuaries, landmarks, and green spaces nationwide Information on green investing, green businesses, and green careers; with job listings

SustainUS: A nonprofit organization of young people using education and advocacy to advance sustainable development and youth empowerment

U.S. Green Building Council: A non-profit organization dedicated to improving the future of our nation by encouraging the creation of energy-friendly buildings

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: An independent agency created by Congress to oversee the use of radioactive materials

Water Environment Federation: Offers conferences, news, job listings, and career resources

Wind Powering America: Information on the wind power industry; links to regional resources, data, and news An online community for sustainability, with a job board

Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies: One of the most comprehensive lists of links to environmental job sites on the web

Graduate Schools & Education Programs
The Earth Institute at Columbia University: Unites scientists, fellows, staff, and students to work towards global sustainability


24Seven: A recruiting firm for creative companies, including the fashion industry

Center for Communication: Job tips for those interested in careers in graphic design, journalism, music, new media, radio, theater, advertising/marketing/PR, film, fashion, publishing, and television

Clothing Industry Jobs: Employment opportunities in the clothing industry, textile industry, and fashion industry

The Costume Society of America: An organization dedicated to the academic aspects of costume development and understanding; offers grants, study tours, and a job board

Coroflot: An extensive database of creative jobs, includes those in the fashion/apparel, footwear, branding, and prototyping industries

Department Store Jobs: Find available department store jobs online now including professional (merchandisers), creative, and corporate positions Advice for those seeking jobs, including networking, resume, and interviewing tips, and a list of fashion schools organized by region Information on schools and degrees, fashion fields and specialties, job search, and careers Fashion and shopping blogs and news, career advice, and job listings A job database with a low fee for viewing and applying to jobs

Free Fashion Internships: Thousands of fashion internship listings in all areas of the industry; site also offers advice to internship seekers

Style Careers: A fashion-only job listing site that is not affiliated with any recruiting agency, unlike many fashion-only job boards Information on both men’s and women’s trends including predictions, catwalk information, news, and retail analysis; subscription service, but much information can be accessed freely

Women’s Wear Daily: An extensive source of fashion news, including both business news and fashion trends; includes a job database


American Association of Finance & Accounting (AAFA): A group of executive search firms spread throughout the nation, specialized in recruiting job seekers and employers

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants: Scholarships, licensure information, conferences, publications, career information, and news

Association for Financial Professionals: Conferences, trainings, and information for job seekers

Barron’s Online: Finance articles, daily stock alert, data, and rankings

Bloomberg: International finance and business news

86 Broads: A global network intended to support professional and pre-professional females by providing networking, blogs, news, and job listings Information on the various areas of the finance field, list of top firms, facts and trends, job options, and salary information

The Economist: News and job listings

eFinancial Careers: Job search by sector and location, news, and advice

Financial Career Information Inbox: Offers extensive career resources, including a job database

GottaMentor: Informational interview tips; career information; day in the life summaries; and resume, cover letter, and elevator pitch advice

Institute of Management Accountants: Worldwide association for accountants and those working in business, with event listings, networking, and publications A broad variety of finance articles Jobs; job search resources; and advice on accounting, insurance, banking and finance associations and societies

Job Opportunities for Economists: Job openings, journals, and awards

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors: A professional association of Fee-Only financial advisors, with tips, advice, and event listings

National Futures Association: Self-regulatory organization for the U.S. futures industry

New York Economic Development Corporation: Offers a variety of jobs and internships working on economic development for the city

OneWire: Offers a list of open finance positions at various firms

Risk Management Association: Non-profit association dedicated to risk management in the financial services industry, offering event and training listings, tools, and conferences

Social Investment Forum: Association for those who wish to invest in an environmentally and socially responsible manner

The Street: News from Wall Street

U.S. Economic Development Administration: Dedicated to furthering the U.S. economic agenda and distributing news and information on priorities

Wall Street Journal Career Journal: Articles on all aspects of the career search and life on the job

Wet Feet Press: Information on the industry with sections providing an overview, the good and bad aspects of a career in the field, and tips of the trade

Personal Finance
American Student Assistance: A private nonprofit dedicated to assisting students and alumni with managing and repaying their college loan debt

Graduate Schools & Education Programs Education resources for those interested in becoming an accountant or CPA, including exam and licensure information Directory of Actuarial Science schools

American Economic Association: Information on graduate study in economics, including an alphabetical list of U.S. Graduate Programs in Economics

Business Week Online Business Schools: News for students such as information on MBA programs, admissions and job prospects

Graduate School Admission Council (GMAC): Information and advice on taking the GMAT exam The official GMAT® Web Site with information on the test, schools, and programs

MBA Depot: Career, resume, networking, and interview advice as well as other resources for MBAs and managers

The MBA Program Information Site: Rankings, school profiles, and comparisons

The MBA Tour: An independent database for those interested in MBA admissions; organizes events to introduce potential students to schools

Peterson’s: A searchable database of higher education programs


Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management: Non-profit organization seeking to use research, analysis, and education for the improvement of public policy, with career and education advice

CareerOneStop: A job database as well as information on careers, salary, education, resumes, and interviews

Central Intelligence Agency: Many career paths involved in the research, development, and technology needed to assist the president and other national security

Conservative Jobs: A free database of job listings

DC Public Affairs and Communications Jobs: Job and internship openings in public affairs, communications, public relations, media, web development, lobbying, and related fields

Democratic National Committee: News, blogs, and job and internship listings

Department of Justice: Dedicated to protecting Americans while ensuring their constitutional freedoms; offering employment in a variety of careers

Federal Bureau of Investigation: A variety of career opportunities in national security

Harvard Kennedy School of Government Think Tanks Directory: Alphabetical lists of U.S. and international think tanks

The Hill: A non-partisan and non-ideological source of news from the hill, as well as job listings

Hill Job openings in D.C.

