I hope everyone will join me in offering an enthusiastic congratulations to Julie Millard for being elected a 2016 Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), in recognition of her contributions to innovation, education, and scientific leadership. This is an enormous and distinguished accomplishment.

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James and Tim



















James Brady ’10 (left) and and his Ph.D advisor Tim Bertram ’00 celebrate the completion of James’ Ph.D thesis Constraining Air Pollutant Emissions through in situ Measurement and Novel Instrumentation at the University of California San Diego.   Professor Bertram has recently moved the University of Wisconsin (http://bertram.chem.wisc.edu) where he is an assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry.


Chemistry Postdoctorate Fellow Reuben Hudson explains the meaning of carbon neutrality: that there is no net increase in atmospheric CO2. At Colby this is largely due to the biomass heating plant that burns wood rather than oil. Hudson explains that in any biomass-fueled heating system, whether as small as a woodstove or as large as Colby’s heating…

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Free Radicals, 2014

The Chemistry Free Radicals continued their long history of excellence tonight on Mayflower Hill, earning a berth in the championship final by nipping the Administration team 9-6 in the semi-final game. Defense looked solid, and the chemistry team may be peaking at just the right time, showing the perfect combination of fitness and freshness.


Justin Owumi, 2014 recipient of the Sarge Award.

Senior chemistry:biochemistry major Justin Owumi has received numerous accolades recently, including the NESCAC title in the 110-meter hurdles and the Condon medal, one of the College’s most distinctive awards, for outstanding citizenship and character. (To read more about Justin and the Condon medal, click here.) The Chemistry Department is also proud to acknowledge Justin’s contributions to Colby Chemistry by naming him the winner of the 2014 Sarge Award. This award, given since 1994 to an outstanding major who has shown strong departmental leadership, honors the original recipient, Sarri (“Sarge”) Salman. This is the first time in Colby history that a single individual has been the recipient of both these prestigious awards!


Colby Chemistry 2014

Colby Chemistry seniors, faculty, and staff.


Maine ACS award winner, Eddie Chuang

The Chemistry Department had its traditional year-end awards celebration on May 6, 2014. Members of the senior class who were recognized include Kathryn Moore (AIC Chemistry Award and Senior Award), Katie Coe (AIC Biochemistry Award and Alumni Award),  Eddie Chuang (Maine Chapter of the ACS Award), Jamie Suzuki (Bradford P. Mundy Award for Organic Chemistry),  Abebu Kassie (Organic Division of the ACS), Max Cushner (ACS certification of the major), and Justin Owumi (Sarge Award). We wish all our seniors the best of luck!


AIC Award winners Kathryn Moore and Katie Coe.





The Mercaptans

The Mercaptans, champions at the 2014 Chem Trivia Night: Darcy Ahern ’15, Emeritus Professor Brad Mundy, Eddie Chuang ’14, Professor Julie Millard, and Sam Redstone ’15.

The Mercaptans won by a slim margin at the chem club’s first-ever Trivia Night, beating the runners up, Schrodinger and the Cats, by just one point. Questions ranged from popular culture (e.g., What was ET’s favorite candy?), to obscure chemistry facts (e.g., how much sodium is in the human body?),  to hard-core chemistry (e.g., balancing a redox equation).

Team Heisenberg

Members of Team Heisenberg: Sam Redstone ’15, Ed Klinkerch, Nick Boekelheide, and Tom Shattuck

Defying fundamental laws of nature, Team Heisenberg (representing Chemistry) emerged as the victors of the GPS Scavenger Hunt held during the Colby Liberal Arts Symposium on May 1, 2014, with the Infectious Pathogens (representing Biology and Environmental Studies), Lost Chords (Music), and Action Potentials (Psychology) hot on their heels. Observers following their progress through GPS tracking noted that clues that stumped other teams, such as “LARGE integer series.

4Fe + 3O2 + 6H2O -> 4Fe(OH)3“, did not slow the remarkably rapid progress of Team Heisenberg, who completed the course in an age-adjusted time of just 17 minutes! Did it help that the clues were constructed by other chemists? Probably, but we’ll take the victory anyway!

This weekend the students and faculty took advantage of the beautiful Maine weather.

Nick Boekelheide (yellow glasses) playing in the Pond Hockey Classic.

Prof Boekelheide (yellow goggles) playing in the China Lake Pond Hockey Classic.

JR on a Snow Machine

JR learning to drive a snow machine and ice fish.   We didn’t catch any fish, but the weather and snow was fantastic for a quick ride on the lake.   The ice was over 30 inches thick.