The American Chemical Society, ACS, is the world’s largest society for chemistry professionals.  The ACS Committee on Professional Training (CPT) promotes excellence in postsecondary education and provides leadership to the ACS and college chemistry departments in the professional training of chemists.  Students that complete an ACS-certified program of study may graduate with a Colby chemistry or biochemistry degree recognized by the ACS.  An ACS certified degree provides an external confirmation of a broad, rigorous education in chemistry recognized by employers, graduate schools, and other chemistry professionals.

Students interested in completing an ACS-certified program at Colby should complete a Colby major in Chemistry, Chemistry-Biochemistry, Chemistry-CMBB, or Chemistry-Environmental Science.   Additional course and laboratory work is required beyond these majors to provide curricular experience in all five areas of chemistry:  analytical, biochemistry, organic, inorganic, and physical.  Details of the curricular options are provided in the attached spreadsheet (ACS_Certification_2016).  Students interested in ACS certification should confirm their program of study with the Chemistry Department Chair.