Job Listings from Brad Traverse: Job leads in the Washington-Baltimore area including Capitol Hill, government, and communications positions

Making A Information on federal careers by field of interest, as well as predictions of hiring needs and an internship directory

Michigan State University: List of sites belonging to or related to various think tanks, research organizations, and advocacy groups

National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration: Responsible for accrediting graduate programs in public administration, public policy, and public affairs; offers job, internship, and school listings

National Security Service: A variety of positions in the service, which is dedicated to code making and breaking

Opportunities in Public Affairs: Database of jobs and job resources

Policy Jobs: Vacancies in research and policymaking jobs from around the world Job listings, career advice, and information on education

Public Service Careers: Explore careers and find out how to land jobs in Public Administration, Cyber Security, Criminal Justice, Emergency Medicine (Paramedic), Forestry, Emergency Management, and Homeland Security

Republican National Committee: News, blogs, and job and internship listings

Roll Call: The newspaper of Capitol Hill, with job listings A database of State Government and Federal jobs, both linked in the top right corner of the page

State Legislative Internship Programs: Job openings with state legislatures and other public policy positions

United States Senate Employment Bulletin: List of all open staff positions in Senate offices; also, read about the various standing committees

U.S.A. Jobs: A database of jobs in the Federal workforce; see Tips for helpful hints on how to effectively use the database

U.S. Department of State:  Jobs in over 30 different career paths in the foreign and civil services

U.S. Government Accountability Office: Independent, nonpartisan agency that works for Congress, with a list of various job openings Weekly career advice column, advice, and job information

Young Democrats of America: A list of organizations and list serves for jobs for young democrats

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy: Dedicated to helping young professionals gain entry into the public policy field; offers a job board

Graduate Schools & Education Programs Job listings, career advice and information on education

U.S. News & World Report Guide to Public Affairs Programs: Graduate school rankings and information on applications, financing graduate school, and preparing for the GRE


American Health Information Management Association: A professional organization for health care information and record keeping

Centers for Disease control and Prevention: Dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities via prevention, education, research, policy work, and training; offers a variety of employment, internship, training, and volunteer programs

Explore Health Careers: A resource with information about various health careers; provides information about education/training programs, financial aid, and current issues

Health Corps: Focused on fighting childhood obesity by educating high school students, promoting fitness, and advocating for healthy public policy; offers a peer-mentoring program using college graduates who defer entry to medical school or graduate health programs for a two-year assignment Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry job database, career fairs, company profiles, news, and events

HospitalLink: Hospital database by city, state, name, or zip code

Indian Health Services: An agency within the Department of Health and Human Services that works to improve the health of American Indians and Alaska Natives; job listings, scholarships, and loan repayment programs

Kaiser Family Foundation: A non-profit organization dedicated to research and information distribution; site offers fellowship and scholarship information Job database and news in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and science

National Institutes of Health: The part of the Department of Health and Human Services which does medical research; offers grants, loan repayment programs, training, and a variety of employment opportunities

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: The portion of the U.S. government dedicated to providing human services and improving American health; offers a variety of jobs across the country, as well as grants and other funding

Alternative Medicine
American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine: Job database, news, and publications

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians: A professional society representing licensed naturopathic physicians, offering news, events, and awards

American Chiropractic: Blog on chiropractic news and developments

American Chiropractic Association: Career information, list of accredited colleges and program information, and advice on board preparation

American Naturopathic Medical Association: A nonprofit organization open to individuals with a variety of medical degrees

Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges: Information on the seven affiliated North American schools, as well as career information

Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine: Dedicated to pursuing the environmental reasons for often hard to diagnose illnesses

Chiropractic Schools: A directory, as well as financing advice and other resources

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM): Federal Government agency for non-conventional medicine; provides information on job opportunities, news, training, grants, and funding

Natural Healers: Lists of schools in the natural healing arts including acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathic, and herbal medicine

Student American Chiropractic Association: Scholarships, education information, and news

Athletic Training/Sports Medicine
American College of Sports Medicine: Represents 70 occupations throughout the sports medicine field, offering career resources, awards, grants, and certification

American Sports Medicine Institute: Fellowships, training, and other information

National Athletic Trainers Association: Certification, education, awards, and news for athletic trainers

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry: A nonprofit professional association offering awards, fellowships, and a list of residency programs

American Dental Association (ADA): List of accredited schools, dental admission test information, advice on the application process, career information, and news

American Dental Education Association:  List of participating schools, application service, job listings, and news

Dental-Related Internet Sources: New dental product releases and articles on new procedures

Genetic Counseling
American Board of Genetic Counseling: Information on accredited graduate programs and certification for professionals

Genetic Counseling Programs: List of accredited graduate programs in the U.S. and Canada

National Society of Genetic Counselors: Offers job listings, grants and fellowships, and continuing education

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC): Offers pages on MD-PhD training and a list of MD/PhD Degree Programs

MD Information on the admissions process and program selection

National Institute of General Medical Sciences: A list of schools, organized by state

Sample Research Institutions:


New York


San Francisco / Los Angeles

Washington, D.C.

