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Job Treks

We bring Colby students to major markets to visit different companies in related industries (e.g., Media & Communications, Think Tanks, and NGOs, etc.) for a day trip.

Hosting a job trek is a great way to build your talent with students interested in your field. 

Job Shadows

We match Colby students to employers willing to host them for a day or half day. Students often attend meetings and engage in informational interviews with employees during their visit.

Hosting a job shadow is a great way to get to know potential candidates better.

Creative Challenges

We partner with employers to identify business challenges our stretchy-minded students can tackle under the guidance of faculty sponsors.

Hosting a creative challenge is a great way to get fresh perspectives and spot top talent.

Jan Plan

We offer Colby students the chance to explore and focus deeply during this winter term. Many take a Jan Plan internship.

Hosting a Jan Plan internship is a great way to build a talent pipeline while getting top notch help with your special projects. 

Summer Internships

Colby students are eager for summer internships and the chance to learn and grow with your company. Many juniors accept offers of full-time employment following internships.

Hosting a summer internship is a great way to build a talent pipeline and secure top candidates early. 

Full-time Employment

Colby graduates are as proud of their employer as they are of their school. They are enthusiastic and compelling ambassadors of your talent brand to current students.

Hiring Colby graduates will also help you with university recruiting.