CH141 Section B, Prof. Shattuck

09/04/2013: Wednesday

Here are Instructions for logging into Mastering Chemistry:
Mastering Chemistry,
Lucretius and atomic theory,
Mastering Chemistry: Introductory Problems : Due date 09/06/2013.

09/06/2013: Friday

Practice Homework: Chapter 1: 13,15,23,29,39,47,60
Reading: Chapter 1
Chapter 1 examples,
Mastering Chemistry Homework 1 Due Monday before lecture 9/9/2013 Problems on chemical properties, scientific notation, significant figures in calculations, classification of matter

09/09/2013: Monday

Mastering Chemistry Homework 2 Due Wednesday before lecture 9/11/2013 Problems on density, units conversion, significant figures in calculations

09/11/2013: Wednesday

Dalton"s Atomic Postulates,
STM Atom Images,
Chapter 2 Atoms, Molecules and Ions Power Point,

09/13/2013: Friday

Path to molecular structures: Chemistry Home Page|Resources for Chemistry|3D-Molecular Structures-- for example look at
Homework 4: Dalton"s Law, Subatomic particles, Isotopes, Cations and Anions Due Monday bofore class 9/16/2013

09/16/2013: Monday

Mastering Chemistry: Homework 5: Isotopes and Atomic Mass, nomenclature Due Wednesday 9/16/2013
Reading: Brown and Lemay Chapter 2

09/18/2013: Wednesday

Mastering Chemistry Homework 6, Balancing Reactions Due Friday Sept. 18
Reading: Brown and Lemay Chapter 3
Practice Homework (optional, not for a grade) Chapter 1: 13,15,23,29,39,47,60,77; (these are also listed as PRACTICE problems in Mastering Chemistry)
Practice Homework (optional, not for a grade) Chapter 2: 11,15,17,23,33,43,47,53,59,65,69,77,90,104 (these are also listed as PRACTICE problems in Mastering Chemistry)

09/20/2013: Friday

Air bag decomposition
Mastering Chemistry Homework 7: Moles,% composition, limiting reagents-- Due Monday Sept. 23

09/23/2013: Monday

Practice Homework (optional, not for a grade): Chapter 3: 13,25,31,43,57,59,61,69,71,77,81,83 (also listed in Mastering Chemistry)
Mastering Chemistry: Homework 8 Empirical Formulas, Combustion Analysis, % Yield: Due Wednesday Sept. 25 before class
Combustion analysis

09/25/2013: Wednesday

First Test
Mastering Chemistry Homework 9: Electrolytes, Precipitation Due Friday Sept 27

09/27/2013: Friday

Reading: Brown and Lemay Chapter 4

09/28/2013: Saturday

Question and Answer Sessions in Preparation for Test 1: Saturday 2:00 and 4:00 Keyes 105

09/30/2013: Monday

Test Chapters 1-3 and lab Experiments 1-2: 5:00-7:00 pm Keyes 105 and Olin 1
Classroom assignments for test: Keyes 105 A-L ; Keyes 102 M-N ; Olin 1 O-Z
Solubility and
Oxidation Numbers,

10/04/2013: Friday

Mastering Chemistry Homework 12: Balancing Redox Reactions: Due Monday 10/7

10/07/2013: Monday

Mastering Chemistry Homework 13: Heat, Heat Capacity, Work Due Wednesday Oct. 9

10/09/2013: Wednesday

Reading: Chapter 5 Thermochemistry
Mastering Chemistry Homework 14: Thermochemistry Due Friday Oct. 11

10/11/2013: Friday

Mastering Homework: NoMastering Chemistry Homework for Wednesday Oct. 16

10/16/2013: Wednesday

Reading: Chapter 6.1-6.4: Particles and Waves
Mastering Chemistry Homework 15 Hess"s Law and Calorimetry: Due Friday Oct. 18 before class
Error Analysis
Homework (Optional-not to hand in): Chapter 4: 31,37,39,47,49,51,61,69,81,83,87,96,103 Chapter 5: 23,39,43,47,51,59,61,63,67,71,75,93,97

10/18/2013: Friday

Bohr Orbitals,
Reading Chapt 6.1-6.4

10/20/2013: Sunday

Homework (Optional-not to hand in): Chapter 6: 25,31,39,82 (which are also listed on Mastering Chemistry PRACTICE)

10/21/2013: Monday

Question and Answer Session: 7:00 pm Keyes 105
Practice Exam 2, (problems 1, 9, and 13 will not be covered on our test, since we have not covered the ideal gas law.)
Equation Sheet for Exam 2,

10/22/2013: Tuesday

Question and Answer Session: 7:00 pm Keyes 105
Practice test for Chapt. 6.1-6.4:
Practice Exam 3, Questions 7,10, and 13 cover the material from Chapt. 6 that will be on the test.

