African-American Studies Department

Courses of Study

[AA118]    Dance Technique Lab: Dance Forms of the African Diaspora: Hip-hop Listed as Theater and Dance 118. Two credit hours.
[AA118A]    Technique Lab: Contemporary Dance & Movement of the African Diaspora Listed as Theater and Dance 118A. Two credit hours.
[AA118B]    Dance Technique Lab: Intermediate Hip-hop Listed as Theater and Dance 118B. One credit hour.
[AA120]    Race, Gender, and Sport Listed as Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 120A. Four credit hours. W1, U.
AA120Bfs    Critical Inquiries in Medical Ethics Listed as Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 120B. Four credit hours. W1. Sibara
AA125fs    Introduction to African American Cultures Offers a critical introduction to the cultural, political, and social, forces that have shaped the identity of people of African descent in the United States. We will focus on the experiences of African Americans from the Transatlantic Slave trade through contemporary social movements such as Black Lives Matter. Through readings, viewing, listening, and creating, we will examine the major movements, people, and ideas that have shaped African American identity and culture and gain an understanding of how African Americans have informed the broader national and global cultural and political landscapes. Four credit hours. L, U. Donaldson
AA132s    Survey of U.S. History, 1865 to Present Listed as History 132. Four credit hours. H. Weisbrot
[AA157]    American Art: Identity and Belonging Since 1619 Listed as Art 157. Four credit hours. A, U.
AA162f    History of the Atlantic World Listed as History 162. Four credit hours. H, I. Brignac
AA164s    Africans and the Making of the Atlantic World Listed as History 164. Four credit hours. H, I. Brignac
[AA213J]    Philosophical Inquiries into Race Listed as Philosophy 213J. Three credit hours. S, U.
[AA216]    Deconstructing Daughters of the Dust: African American Origins Intensive exploration and analysis of Julie Dash's film Daughters of the Dust in order to examine Gullah/Geechee culture and its vital role in the origins of African-American culture in the United States and its connection to the African Diaspora. In addition to an introductory historical overview of the African-American experience, the film and readings invite examination of African ethnicities, family, foodways, religion, music, political activism, migration, gender, spirituality, political economy, slavery, and social change. Three credit hours. S, U.
[AA223]    Critical Race Feminisms and Tap Dance Listed as Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 223. Four credit hours. A, U.
[AA225]    Race and Democracy in the Nation's Capital Listed as History 225. Three credit hours. H, U.
[AA227]    Visual Ways of Knowing: Transcultural Documentary Filmmaking Listed as Global Studies 227. Four credit hours.
AA228f    Introduction to Race, Ethnicity, and Politics Listed as Government 228. Four credit hours. S, U. LeVan
[AA231]    Caribbean Cultures Listed as Anthropology 231. Four credit hours. I.
AA232s    Early African American Literature Listed as English 232. Four credit hours. L, U. Plasencia
AA233s    Black Germany Listed as German 233. Four credit hours. L, I. Ellis
[AA236]    Introduction to the Francophone World: The Americas Listed as French 236. Four credit hours. I.
AA237f    Francophone African Cinema Listed as French 237. Four credit hours. Niang
AA238s    Introduction to the Francophone World: Africa Listed as French 238. Four credit hours. I. Niang
AA239f    Making Modern Science Listed as American Studies 238. Four credit hours. H, U. Saltz
AA241f    Foundations of Disability Studies Listed as Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 241. Four credit hours. L, U. Sibara
[AA242]    Acts of Activism Listed as Theater and Dance 242. Four credit hours. A.
[AA244]    Black Digital Humanities The digital humanities center on humanistic inquiry and its intersections with digital tools and discourses. In this course, students will encounter and engage with textual and digital works that focus on black studies theorization and methodologies. This is a reading, workshop, and Ĝcritical makingĬ course, which emphasizes skill-building through analysis and creation of public-facing digital works. We will read a variety of texts on African Diasporic thought and the digital humanities; students will gain an understanding of the breadth of thought on a range of topics, including digitality, Afro-Futurism, ethics, memory, and the ɾqueeringʇ of technologies. No prior digital humanities or programming skills/expertise are required. Prerequisite: African-American Studies 125 or permission of instructor. Four credit hours. I.
AA247f    African-American History, from Slavery to Freedom Listed as History 247. Four credit hours. H, U. Weisbrot
[AA248]    Performing the Museum Listed as Theater and Dance 247. Four credit hours. A.
AA251f    Tomorrow Will Be Bigger! Performing Protest in Brazil Listed as Theater and Dance 251. Four credit hours. A, I. Soifer
[AA252]    Race, Ethnicity, and Society Listed as Sociology 252. Four credit hours. U.
[AA255]    Introduction to African Politics Listed as Government 255. Four credit hours. S, I.
[AA256]    African-American Art Listed as Art 256. Four credit hours. A, U.
AA258s    Anthropology, History, Memory Listed as Anthropology 258. Four credit hours. Bhimull
[AA262]    Topics in Dance: Collaborative Company Listed as Theater and Dance 262. Four credit hours.