Medical School
American Medical Association: Provides information on medical school, choosing a specialty, financial aid, medical licensure, and related topics

Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Programs: Receive assistance with medical school funding from the Air Force, Army, or Navy

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC): A non-profit organization representing all accredited U.S. and Canadian medical schools; provides medical school data, news, and job information including the AAMC’s Career in Medicine information page and a list of schools and deadlines; the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) page, which has MCAT registration, news, and preparation advice; The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), which centralizes the application processing service and operates as the primary application method for most schools.; and the Financing Your Medical Education page which offers cost and financial aid facts, advice on financing school, and information on sources of financial support

Gay & Lesbian Medical Association: An association committed to providing support and resources to LGBT and ally students in the health professions

Interfolio: This organization allows students to compile transcripts, resumes, letters of recommendation, and other application documents in one place; sends documents directly to schools

The Journal of the American Medical Association: News from the medical profession

National Health Service Corps: Offers scholarships and loan repayment programs for those pursuing careers in primary care

The Ontario Universities’ Application Centre: Operates as the centralized application process for Ontario schools, including medical schools

Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Programs: A list of programs compiled by the Association of American Medical Colleges intended for students needing to complete requirements or enhance their academic records before applying to medical school

Post-Baccalaureate Program Listings: Provided by Syracuse University’s Health Professions Advisory Program; includes a list of programs by category depending on individual needs for those with requirements to fulfill or seeking to strengthen their credentials and offers career links, a list of summer programs, gap year information, and post-graduate planning

Student Doctor Network: A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students through their healthcare education with articles, forums, and interviews about the experience

The Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service: Operates as the centralized application process for public medical, dental, and veterinary schools in Texas

Medical Illustration
Association of Medical Illustrators: Professional information, Becoming a Medical Illustrator, jobs, training, and news

Commission on Accreditation: Offers a program search for accredited training programs for health science professions including medical illustration

Mental Health, Social Work, and Other Therapies

American Art Therapy Association: Jobs, awards, grants, and news

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance: Job listings and news

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy: Jobs, news, and events

American Association for Pastoral Counselors:  Jobs, training, conferences, and career information

American Counseling Association: Advice for acquiring a job, news, and job openings

American Dance Therapy Association: Career information, training, conferences, grants, and a forum

American Mental Health Counselors Association: Jobs and news

American Music Therapy Association, Inc.: Jobs, internships, career information, and conferences

American Psychological Association: Jobs, education, research, and news

American Rehabilitation Counseling Association: Links to job openings and career information

American Therapeutic Recreation Association: Jobs, conferences, networking, and career information

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Information on Social Workers, including pay, work environment, and job outlook

Dance/Movement Therapy: Information on the concept, as well as job and grant opportunities

Human Services Career Network: Connects Human Service and Social Service employers and job seekers

National Association of Social Workers: News, continuing education, licensure information, and career information

National Board for Certified Counselors: Certification information, education, and preparation for the licensure exam

National Organization for Human Services: A resource for human services positions and information A search engine for social service employers and job seekers

Social Work Jobs: Search engine for social work

Mental Health, Social Work, and Other Therapies-Graduate School & Education Programs

ADTA Dance Therapy Education Programs:  Career information, training, conferences, grants, and a forum

AMTA Music Therapy Education Programs: Training, internships, jobs, and scholarships

Art Therapy Graduate Programs: List of approved graduate programs

College Summit: Dedicated to increasing college enrollment rates; offers full-time positions in technical assistance, curriculum creation, training, and accountability

Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs: Approved programs and licensure information

Council for Standards in Human Services Education: List of accredited human services programs

Council on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification: Certification information and news

Council on Social Work Education: Accredited programs, fellowships, scholarships

National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification: List of colleges and universities with therapeutic recreation programs

All Nursing Schools: Provides a guide to nursing schools and careers, with information on bachelor’s, associate’s, and master’s degrees

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners: Lists of accredited programs, continuing education, research, conferences, news, and career information

American Association of Colleges of Nursing:  Lists of member schools, information on scholarships and financial aid, news, and data

American College of Nurse-Midwives: Career information, education, certification & accreditation, news, and events

American Nurses Association: A professional organization of nurses offering career and credential information and job listings

National League for Nursing: Information on certification, grants, and testing

Travel Nursing:  A free resource sharing information on how to become a travel nurse, the benefits, salary, how to find a job and numerous other FAQ’s

American Society for Nutrition: Graduate programs, job listings, meetings, professional development, and news

Occupational and Physical Therapy
American Occupational Therapy Association: List of master’s and doctoral programs, application and financial aid information, career information, and news

American Physical Therapy Association: Job database, courses & conferences, career information, and news

American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine: Education, application service, news, data, and career information

American Osteopathic Association: Education, certification, news, and professional development

Osteopathic International Alliance: Information on osteopathic medicine in different countries

American Association of Optometry: Scholarships & grants, research, and news

American Optometric Association: Accredited programs, guide to financial aid, and career information

Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry: Offers a list of accredited schools, career information, data, and news

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy: Job search, salary and career information, pharmacy school admission requirements, pharmacy college admission tests, scholarships, fellowships, and news

Pharmacy Career Information: Career development tools, education, news, career options, and scholarships

