CH141 Section B, Prof. Shattuck

09/08/2010: Wednesday

PC Users (optional): Install Chime on your computer:
Install Chime, (Chime is a 3D molecule viewer)
If you installed Chime, to test your installation: Take a look at molecule of the month: nitrogen triiodide,
Here are Instructions for logging into Mastering Chemistry: Mastering Chemistry,

09/10/2010: Friday

An interesting article on study skills:
New York Times,
Reading: Chapter 1
Homework (not to hand in): Chapter 1: 6,8,9,17,25,27,39,43,53,59

09/15/2010: Wednesday

Scanning tunneling microscopy:
STM atoms,
Reading: Chapt. 2.1-2.3

09/17/2010: Friday

Reading: Chapter 2.4-2.8

09/20/2010: Monday

Reading: Chapter 2.8-2.9
Homework (not to hand in): Chapter 2: 11,16,25,35,39,45,49,53,57

09/22/2010: Wednesday

Nitrogen Cycle,
Reading Chapter 3.1-3.2
Homework Chapter 2: 65,67,73,75,91

09/24/2010: Friday

Chapter 3.3-3.6
Homework (not to hand in): Ch 3: 7,19,25,39,49,51,61,63ab

09/27/2010: Monday

Reading: Chapter 3.7 (limiting reagents)