Information technology (IT) is a critical tool supporting instruction, research, and creative expression and is vital to the work of both creating and communicating knowledge. Colby makes considerable ongoing investment in IT infrastructure and professional support resources. Students, faculty, and staff have access to high-quality software, hardware, Internet resources, and to expert consultants committed to responsive delivery of innovative technology solutions.

Classrooms at Colby are all equipped with presentation technology. Academic, administrative, and residential buildings, as well as some outside areas, are blanketed by wireless access technology. The physical network between buildings on campus and to the Internet is regularly and frequently upgraded to provide the best possible connectivity to local and global resources. Information security is a priority in the handling and transmission of information pertaining to members of the community and is enabled by appropriate policy and network safeguards.

There are numerous College-provided computers distributed throughout academic buildings, many clustered in general access or discipline-specific labs and classrooms. There are IT facilities equipped specifically for video production, quantitative analysis, spatial analysis, language learning, and scientific computation and visualization. Additional high-performance computational capabilities are provided for student and faculty research locally in campus data centers and remotely from Internet resources via a dedicated research network. Laptops, digital recorders, and advanced media equipment may be borrowed from the service desk in Miller Library, and presentation technology may be requested for temporary setup in spaces where permanent technology is not available. The Mule Works Innovation Lab on “The Street” in Miller Library provides a setting for creativity and exploration with virtual reality, 3-D printing, laser cutting, 3-D scanning, and other technologies.

IT professionals at the College are continuously examining and evaluating emerging technologies and partnering with the community to integrate and apply them appropriately. Community members are encouraged to partner with these professionals to develop and refine new ideas and investigate novel approaches to problems. The ITS Support Center is the central hub to assist the community and to connect its members with the range of IT resources available. ITS Support Services may be contacted by email to [email protected] or calling 207-859-4222. Walk-up service will not be available through this academic year. Information about the Support Center and support services are available at In addition to information about the Support Center, has a link to our catalog of services, information about connecting to the wireless network, and online help.

Decisions around IT resources and professional staff are guided by community bodies. The Information Technology Committee is composed of elected and appointed students, faculty, and key administrative staff and advises on mainly academic matters. The Information Technology Steering Committee is composed of several members of the College’s senior staff and advises chiefly on administrative concerns. Colby’s chief information officer (CIO) serves on both committees, providing overall strategic leadership on all aspects of information technology planning, programs, and policy and coordinates the delivery of high-value services to the community.