Our mission is to craft a community of students, faculty, and local residents, all deeply engaged with the arts and humanities. We celebrate the intrinsic value of studying language, literature, history, philosophy, and the creative arts. We also promote the practical advantages of these disciplines with Arts and Humanities Labs.

If you feel passionate about the advantages you gain from engaging with the arts and humanities, want to work with people who share those feelings, and desire to play a role in shaping the experience of the Colby community, maybe the student advisory board is for you.

Please contact Assistant Director, Megan Fossa for an application.

2020-2021 members of SAB

Why I am proud to be a member of the center’s student advisory board.

By Kristen Starkowski ’14

I first became involved with the center when I and four other students participated in a roundtable discussion with postcolonial theorist Homi K. Bhabha from Harvard. While all of us who participated in the roundtable had been exposed to Bhabha’s writings in a class or two beforehand, the roundtable gave us an opportunity for extended engagement with his works and, most excitingly, allowed us to have a deep, intellectual conversation with this renowned scholar.
The whole experience was wonderful; it allowed me to engage with complex topics from totally new perspectives, to forge connections with students who were also enthusiastic about the humanities, and to learn from a famous scholar whose works I could previously only attempt to grasp from a distance. Since the student roundtable experience, I have felt inspired to create similar opportunities for other students at Colby.
(The above is a summary of “Colby’s Center for the Arts and Humanities” posted Dec. 18, 2012, by Kristen Starkowski ’14)