Virtual Pharmacy Library: Job openings, pharmacy pages, conferences, and journals

American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine: Information on education, including admission requirements, school list, application service, residency, and practicing

American Podiatric Medicine Association: Accredited colleges, scholarships, residencies, news, and career information

Public Health
American Association of Public Health Physicians: News, blogs, and other information on public health

American Public Health Organization: Job listings, fellowship, education programs, and news

Association of Schools of Public Health: Search engine for public health programs, funding opportunities, and news

Global Health Corps: Working to bring young professionals into the field of global health; offers a year-long fellowship program

Management Sciences for Health: A nonprofit international health organization dedicated to improving the health of those in need; includes information on employment, internships, and news

What is Public Health?: Information on the field, with details on various career paths

American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association: A national organization for students interested in veterinary medicine

American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA): Information on education, careers, news, current issues, and job listings

Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges: Veterinary college application service, pre-vet resources, career information, and funding advice

Lesbian and Gay Veterinary Medical Association: An organization dedicated to advocating for a welcoming environment in the veterinary profession

NetVet Veterinary Resources: Links for information on careers, education, organizations, publications, and more

Veterinary Information Network: Information for students, faculty, and recent graduates

Physician Assistants
American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA): Information on certification and professional development and job listings


A Career in Travel and Tourism: Career information and school directory

American Culinary Federation: A North American Chef’s organization, offering news and information on events and education

ARAMARK: Provides food-services, facilities management, and uniform and career apparel for a variety of institutions

Food and Drink Job listings and resume posting

Foxwoods Resorts: Casinos, hotels, spas, golf, theaters, retailers, and more

Hillstone Restaurant Group: Operates a variety of restaurants across the U.S.

Hospitality Careers: A database of hospitality job openings in both management and non-management positions Job opportunities, schools, and industry news

Hyatt Hotels: A global hospitality company which manages hotels, resorts, and residential and vacation properties

The International Ecotourism Society: A nonprofit committed to supporting tourism with an ecological focus; offers a job board, opportunities for students, and career information

Jobs in Food, Hospitality, Tourism, and Travel: A list of job boards and career resources

Restaurant Associates: Offers food service to a variety of organizations in major cities across the U.S.

Travel and Tourism Research Association: Provides networking, educational opportunities, and news to those working in the industry

Women Chefs and Restaurateurs: Offers scholarships, internships, awards, and networking resources to advance women in the culinary industry

Graduate Schools & Education Programs
The Art Institutes: Offers programs in both culinary arts and culinary management; also offers programs in other forms of the arts, including design, media, and fashion

Clemson: Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management Masters and Ph.D. programs

The Culinary Institute of America: A private, non-profit college with branches in NY, CA, and TX

Cooking Schools: Information and comparisons of programs including culinary, baking, and pastry schools; search programs by level of degree, program, or location.

The International Culinary Center: Programs which combine class with internships at the world’s great restaurants

Iowa State University: Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management Department offers graduate programs in Apparel, Merchandising, and Design; Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies; and Hospitality Management

New England Culinary Institute: A culinary school located in Montpelier, VT which follows a small-class apprenticeship model

New York University: Master of Science in Tourism and Travel

Penn State: School of Hospitality Management, offers Master’s and Ph.D. programs in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management (HRIM)

Peterson’s Culinary Schools: Information about specific schools, articles about careers, and interviews with professionals

Temple University: School of Tourism and Hospitality Management; in Philadelphia, PA


International Association of Insurance Professionals: For those in working in the fields of insurance and risk management; includes scholarship, education, and training listings


The globalEDGE International Internship Directory: A directory of internships which is searchable by type of organization, country, or subject of study

Going Global – Country Guides: Country career guides, job and internships listings, and an employer directory

International Center, University of Michigan: Links to resources on working abroad, including finances and region- and profession- specific sites

Jobs Abroad: Database for over 27,000 job openings listed by country and type

Overseas Digest: The site offers information on different aspects of living abroad, including this page on avoiding overseas job scams

Transitions Abroad: Articles on working, living, and volunteering abroad

United States Institute of Peace: Links to research centers in international relations, by country

U.S. Department of State Travel Tips for Students: A variety of general tips for those traveling abroad, as well as travel warnings and alerts

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy: An online community for young professionals in the field of foreign policy, as well as students who are interested in the field

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs: A nonprofit organization dedicated to improving democracy in countries around the world.

Partners for Democratic Change: Assists in the democratic and economic transitions of countries around the world through the efforts of 20 centers.

Accion: A global nonprofit, which has helped to build microfinance institutions in 31 countries; job openings in the U.S. and abroad.

Accion Emprendedora: Internships in Chile

Bankers without Borders: A global organization responsible for connecting individuals with microfinance institutions; offers internships as well as employment

BRAC: A development organization focused on empowering the poor in Bangladesh

CARE: A humanitarian organization working to reduce global poverty; search for careers or internships/fellowships

CGAP: Works to support microfinance efforts to improve life for the world’s poor

Charitable Microfinance Organization: A microfinance institution supporting low income entrepreneurs around the world; offers job openings around the world.

Chemonics: An international development company based in Washington, D.C.

Devex: A list of international development, global health, and humanitarian aid jobs

Directory of Development Organizations: A list of 70,000 development organizations, organized by region and category

FHI 360:  A nonprofit organization dedicated to using science to improve the lives of people from more than 60 countries, including the U.S.

