Exercise Physiology

Lecture Instructors:

  Catherine R. Bevier, Biology Department
Julie T. Millard, Chemistry Department

Cathy moving through the trees in Costa Rica.

Links to Course Materials:


 CH 1, Introduction to Biochemistry

 Skeletal System and Muscles Article: Anatomy of the Athlete

 Skeletal System and Muscles Article: Exercise Aboard the Space Station

 Lecture Notes for Skeletal System and Muscles

 CH 2, Nutrition for the Athlete

 CH 3, Energy Production

 Cardiovascular System Article

 Lecture Notes for Cardiovascular System

 Respiratory System Article: Limits of Breath Holding

 Respiratory System Article: Adaptation to Altitude

 Lecture Notes for Respiratory System

 CH 4, Hemoglobin

 Nervous and Endocrine Systems Article

 Hormones Article: Gender Verification

 Hormones: Gender Testing of Female Athletes

 Lecture Notes for Nervous and Endocrine Systems

 Optimizing Performance Article: Recovery

 Optimizing Performance Article: Resistance Training

 Optimizing Performance Lecture Notes: Human Performance

 Optimizing Performance Lecture Notes: Animal Olympians

 CH 5, Ergogenic Aids

 Craziest Thing I've Ever Done Article: Death Race

 Craziest Thing I've Ever Done Article: Running Ambassador

 Answer Key for First Exam

 Answer Key for Second Exam

 Laboratory Information

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