Spring Seminars are on Fridays from 11:00 AM to 11:50 AM in Arey 05 (except when noted otherwise).

Spring Seminar Series

Seminar DateSeminar TimeSpeaker NameAffiliationTalk Title
2/16/1811:00a.m.Professor Keith WoerpelNYU“Stereoselective Addition Reactions to Carbon Electrophiles: Conformational Analysis, Stereoelectronic Effects, and Reactivity”
02.16.18 Seminal Flyer
2/23/1811:00a.mProfessor Julie T. MillardColby"The Chemist's Code of Conduct"
02.23.18 Seminal Flyer
3/2/1811:00a.m.Joshua KritzerTufts"Controlling Biology with Constrained Peptides"
03.02.18 Seminar Flyer
3/9/1811:00a.m.Professor Christine CaputoUniversity of New Hampshire"Hybrid Photocatalytic Systems for Solar Fuels Generation"
03.09.18 Seminal Flyer
3/16/1811:00a.m.Tim LewisBroad Inst. (Harvard)I. Discovery of DHODH Inhibitors to Treat Leukemia
II. PDE3 Modulators to Treat Cancer
03.16.18 Seminal Flyer
3/23/1811:00a.m.Karena McKinneyColby"Can’t See the Forest for the Trees: The Emission, Oxidation, and Impacts of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds from New England to the Amazon Basin"
03.23.18 Seminal Flyer
3/30/18NO SEMINARSPRING BREAK_____________________________
*Joint Department of Chemistry, Geology, and ES Seminar
11:00a.m.Eric RoyHydrovivHydroviv: How A Charitable Response To A Public Health Crisis Accidentally Turned Into A Tech Startup
04.06.18 Seminal Flyer
Keyes 105
Eben CrossAerodyne"Can low-cost air quality sensors inform the way we understand (and avoid) local air pollution?"
04.13.18 Seminal Flyer
4/20/1811:00a.m.Chris HamannAlbright College"Terpene Cyclization: The Portal to a Chiral Wonderland"
04.20.18 Seminal Flyer
*Joint Department of Chemistry and Geology Seminar
Arey 05
Dr. Jim McManusBigelow Laboratory“How changes in the lake level impact the chemistry and geology of the world's second deepest lake: Lake Tanganyika”.
04:27:18 Seminar Flyer
5/3/18CLAS CHEMISTRY Honors projects
Diamond 145
1:00 pm - 2:55 pm
Smith, Danielle M. ('18): Examining molecular markers of fertility in the male germline of the soapberry bug, Jadera haematoloma

Smith, Erika ('18): Haloferax volcanii for carotenoid production

Srour, Noura ('18): Silicon and tin substituted halocyclopropanes: approaches to strained cyclic allenes and new carbenes

Wen, Yuewei ('18): Generating Strained Heterocyclicalkynes
5/11/1811:00a.m.Student Presentations:
Amanda Loya: Transcriptional analysis of human leukemia cells treated with the experimental anticancer drug laromustine

Grace Uwase: Investigating phosphorylation patterns and their effect on the activity of transcription factor TaABF1 in imbibing cereal grains

Omolara Akingba: Phosphorylation of the wheat transcription factor TaABF1 in response to abscisic acid and gibberellin: A story of purification

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