10/23/2013: Wednesday

Atomic orbital visualization:
dz2 isodensity surface, dz2 volume representation, 2s orbital
Reading: Chapt. 6.5-6.9

10/24/2013: Thursday

Test Chapts 4,5,6.1-6.4(but no Bohr theory for the test), 20.1-20.2 and Experiments 3,4 and the pre-lab of 5: 5:00-7:00 pm
Exam Room assignment: Olin 1: A-D, Keyes 102: E-F, Keyes 105 G-Z

10/25/2013: Friday

Reading Chapt 7.1-7.3
Mastering Chemistry Homework 17: Electron Configuration-- Due Monday 10:00 am Oct. 28

10/28/2013: Monday

Mastering Chemistry Homework 18: Periodic Properties: Due Wednesday Oct. 30

10/30/2013: Wednesday

Reading: Chapter 7.4-7.8 (focus on Halogens section)
Mastering Chemistry Homework 19, Configuration of Ions: Due Friday Nov. 1

11/01/2013: Friday

Mastering Chemistry Homework 20: Electronegativity, Lewis Dot, Polarity : Due Monday Nov. 4 (do only one of the PhET Simulation-Molecular Polarity or Bond Polarity problems depending on your computer type)
Reading: Chapt. 8.1-8.5

11/04/2013: Monday

Demonstration, Use the MEP on a Van der waals surface option for ammonia and HF. Display the bond dipoles and the overall molecular dipole for water and ammonia.
Mastering Chemistry Homework 21: Formal Charge, resonance, bond strength: Due Nov. 6 10:00 am

11/06/2013: Wednesday

Mastering Chemistry Homework 22: Dipole moments, Exceptions to Octet Rule, Molecular Geometry Due Friday Nov. 8
Reading: Chapter 8.6-8.7 Octet Rule

11/08/2013: Friday

Reading Chapter 9.1-9.4,9.7-9.8
Mastering Chemistry Homework 23: Molecular Orbitals: Due Monday Nov. 11

11/11/2013: Monday

Mastering Chemistry Homework 24: Hybridization (two quick pproblems): Due Wednesday Nov. 11

11/13/2013: Wednesday

Homework (Optional-not to hand in): Chapter 7:21,23,29,31,37,39,45,47,57,61,71,93 Chapter 8: 3,27,31,39,41,55,59,63,69,75,78a,112 (which are also listed on Mastering Chemistry PRACTICE)

11/14/2013: Thursday

Practice Homework (optional not for a grade): Chapt. 6: 47,51,55,59,65,75,78,92,94

11/15/2013: Friday

Homework (Optional-not to hand in): Chapter 9: 23,27,39,43,55,65,79,81,83,101 (which are also listed on Mastering Chemistry PRACTICE)
Mastering Chemistry Homework 26: Pressure and Boyles Law: Due Monday Nov. 18 10:00 am
Reading Chapter 10.1-10.3 Pressure

11/18/2013: Monday

Reading Chapter 10.4-10.6
Pressure units
Question and Answer Session 7:00 p.m. Keyes 105

11/19/2013: Tuesday

Question and Answer Session 7:00 p.m. Keyes 105

11/20/2013: Wednesday

Exam 3
Formula Sheet,
Kinetic Molecular Theory,
Kinetic Molecular Theory Simulation,

11/21/2013: Thursday

Test 3: Chapters 6.3-6.9,7,8,9,10.1-10.2 Thursday 5:00-7:00 pm
Room assignments for the test: Keyes 105 A-M; Olin 1 N-U; Keyes 102 V-Z

11/22/2013: Friday

Next Mastering Chemistry 27 on PV=nRT due a week from Monday: Monday Dec. 2

11/25/2013: Monday

Reading: Chapt. 11.1-11.5

12/02/2013: Monday

Mastering Chemistry Homework 28: Intermolecular forces and phase changes Due: Wednesday Dec. 12
Reading Chapter 11.6 Phase diagrams

12/04/2013: Wednesday

Reading Chapt.13.1 13.4, 13.5 (skip Chapt. 11.7 , 13.6)
Homework (not to hand in): Chapter 11: 7,17,23,25,37ab,43,51,55,84
Mastering Chemistry Homework 29: solution formation, mole fraction, and molality Due: Friday Dec. 6 before class

12/06/2013: Friday

Colby portion Final
Formula Sheet,
Homework (not to hand in) Chapt. 13: 13,15,41,47,71,75,77,79,81
Question and Answer Sessions: Keyes 105- 4:00 and 7:00
Reading Chapt.13.2 (skip Henry"s Law and temperature dependence of solubility)

12/09/2013: Monday

Appropriate ACS Test Preparation Booklet
Example Problems,

Mastering Chemistry Homework for credit, Practice Homework to do, but not for credit.