Semester I

Gail Carlson, Environmental Studies

Semester II

Arne Koch, German and Russian
Jennifer Yoder, Government

Full Year

Tariq Ahmad, Biology
Justin Becknell, Environmental Studies
Adrian Blevins, English
Robert Bluhm, Physics and Astronomy
Sarah Braunstein, Creative Writing
Cedric Bryant, English
Bevin Engman, Art
James Fleming, Science, Technology, and Society
Carrie LeVan, Government
Ben Lisle, American Studies
Chris Moore, Biology
Lindsey Novak, Economics
Steven Nuss, Music
Philip Nyhus, Environmental Studies
Laurie Osborne, English
Adrianna Paliyenko, French and Italian
Luke Parker, German and Russian
Keith Peterson, Philosophy
Elizabeth Seto, Psychology
Erin Sheets, Psychology
Andreas Waldkirch, Economics
Brett White, Spanish

Other Scheduled Leaves

Full Year

Bruce Maxwell, Computer Science