Data Science Program

In the Departments of Computer Science and of Mathematics and of Statistics

The data science minor equips students with the analytical tools and capacities needed to interact with real-world data in a research environment that is changing and growing very quickly.

Requirements for the Minor in Data Science

Completion of seven courses, including Computer Science 151, 152, or 153; 231, and 251 or 252; Mathematics 122 or 160 or 165; Statistics 212 and 321; and one of the following: Computer Science 341, 343, 346, 363, 365, Mathematics 253, or Statistics 3XX. A student majoring in economics or psychology who has completed the second semester of the respective statistics/methods sequence need not take Statistics 212. A student majoring in computer science, mathematical sciences with a concentration in statistics, or statistics may not minor in data science. A student minoring in data science may not minor in computer science nor in statistics.