In the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The statistics minor is designed to equip students with the analytical tools and capacities to interact with real-world data in a research environment while also accommodating students who seek a more theoretical foundation in the field. It is designed to pair with majors in which data plays a central role. This minor equips students with the fundamental skills necessary to understand not only how to display and analyze data, but how to design studies and experiments and collect data.

Requirements for the Minor in Statistics

Completion of each of the following with a grade of C- or better: Mathematics 122 or 162, and 253; Statistics 212 and 321; and two more statistics courses numbered 300 or above. (The Psychology 214/215 or Economics 293/393 course sequences may be substituted for Statistics 212.)

A minor in data science is described in the “Data Science” section of the catalogue.

The point scale for retention of the minors applies to all courses in the minors. No requirement for the minors may be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory.


Professor Liam O’Brien; Associate Professor James Scott; Assistant Professors Jerzy Wieczorek and Bret Zeldow; Visiting Assistant Professor Costel-Gabriel Bontea