[AA263]    Black Joy Listed as Anthropology 263. Four credit hours. S, I.
AA266f    Introduction to African History,1800-1994: Cultural Artefacts inMuseums Listed as History 266. Four credit hours. H, I. Coulon
AA266Jj    Introduction to African History,1800-1994: Cultural Artefacts inMuseums Listed as History 266J. Three credit hours. H, I. Coulon
[AA276]    African-American Culture in the United States Listed as American Studies 276. Four credit hours. S, U.
[AA312]    Suburban Politics Listed as Government 312. Four credit hours. U.
[AA315]    Minority Representation Listed as Government 315. Four credit hours. S, U.
[AA319]    Art, Medicine, and Race Listed as Art 319. Four credit hours. U.
[AA324]    Ideologies of Africans: Negritude, Pan-Africanism, and Afroisms Listed as French 324. Four credit hours. L.
[AA326]    Slavery and Freedom in American Art Listed as Art 326. Four credit hours. A, U.
AA328s    African American Girlhood This course focuses on African American girlhood and the ways that African American girls have been constructed and imagined|and how they define themselves. We will concentrate on topics such as race and the inner lives of Black girls, centering on the transformative possibilities of African American girlhood. We will engage critical questions such as: What does African American girlhood look like? Sound like? How is African American girlhood defined and what defines it? How do black girls understand themselves and construct spaces of liberation, resistance, and joy? Prerequisite: African-American Studies 125 or permission of instructor. Four credit hours. U. Donaldson
[AA330]    Global Histories of Food Listed as History 330. Four credit hours. H, I.
[AA331]    Slavery and Capitalism Listed as History 331. Four credit hours. H, I.
AA333f    Contemporary Theory Listed as Anthropology 333. Four credit hours. Bhimull
AA334f    The Great Depression: America in the 1930s Listed as History 334. Four credit hours. H, U. Weisbrot
[AA336]    Politics of Development in Africa Listed as Government 336. Four credit hours. I.
AA337f    Gentrification Listed as American Studies 337. Four credit hours. U. Lisle
[AA338]    Field Study in African Development Listed as Government 338. Three credit hours.
AA341f    Culture, Mobility, Identity: Encounters in the African Diaspora Listed as Anthropology 341. Four credit hours. S, I. Bhimull
AA342s    Crisis and Reform: American Society and Politics in the 1960s Listed as History 342. Four credit hours. H. Weisbrot
[AA343]    African-American Literature: Speaking in Tongues Listed as English 343. Four credit hours. L, U.
[AA344]    Black Radical Imaginations Listed as Anthropology 344. Four credit hours.
[AA346]    Race, Rights, and Land in the Americas Listed as Spanish 346. Four credit hours. I.
[AA348]    The Afro-Americas: Race, Power, and Subjectivity Listed as Spanish 348. Four credit hours. L, I.
AA349s    Queer of Color Critique Listed as Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 349. Four credit hours. U. Sibara
[AA351]    Minority Issues and Social Change in the Americas Listed as French 351. Four credit hours. L, I.
AA352s    Hang and Rattle: The West in the American Imaginary Listed as English 352. Four credit hours. L, U. Bryant
AA353f    Gender, Sexuality, and Power in Atlantic Slavery Listed as History 353. Four credit hours. H, I. Brignac
[AA355]    African-American Women and Social Change Listed as Sociology 355. Four credit hours. U.
[AA356]    Donning the Mask IN THE WAKE: The Persona Poem Listed as English 358. Four credit hours. L, U.
[AA357]    Civil Rights, Black Power, and Social Change Listed as Sociology 357. Four credit hours. S, U.
[AA358]    The Sociology of W.E.B. Du Bois Listed as Sociology 358. Four credit hours. S, U.
[AA359]    Sociologies of Slavery and Slave Communities in the United States Listed as Sociology 359. Four credit hours. S, U.
AA361s    Creolization, Culture, and Society in the Indian Ocean Islands Listed as French 361. Four credit hours. I. Mauguiere
[AA370]    Corps, Espace, et Genre: Postcolonial Space in Francophone Africa Listed as French 370. Four credit hours. I.
AA372s    Black and Native Protest Literatures to 1900 Listed as English 372. Four credit hours. L, U. Plasencia
[AA375]    Narratives of Identities in Francophone African Literature Listed as French 375. Four credit hours.
AA393f    Junior Seminar: Theories of Culture Listed as American Studies 393. Four credit hours. U. Saltz
[AA3XX]    African American Childhood Four credit hours.
[AA413]    Author Course: Toni Morrison Listed as English 413A. Four credit hours. L.
[AA421]    Anthropology of Creativity Listed as Anthropology 421. Four credit hours.
[AA455]    Seminar: Conflict and Crisis in Africa Listed as Government 455. Four credit hours. I.
AA491f, 492s    Independent Study Individual study of special problems in African-American studies in areas where the student has demonstrated the interest and competence necessary for independent work. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor and of the program director. One to four credit hours. Faculty
AA493s    Seminar: American Gothicism in the Neo-Slave Narrative Tradition Listed as English 493Q. Four credit hours. L. Bryant