African-American Studies Program

Courses of Study

[AA214]    African-American Elites and Middle Classes Listed as Sociology 214. Three credit hours. S, U.
AA223j    Critical Race Feminisms and Tap Dance Listed as Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 223. Three credit hours. A, U. Thomas
AA231s    Caribbean Cultures Listed as Anthropology 231. Four credit hours. I. Marshall
AA236f    Introduction to the Francophone World: The Americas Listed as French 236. Four credit hours. I. Mauguiere
[AA237]    Introduction to the Francophone World: Africa Listed as French 238. Four credit hours. I.
AA247f    African-American History, from Slavery to Freedom Listed as History 247. Four credit hours. H, U. Weisbrot
AA252f    Race, Ethnicity, and Society Listed as Sociology 252. Four credit hours. U. Gilkes
AA255f    Introduction to African Politics Listed as Government 255. Four credit hours. S, I. Seay
AA256f    African-American Art Listed as Art 256. Four credit hours. A, U. Sheehan
[AA258]    Anthropology, History, Memory Listed as Anthropology 258. Four credit hours.
[AA274]    Africans in America: The New Diaspora Listed as Anthropology 274. Three credit hours. S, U.
AA276s    African-American Culture in the United States Listed as American Studies 276. Four credit hours. S, U. Gilkes
AA297f    Children and Youth in African History Listed as History 297. Four credit hours. H, I. Duff
AA297Af    From Ferguson to South Africa: Movements for Black Life Listed as Anthropology 297A. Four credit hours. S, U. Marshall
AA297Bj    Deconstructing Daughters of the Dust: African American Origins Intensive exploration and analysis of Julie Dash's film Daughters of the Dust in order to examine Gullah/Geechee culture and its vital role in the origins of African-American culture in the United States and its connection to the African Diaspora. In addition to an introductory historical overview of the African-American experience, the film and readings invite examination of African ethnicities, family, foodways, religion, music, political activism, migration, gender, spirituality, political economy, slavery, and social change. Three credit hours. S, U. Gilkes
AA297Jj    Freedom Now and Then: The Black Freedom Struggle and Its Legacies Listed as History 297J. Three credit hours. H, U. Asch
AA298s    Pan-Africanism: Histories, Politics, Aesthetics, and Poetics A critical exploration of Pan-Africanism as a response to the massive traumas of slavery and colonialism that define African and African diaspora modernity. With an eye toward aesthetics, poetics, and rhetoric, in addition to politics, we examine diverse modes of expression—music, political theory, poetry, fiction, religion, organizational literature, and journalism, through authors and movements including, but not limited to Wole Soyinka, Kwame Nkrumah, Bob Marley, Aime Cesaire, Paule Marshall, Marcus Garvey, Leopold Senghor, Rastafarianism, and Kwame Toure (Stokeley Carmichael), to name a few. Four credit hours. S, I. Marshall
AA333f    Contemporary Theory Listed as Anthropology 333. Four credit hours. Besteman
AA336f    Politics of Development in Africa Listed as Government 336. Four credit hours. I. Seay
AA338j    Field Study in African Development Listed as Government 338. Three credit hours. Seay
[AA341]    Culture, Mobility, Identity: Encounters in the African Diaspora Listed as Anthropology 341. Four credit hours. S, I.
AA342s    Crisis and Reform: American Society and Politics in the 1960s Listed as History 342. Four credit hours. H. Weisbrot
[AA343]    African-American Literature: Speaking in Tongues Listed as English 343. Four credit hours. L, U.
[AA344]    Black Radical Imaginations Listed as Anthropology 344. Four credit hours.
[AA354]    Slavery and the American Literary Imagination Listed as English 354. Four credit hours. L, U.
AA355f    African-American Women and Social Change Listed as Sociology 355. Four credit hours. U. Gilkes
[AA357]    Civil Rights, Black Power, and Social Change Listed as Sociology 357. Four credit hours.
[AA358]    The Sociology of W.E.B. Du Bois Listed as Sociology 358. Four credit hours. S, U.
AA359s    Sociologies of Slavery and Slave Communities in the United States Listed as Sociology 359. Four credit hours. S, U. Gilkes
[AA361]    Creolization, Culture, and Society in the Indian Ocean Islands Listed as French 361. Four credit hours. I.
[AA370]    Corps, Espace, et Genre: Postcolonial Space in Francophone Africa Listed as French 370. Four credit hours. I.
[AA375]    Narratives of Identities in Francophone African Literature Listed as French 375. Four credit hours.
AA397f    Police, Klansmen, Colonizers, and Cultures of White Power Listed as Anthropology 397. Four credit hours. S, I. Marshall
AA398s    The African Apartheid City: Explorations in Settler Colonialism In order to understand historical and contemporary white separatist dreams in nations such as Algeria, Kenya, and South Africa, explores the segregated settler-colonial African city and the post-colonial persistence of its idea through imaginative literature, political rhetoric, community studies, biographies, and editorials advocating European supremacy, as well as theories of the space and the city in Africa. Also examines critical African literature and African forms of resistance, transgression, invasion, and squatting in white-only urban space, with particular attention to migrant, sex, and domestic workers. Four credit hours. S, I. Marshall
AA413s    Author Course: Toni Morrison Listed as English 413A. Four credit hours. L. Bryant
[AA421]    Anthropology of Creativity Listed as Anthropology 421. Four credit hours.
AA455s    Seminar: Conflict and Crisis in Africa Listed as Government 455. Four credit hours. I. Seay
AA491f, 492s    Independent Study Individual study of special problems in African-American studies in areas where the student has demonstrated the interest and competence necessary for independent work. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor and of the program director. One to four credit hours. Faculty