Sheri B. Bronstein ’90, Ridgewood, New Jersey, Chief Human Resources Officer, Bank of America (2023), Visiting Committee on Environmental Studies

Ryan Connolly ’07, Wellesley Hills, MA, First Vice President and Private Wealth Advisor, Morgan Stanley PWM (2026)

Charles T. Diamond ’12, New York, New York, Deputy Chief of Staff, City of New York, Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (2026)

Joan M. Fortin ’88, Portland, Maine, Chief Executive Officer, Bernstein Shur (2024), Visiting Committee on African-American Studies

R. David Genovese ’89, M.B.A., Darien, Connecticut, Chief Executive Officer, Baywater Properties (2025)

Mark Hubbert ’79, M.B.A., Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Control Management Executive, Wells Fargo Advisors (2025), Visiting Committee on Mathematics

Corley Hughes ’98, Seattle, Washington, Chief Financial Officer, SonderMind (2025), Visiting Committee on Physics and Astronomy

Lisa Kaplan ’13, Washington, D.C., Founder, The Alethea Group (2026)

Tucker Kelton ’07, Wellesley, Massachusetts, Founder and Managing Partner, Camber Development (2024), Visiting Committee on English/Creative Writing

Delva King ’77, Brooklyn, New York, (2026)

Peter H. Lunder ’56, D.F.A. ’98, Scarborough, Maine, Chairman, Kenilworth, Inc. (Life Visitor)

Sharon Matusik ’86, Ph.D., Boulder, Colorado, Dean, Leed School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder (2025), Visiting Committee on Science, Technology, and Society

Dana McClintock ’93, Chatham, New Jersey, Chief Communications Officer, Argus Capital Group (2026)

Andra Ofosu ’07, M.B.A., New York, New York, Director of US Sales, Aspect Capital (2025), Visiting Committee on Science, Technology, and Society

Teresa K. Olsen ’01, M.S., Hamilton, New York, Assistant Vice President for Career Initiatives, Colgate University (2025), Visiting Committee on Religious Studies, Visiting Committee on DavisConnects

Graham A. Powis ’90, Greenwich, Connecticut, Senior Capital Markets Advisor, Brookline Capital Markets (2024)

Jennifer Alfond Seeman ’92, Weston, Massachusetts, Cofounder, Art2You(2025), Visiting Committee on Dining Services, Visiting Committee on Admissions, Visiting Committee on Anthropology, Visiting Committee on German and Russian

Jason Soules ’93, Mountain Village, Colorado, Founder and Managing Director, EHS Partners, LLC (2023), Visiting Committee on German and Russian

Jeremy P. Springhorn ’84, Ph. D., Guilford, Connecticut, Chief Business Officer, Syros Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (2025), Visiting Committee on Biology

Benjamin W. Thorndike ’78, Boston, Massachusetts, Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure Investor Relations, John Hancock (2024)

Kebba Tolbert ’94, Waltham, Massachusetts, Associate Head Track and Field Coach, Harvard University, (2026)

Visitor Visiting Committees, 2021-22

African-American Studies (March 13-15, 2022), Yolanda Covington-Ward, chair, University of Pittsburgh; Tess Chakkalakal, Bowdoin College; Deborah England Gray ’85; Joan M. Fortin ’88

Department of Art (March 6-8, 2022), Elizabeth Marlow, chair, Colgate University; Stephen G. Perkinson, Bowdoin College; Susan Groce, University of Maine

DavidConnects (April 24-26, 2022), Chip Smith ’91, chair; Teresa Olsen, Colgate University; Meredith Dow, University of Chicago; Joseph Du Pont, Boston College; Lisa Hinkley, Carthage College 

Department of Mathematics (April 3-5, 2022) Linda Chen, chair, Swarthmore College; Lisa Collett Hook ’88; Mark W. Hubbert ’79

Department of Physics and Astronomy (Feb. 20-22, 2022), Ryan Hickox, chair, Dartmouth College; Corley Hughes ’98; Nick Silitch ’83; Teresa Lynna, Harvey Mudd College

Religious Studies (Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2021), Elizabeth Castelli, chair, Columbia University: Naomi Koltun-Fromm, Haverford College; Kristin Scheible, Reed College

Science, Technology, and Society (Oct. 10-12, 2021), Laura T. Perini, chair, Pomona College; Gregory Moyahan, Bard College; Jennifer Tucker, Wesleyan University