Freedom from Hunger: An organization that runs microfinance programs to help free people from hunger

Grameen Foundation: Working to alleviate poverty around the world by providing financial and business opportunities; offers various career options Offers a database of microfinance jobs

HOPE International: A network of microfinance institutions in 16 countries

Kiva: A nonprofit working to lift people from poverty by offering individuals from around the world small loans

Microfinance Gateway: An organization dedicated to expanding financial services for the poor around the world, offering job listings

Microfinance Information Exchange: Provides data and analyses of microfinance institutions

Microfinance Interest Rate Data: Promotes transparency on microfinance by facilitating information disclosure A database of microfinance jobs

Microfinance Opportunities: Provides financial research to consumers

MFI Connect: A database of microfinance jobs Microfinance jobs listings and other microfinance resources

Opportunity International: Offers small business loans to help people around the world escape poverty

Pro Mujer: Provides microfinance, business training, and healthcare support for poor women in Latin America; has various job and volunteer opportunities

Root Capital: A nonprofit that lends capital and provides training to help young agricultural businesses around the world become financially successful

Women’s World Banking: A non-profit microfinance organization focused on helping women

Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellowship: Provides funding for students interning in the U.S. Embassies in London or Paris, or the Secretary of State’s Office in Washington, D.C.

U.S. Commercial Service: Responsible for creating economic prosperity and more jobs for Americans, offering a variety of jobs and internships

U.S. Dept. of State: Offers a variety of jobs and student programs

Council on International Education Exchange: Paid teaching positions in Chile, China, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam

International Schools Services: Teaching and administration positions in over 80 countries

International TEFL Corporation: Offers courses in teaching English as a foreign language and provides job information

Languagecorps: Programs teaching English in Asia, Europe, and Latin America

Search Associates: Helps teachers, administrators, and interns find positions in countries around the world

Teach for China: Trains U.S. and Chinese graduates to work together in schools in high poverty, rural Chinese communities Articles about teaching abroad

Conservation International: A global company dedicated to protecting our world’s natural resources

ENVIRON:  A global company which consults clients to help them attain their sustainability goals

Society of Ecological Restoration International: Dedicated to sustaining diversity of life on Earth via ecological restoration, and offers a career center

World Resources Institute: A global environment think tank hiring for positions in the U.S. and abroad

Foreign Policy
American Foreign Policy Council: A non-profit providing analyses of foreign policy

Center for Strategic and International Studies: A non-profit focused on defense, stability, and transnational challenges

Council on Foreign Relations: An independent think tank divided into program areas based on region or policy issue

Foreign Affairs Job Board: A magazine published by the Council on Foreign Relations on American foreign policy and global affairs

Foreign Affairs Think Tanks: An extensive list of think tanks with links to their websites, compiled by Colgate University

Foreign Policy Association: A nonprofit acting as a source of information for the American public about the world; offers a job search by location, sector, and experience

The Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics, & Policy: Uses research to advise health policy and address global issues

The Global Fight: An organization dedicated to providing education and support increased U.S. support of the Global Fund to end AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

Global Health Council: An organization that works to ensure global health for all; provides an online directory of organizations

HealthRight International: A global health and human rights organization working to improve health of communities around the world

Humanitarian/Human Rights
Human Rights Watch: Internships for both undergraduates and graduates

Refugees International: An independent organization advocating for assistance for refugees; offers jobs, fellowships, and internships

United Nations Association of the United States of America: Internships for undergraduates, recent graduates, and graduate students

International Intellectual Property Institute: Educates leaders and innovators in developing countries about intellectual property rights; offers fellowships and internships to attorneys, law students, graduate students, and undergraduates

International Law Institute: Provides legal training to individuals from 185 countries

Lawyers Without Borders: A global organization of volunteer lawyers dedicated to human rights; offers unpaid internships to undergraduates and law students

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: A nonprofit committed to improving relations between countries; offers employment in the U.S. and other countries

Center for a New American Security: Advises American leaders on topics of security; offers employment and internships

National Security Agency: A U.S. defense agency responsible for codemaking and codebreaking

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe: Addresses a variety of security-related concerns; offers a variety of career opportunities, as well as internships for graduate/postgraduate students

Stimson Center: A nonprofit organization working for international peace and security, offering employment, internships, and fellowships

American Chamber of Commerce: Focuses on improving U.S. business abroad; can search for associations abroad

Fair Trade Federation: Helps producers in need; offers employment around the world

Institute of Real Estate Management: Trends, news, conferences, courses, and scholarships

Overseas Private Investment Corporation: The development finance branch of the U.S. government; offers jobs and internships

U.S. Commercial Service: Works to help U.S. companies increase their international sales

International Students
OFLC Case Disclosure Data: H-1 B data indicates what employers have completed a labor condition application

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization: Offers the Young Professional Programme for individuals from unrepresented or under-represented countries

When in the Hiring Process do I Reveal that I’m an International Student?: From a presentation by Adrienne Nussbaum, Assistant Dean for International Student Services at Boston College

Graduate Schools & Education Programs
Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA): Made of up over sixty schools internationally which focus on international affairs; includes a schools search by region, degree program, and concentration

Boren Awards for International Study: Offers scholarships for undergraduates and fellowships for graduate students

School for International Training: Offers programs for undergraduates as well as Master’s degree programs

Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowships: Offers fellowships for both undergraduates and graduate students; apply in junior year

U.S. State Department Critical Language Training/Scholarships: Offers programs and scholarships for undergraduates and graduates


American Bar Association: Provides a job board, news, resources for lawyers and law students, and information on law schools

Areas of Law: A list, provided by, of law specialties with links to resources and information for each

Association for Legal Career Professionals (NALP): Job listings, research & statistics, conferences & events, career information, and law school and employer directories

Davis Polk: A law firm with ten offices located in North and South America, Europe, and Asia

Department of Justice: Works for the protection of Americans and the preservation of their constitutional freedoms; offers law student internships, an honor’s program for entry level attorneys, and general employment.

Equal Justice Works: Information for pre-law students, law students, graduates, and lawyers interested in working in public service

Findlaw: A variety of information about various types of law, news, and legal blogs

Hieros Gamos: Advice for pre-law and law students, law school directories, law firm search engine, study material, publications, and events

The Hispanic National Bar Association: Dedicated to supporting Hispanic law students

Internet Legal Research Group: Links to thousands of web sites on law and the legal profession; concentrated in the U.S., but includes sites from other countries as well

Kings Country (Brooklyn) District Attorney’s Office: District Attorney’s office in Brooklyn, NY; offers unpaid college and law school internships as well as employment News; publications; surveys, lists, and rankings of firms; and a job directory Can search by location, employer, and category; includes paralegal positions

The Legal Career Center Network: A job database of over 4,000 jobs on over 70 job boards intended for highly targeted audiences

Legal Service Corporation: A nonprofit organization that provides grants and legal assistance to low-income Americans; includes a job vacancy page for the headquarters in Washington, D.C. Search tools for finding a lawyer, a firm, or a job

Mintz Levin: A law firm with seven U.S. offices and one each in London and Israel

The National Association for Law Placement:  Provides career advice, news, and professional resources

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association: Advocates for the needs of APA students

The National Black Law Students Association: Dedicated to advocating for the needs and goals of black law students

National Criminal Justice Association: Internships, training, webinars, and information for those in the profession

National Federation of Paralegal Associations: Job board, scholarships, credentialing and education information

National Legal Aid & Defender Association: Lists job openings in civil legal services, defender organizations, pro bono and public interest organizations, public interest law firms, and academia

National Women’s Law Center: An organization dedicated to advancing women’s rights

Sports Lawyers Association: A professional organization of lawyers, law educators, and law students interested in sports law; journals and a members-only job and internship board

Law School Information
Law School Admission Council: LSAT registration, advice on finances and applications, law school database, and the Credential Assembly Service (CAS)


American Academy of Actuaries: News, standards for actuaries, and career information

American Airlines: Undergraduate and MBA opportunities as well as general employment

American Mathematical Society: Career profiles, lists of internships and co-ops for undergraduates, career and professional development resources for graduate students, and fellowships

American Statistical Association: Information about jobs, careers, and employment for the statistical profession

Apple: Internships and Jobs available

Association for Women in Mathematics: Career advice, programs, grants, job ads, and workshops

BAE Systems Inc.: A variety of positions in defense technology and science

Biographies of Women Mathematicians: Profiles of women in mathematics

EMC2: A global technology company

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS): Certification, awards, news, fellowships, scholarships, and research funding

International Association for Cryptologic Research: Job board, fellowships, awards, news, and publications

Mathematical Association of America: Career profiles, job board, competitions, funding opportunities, and programs for undergraduates Search jobs by country, category, and experience level

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): Opportunities for internships, cooperative programs, summer employment, and full time employment in the sciences, IT, accounting, etc.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Professional development, conferences, and lesson material

National Institute of Standards and Technology: Positions in Bioscience & Health, Building & Fire Research, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Electronics & Telecommunications, Energy, Environment/Climate, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Safety, Quality, and Transportation

National Security Agency: Many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professionals, including internships and scholarships

NewScientist Jobs: Job listings in the sciences, including chemistry, clinical, earth, environmental, energy, engineering, life sciences, math, IT, operations, and physics

New York Life: Actuarial training program; work at New York Life while studying for and taking actuarial exams

Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program: Research in many science areas, including chemistry, earth sciences, mathematical sciences, and physics

SIAM Job Board: Job board, conferences, and digital library

Sloan Career Cornerstone Center: Career resources in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computing, and healthcare; includes information on academic programs and earnings and employment data

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics: Job board, job search resources, internship listings, career information, conferences, fellows program, and prizes

Graduate Program Information
AMS Ranking of US Math Graduate Programs: Rankings divided into groups according to high degree offered in mathematical sciences and program quality

Math Graduate Degrees and Programs: A directory of programs for Mathematics and Mathematics & Statistics

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship: Sponsored by the National Science Foundation Graduate school rankings based on National Research Council data


Art-Collecting: A list of art galleries organized by state, city, and name with links to their home pages

The Art Dealers Association of America: A non-profit organization of U.S. art galleries; as a directory of member museums

ArtistLink: Dedicated to the support of Massachusetts artists; provides information on available living and working spaces

ARTS Intern: Internships for college undergraduates with demonstrated financial need and diverse backgrounds; provides the opportunity to learn about museum professions in NYC

American Association of Museums: The largest cultural organization representing the museum industry, with a database of museums

The Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies: Located in Illinois; offers training including a certificate program, academic credit, and scholarships

Careers in Historic Preservation: Information on career paths with links to job listings

Global Museum: International museum news source, including job listings

The Museum Employment Resource Center: Listings for job vacancies and museum studies courses around the world

