Creative Writing

In the Department of English

Colby students may study the craft of imaginative writing in one of two ways—through a concentration within an English major or by electing a minor in creative writing if their major is a discipline other than English.  A creative writing concentration within and in addition to the English major is offered as another option to develop creative writing skills. The requirements for the concentration are specified in the “English” section of this catalogue.

The minor is designed to enhance existing major programs, to add structure and a sense of purpose to those students already committed to creative writing, and to prepare students who are considering graduate programs in creative writing.


Director, Professor Adrian Blevins
Advisory Committee: Professors Adrian Blevins, Michael Burke, and Debra Spark; Assistant Professors Sarah Braunstein and Arisa White; Visiting Assistant Professor Mira Ptacin

Requirements +

Requirements for the Minor in Creative Writing

The minor consists of seven courses total: four writing workshops and three courses in literature.

The four writing workshops should include creative writing courses at the 200 level or above. These courses currently include English 278, 279, 280, 378, 379, 380, 382, and 386. Students may count Theater and Dance 141 (Beginning Playwriting) as one of their creative writing workshops.

In addition, the creative writing minor requires the student, in consultation with the minor advisor, to complete three courses in English and American literature. One of these courses may be at the 200 level. The other two must be at the 300 or 400 level. Students should consider their writing interests when picking a literature course. For instance, a fiction writer might want to study the American short story, the modern American novel, 18th-century novels, Victorian or African-American literature, or contemporary fiction; a poetry writer might elect courses on Renaissance poetry, British Romantic poetry, 19th-century American poetry, Whitman and Dickinson, modern American poetry, or contemporary American poetry.

First priority for admission to English 278, 279, and 280 is given to sophomores.

No requirement for the minor may be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory.