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Awareness Building and Hiring Events

OptionOn-Campus Recruiting Virtual Recruiting
TablingEmployers have the option to reserve a table in our student union as a way to interact with students more casually and to build brand awareness. Some employers find that distributing snacks or giveaways is a good way to attract a crowd. Best times: 11 am - 1 pm
Information sessions Information sessions typically run for 45 minutes to one-hour and can involve video presentations and Q & A often with alumni representatives attending. Best Times: Monday through Thursday evenings beginning at 7 pm. Friday afternoons. Employers can connect with students remotely by hosting a virtual information session via WebEx or Google Hangouts. If an employer prefers another online platform we are happy to work with the organization to make the session possible.
In our classrooms and academic departmentsEmployers can arrange to meet with faculty and students in a host of ways: cross-departmental gatherings; panels; classroom visits. Our team will help you arrange an event that works well for you. Webinars and Industry ePanels
Networking Events From casual networking events (e.g. Mocktail Hours) to more formal breakfasts with pre-selected candidates we can bring students and employers together in a relaxed and more intimate setting to enable them to establish a mutual interest before applications are due
On Campus Interviews The most effective way to attract and engage top talent at Colby is to participate in on-campus interviews. The Career Center will be happy to schedule your visit to campus and can accommodate your need for either an open interview schedule or one that allows you to pre-screen and schedule candidates in advance. The Colby Career Center offers opportunities for you to connect with students remotely from the comfort and convenience of your own office. Work with us to create your strategy for virtual connections through a number of simple technologies to create efficiency and reduce recruiting costs. You can host a virtual information session or a first-round screening interview via Skype or phone.