Museum Jobs: Postings for museum jobs in the UK and Qatar

Museum of Modern Art: Located in NYC; offers both on-site and online courses, internships, and jobs

National Council for Preservation Education: A guide to academic programs including undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree preservation programs

National Preservation Institute: Located in Virginia; offers continuing education and professional training in preservation

National Trust for Historic Preservation: Located in D.C.; offers news, a magazine, a blog, and other preservation resources

New England Museum Association: A professional organization of museums; includes weekly updated job and internship listings

Preservation Directory: A database of preservation resources, including job listings, news, grants, and an online library Resources for those interested in art preservation; includes job listings, list of degree programs, scholarships, and fellowships, and images

Smithsonian: Job vacancies and internships at the various museums, zoos, and research centers of the Smithsonian Institution


American Psychological Association: Advice on pursing graduate and doctorate degrees in psychology, career information and development, and job listings

Guide to Psychology and Mental Health Counseling programs: Database of psychology schools


National Association of Realtors: News, statistics, and education


Advancing Science, Serving Society: Offers fellowships, awards, news, internships, and employment

The American Association for the Advancement of Science: A non-profit professional association offering a fellows program, career development resources, job search assistance, and internships

The American Physiological Society: Awards, fellowships, career resources, study resources, publications, and news

The Association for Women in Science (AWIS): An organization fighting for equality for women in science and technology, with a job board, fellows program, awards

Co-Ops/Internships and Summer Research Opportunities: Maintained by Rochester Institute of Technology; lists openings in the life sciences

Life Sciences World: Online resources for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and life sciences industries, including blogs, events, and jobs

Massachusetts General Hospital: Careers in healthcare, biostatistics, pharmaceuticals, medical coding, and research Job database and news in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and science

MentorNet: Matches mentors with protégés

The National Academies: A group of private, nonprofit science institutions that inform the public and support professionals

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): Opportunities for internships, cooperative programs, summer employment, and full time employment in the sciences, IT, accounting, etc.

National Association of Science Writers: A professional association offering fellowships, grants, and articles

National Institute of Standards and Technology: Positions in Bioscience & Health, Building & Fire Research, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Electronics & Telecommunications, Energy, Environment/Climate, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Safety, Quality, and Transportation

National Institutes of Health: Training as a summer intern, postbac, graduate student, medical/dental student, or postdoc

National Science Foundation: Various job openings

Nature Jobs: A database of science jobs; try “advanced search” to narrow choices

NewScientist Jobs: Job listings in the sciences, including chemistry, clinical, earth, environmental, energy, engineering, life sciences, math, IT, operations, and physics

OSSI: SOLAR: A NASA system for recruiting interns, fellows, and scholars

Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program: Research in many science areas, including chemistry, earth sciences, mathematical sciences, and physics

Research Jobs: A database of science and research job listings

Science Careers: Provides news, career information, a job database, and a graduate program database for science students and professionals; read this if interested in M.D./Ph.D. programs

Science’s Next Wave Career Network: Job database, job alerts, graduate programs, and job search support

Sloan Career Cornerstone Center: Career resources in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computing, and healthcare; includes information on academic programs and earnings and employment data

Biology, Biotechnology
123 Biotech: Information on many different areas of biotechnology

American Institute of Biological Sciences: A non-profit organization dedicated to furthering biological research and educating the public, with a job board, professional development, and awards

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Career and research resources, news, and graduate and postdoctoral information

American Society for Cell Biology: Provides a job board, career resources, and career publications

American Society for Microbiology: Offers grants and fellowships

American Society of Plant Biologists: Job openings, information on educational programs, and funding opportunities A database of job openings in various fields of or relating to biology

BioSpace: Job board and news

Biotechnology Institute: Biotechnology degree guide for finding schools, career profiles, and job search resources

Careers in Biological Sciences: Career information, job listings, professional development, and peer review services

Kelly Scientific: A global placement agency for biology careers

Network Science’s List of Professional Associations for Biotechnology: Societies whose members contribute to the fields of pharmaceutical research and development

Society for Conservation Biology: Offers a job board and a database of academic programs

Society for Developmental Biology: Job board, awards, and educational program information

Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology: Databases of awards, scholarships, jobs, fellowships, and courses

Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry
American Chemical Society: Job listings and job search advice, educational material, fellowships, scholarships, internships, and awards

Biophysical Society: Job board, career articles, publications, internships, fellowships, and internships

Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry: A research institute in Germany; offers jobs, PhD programs, apprenticeships, and internships

Marine Biology
Association of Zoos and Aquariums: Listings for jobs, professional training, and Master’s programs

Careers in Marine Biology: Job opportunities at various locations in California

MarineBio: A nonprofit conservation, education, and research organization; offers links to graduate degree program lists, career information, and job boards

National Association of Marine Laboratories: Offers information on marine laboratories around the country

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Offers research and funding for undergraduates and graduate students

Oceana: An international ocean conservation organization; offers full and part time jobs, fellowships, and internships

Society for Marine Mammalogy: A nonprofit professional organization, with career advice, grants, awards, and news

U.S. Marine Research Facilities:

American Psychological Association (APA): Job listings, undergraduate research opportunities & internships, advice for graduate students, continuing education programs, and news

Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition: A joint venture of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University combining neuroscience with cognitive and computational science; offers both a graduate certificate program and a Ph.D. program in Neural Computation

