Center for the Arts and Humanities


The center celebrates the pivotal role of the arts and humanities in the intellectual life of the College and the community, and it promotes the long-term benefits of the skills developed through humanistic research.

Students¬†are at the heart of everything the center does; they suggest, shape, and profit from programming; they thrive in humanities labs and courses related to the annual humanities theme; they fulfill their most ambitious dreams through the center’s research grants.

Annual Theme

A campus-wide, interdisciplinary conversation exploring a particular topic through exhibits, speakers, performances, and course work

Humanities Labs

Experiential learning through hands-on observation, experimentation, and skill-building practices


The Arts and Humanities Colloquium Series brings a variety of inspirational speakers and stimulating programming to campus.

Why study the arts and humanities?

Through exploration of the arts and humanities we develop

  • our capacities for analytical thought
  • our ability to read, write, and speak with critical rigor
  • our imaginations, aesthetic senses, and talents in creative expression
  • our readiness to live in, contribute to, and profit from a diverse society
  • our comprehension of moral, ethical, and spiritual questions
  • our sense of responsibility as citizens of local, national, and global communities