• Macintosh: Chime doesn't work on current browser versons on the Macintosh. Installation in Windows is totally automatic.
  • Windows: There are two sources for the Chime installation file. Locally the files are available on "fileserver1" under /academics/CH141/Chime. The offical download site is from Symyx Corp.:

    Get Chime from

  • If you get the installation files from bio-soft.net, you will first need to register. After registering go to the Downloads area. In the "Select a Product" pull down menu choose MDL Chime. Select the MDL Chime 2.6 SP7 for Windows link. Then click on the "Start Download" button.
  • In the download dialog box select Save and choose an appropriate directory on your hard drive. Close your browser.
  • After the file download is complete, navigate to the directory that you specified and double click on the Chime installer file.
  • After the installation is complete, restart your browser, and try an example file. One source of Chime structrues is from the Chemistry Home Page: 3D-Molecular Structures