Cognitive Neuroscience Society: An organization which publishes a monthly newsletter including job listings, news, and event listings

Cognitive Science Society: A non-profit organization offering a job board, conference, journal, funding opportunities, and information about educational programs

The Journal of Neuroscience: Online access to articles

Neurotechnology Industrial Organization: Job board

Society for Neuroscience: A non-profit organization offering job listings, training, and news

Physics, Astronomy
American Astronomical Society: Organization offering jobs listings, grants, awards, and journals

American Institute of Physics: Jobs, news, awards, and information for students

American Physical Society: Conferences, awards, fellowships, job listings, and career information Job database and career information for physics and engineering positions

Physicists and Astronomers: Information on life in the industry, including pay and job outlook

PhysNet: Jobs, academic and research positions by country, journals, and related links

Society of Physics Students: Job listings, summer research and internship positions, career search advice, and scholarships

Forensic Sciences
American Academy of Forensic Sciences: A professional organization for the advancement of science and its application to law; offers a list of colleges and universities with undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree pictures, career information, and job listings

American College of Forensic Examiners: Online courses, conference, and certification

Geography, Earth, and Oceanic Science
American Geosciences Institute: A nonprofit professional organization with news, scholarships, career information, and guides to geoscience departments for students

American Meteorological Society: Provides career information, job postings, and links for both undergraduate and graduate students

Association of American Geographers: Job, fellowship, and internship listings; and news, forums, and publications Jobs in fields from oil and mining to asbestos surveying and maintenance engineering Search for positions in the U.S. GIS job listings, resume advice, and education program listings

Geological Society of America: Offers student resources, grants, news, and job listings

Geology Jobs: Career and graduate school information and news Jobs listings, salary information, and company and education program listings

International Association for Environmental Hydrology:  An organization dedicated to cleaning up fresh water sources; offers job listings and news

International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences: An organization with links to various meteorology and atmospheric science associations

Soil Science Society of America: Listings for jobs, graduate assistantships, and internships; colleges and universities with related programs, and links to related organizations

The Urban and Regional Information Systems Association: A professional association for those in the GIS community; offers information on certification, salaries, job listings, job information, college and university programs, and conferences

U.S. Geological Survey: A water, earth, and geological science and civilian mapping agency


Ashoka Innovators for the Public: A group of social entrepreneurs in programs in over 70 countries; includes fellows, permanent staff, interns, and volunteers

Business for Social Responsibility: A global network of almost 300 companies; offers job and internship listings

Certified B Corporation: B Corporations are for-profit organizations dedicated to avoiding harmful impacts on society; site offers a job board for positions with Certified B Corporations

Echoing Green: Offers fellowships to social entrepreneurs

JustMeans: Jobs in the sustainable business industry

NetImpact: A non-profit dedicated to helping people use their careers for social and environmental good;  includes a job board and advice for students and professionals

Skoll Foundation: Works with other social entrepreneurship programs; offers a conference, an online community, and a list of current job openings

Social Enterprise Library: Provides information on social enterprise

Social Venture Network: A professional organization of business leaders and social entrepreneurs

Starting Bloc: Fellowships for those interested in social innovation

Graduate Schools & Education Programs
Social Entrepreneurship:  An article on social entrepreneurship programs, including rankings


Adidas Group: Offers many opportunities including apprenticeships, a dual study program, internships, and trainee programs

College Sports Information Directors of America: A professional organization of sports public relations, communications, and information professionals; offers scholarships and career information

ESPN: A leader in multimedia sports entertainment, televising sports in more than 200 countries; includes job listings and career information

Fox Sports: Careers in sports broadcasting  Database of sports jobs and internships; search by region and type

Major League Baseball Careers: Career opportunities with, the MLB Network, and the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball

Major League Soccer Internship Program: Opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates

National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics:  List of athletic administrative job opening

National Association of Sports Commissions: A professional organization for those in the sports event industry; offers certification and job and internship listings

National Basketball Association: Career opportunities with NBA, WNBA, and D-League

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA): Oversees 89 championships in 23 sports, made up of over 400,000 student-athletes in three divisions at over 1,000 colleges and universities; includes job listings

National Football League: Databases for both league and team employment

National Hockey League: NHL job and internships listings

National Sports Marketing Network: A professional organization for those with a career in sports business; offers a job board and news

New England Sports Network: Owned by the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins; offers various jobs in sports broadcasting

Nike: A producer of athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment; employs nearly one million people and has several subsidiaries; see Career page for job and internship listings

TeamWork Online: Database of sports & live events jobs, with links to databases for specific sports

Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association: A professional association of industry sports and fitness brands; job and internship listings available

Sports Business Daily/Global/ and Journal: Includes both general sports news and sports business news

Sports Career Finder: Listings, job descriptions, and advice for various careers in the sports industry

Sports Careers: Job openings ranging from marketing to coaching to facilities

Sports Jobs and Sports Internships: Offers a sports job board

Sports Lawyers Association: A professional organization of lawyers, law educators, and law students interested in sports law; includes journals and a members-only job and internship board

Sports Link Central: Internships and jobs with thousands of employers in the sports industry

U.S. Olympic Committee: Jobs and internships in a wide variety of areas

US Tennis Association: Jobs working for the largest tennis organization in the world

Women Sports Jobs: Job board, career and education information

Women’s Sports Foundation: Dedicated to advancing women’s and girls lives sports and physical activity.