CH145 Prof. Shattuck

09/03/2014: Wednesday

Welcome to CH145: here are instructions to
Access Sapling Learning homework and textbook,
Lucretius and atomic theory,
Reading: Chapter 7
Sapling: Introductory Problems : Due date 09/05/2013.

Click on Phenolphthalein/JMol in 3D-Molecular Structures, (or go the Chemistry Home page> Resources> 3D-Molecular Structures> Phenolphthalien-JMol version)

09/05/2014: Friday

Practice Homework:
Chapter 7: 2,5,11
Reading: Chapter 7
Sapling Homework: Chapter7a : Due date 09/08/2014.

09/08/2014: Monday

Sapling Homework 7b : Due date 09/10/2014.

Answer your
Prelab Questions, in your lab notebook before coming to lab. Due at the beginning of your lab day (Wednesday or Thursday)
The lab write-up for this week is on the lab Web page or Lab 1,

09/10/2014: Wednesday

Homework 7c (atomic orbitals and quantum numbers) : Due date 09/12/2014.

Sapling due

09/12/2014: Friday

Reading: Chapter 8.1-8.3 Atomic configurations, shielding
Sapling Homework 7d Atomic Orbitals : Due date 09/15/2014.

09/15/2014: Monday

Aufbau principle handout,

09/17/2014: Wednesday

Lab for this week:
Fluorescence Quenching, (also check the lab Web page for the Pre-lab questions)
Sapling Homework 8b Periodic Trends : Due date 09/19/2014.

Reading Chapt 8.4-8.6

09/19/2014: Friday

Sapling Homework 8c Ionic Bonding : Due date 09/22/2014.

Sapling due

09/22/2014: Monday

Sapling Homework 9a Lewis Structures : Due date 09/24/2014.

Reading Chapter Sections 9.1, 9.2, 9.5

09/23/2014: Tuesday

Lab for this week:
Molecular Modeling I, (also check the lab Web page for the Pre-lab questions)

09/24/2014: Wednesday

Reading Sections 9.3, 9.4 VSEPR
Formula sheet for
test 1, (will be attached to test)
Sapling Homework 9b formal charge, VSEPR : Due 09/26/2014

09/25/2014: Thursday

Practice test 1, Answers will be on reserve in the Science library

09/26/2014: Friday

Reading 10.4 Molecular Orbital Theory

09/28/2014: Sunday

Question and Answer Session: 4:00 pm Olin 1
Practice Homework: Chapter 8: 2,5,6,8,9,10,17,20,23(ans. CaCl -181 kJ/mol, CaCl2 -768 kJ/mol CaCl2 more likely)
Practice Homework Chapter 9: 1,10,12,14,15,16,18,21,22,23,25 (most of the remaining answers are wrong or misleading, so don"t worry about the other problems)

09/29/2014: Monday

Reading: Sections 10.1-10.3 hybridization, 19.2 balancing redox reactions

09/30/2014: Tuesday

Test 1: 5:00-7:00 pm Olin 1 Chapters 7-9

10/01/2014: Wednesday

Delocalized pi-systems, : ozone, carbonate, butadiene, benzene
Oxidation numbers,

10/02/2014: Thursday

Sapling Homework 10 a: MO Theory, hybrids : Due date 10/03/2014.

10/03/2014: Friday

No Sapling Homework for Monday

10/08/2014: Wednesday

Reading Chapter 12.1-12.4

10/09/2014: Thursday

Sapling Homework 12 a Colligative and Henry"s Law : Due date 10/10/2014.

10/10/2014: Friday

Reading: Chapter 13.1-13.4
Kinetics Data,
Sapling Homework: 13 a Initial Rate Studies : Due date 10/15/2014.

10/15/2014: Wednesday

Reading Chapter 13 Chemical Kinetics
Sapling Homework: HW 13 b integrated rate laws, half-times: Due: 10/17/2014

10/17/2014: Friday

Actvation Energy determination
spreadsheet example,
Next test on Tuesday Oct. 28
Sapling Homework: HW 13 c Activation energy, mechanisms: Due Monday Oct 20

10/20/2014: Monday

Reading Chapter 14.1-14.3
Lab for this week:
Chemical Equilibrium, studies LeChatelier"s Principle
Homework to hand in: Kinetics Mechanism SImulator, : Due date 10/24/2014.

10/21/2014: Tuesday

Sapling Homework: HW 13 d Activation energy, pre-equilibrium Due: 10/22/2014
Practice Homework (not to hand in):
Practice Homework, Chapter 11: 1,2,5,6 and Chapter 12: 2,4,5,18,22,23

10/22/2014: Wednesday

Practice Test 2,
Sapling Homework: HW 14 a Equilibrium Pressures: Due Friday 10/24/2014
Good review on molecular orbital theory and hybridization: G. I. Sackheim, Atomic and Molecular Orbitals, on reserve in the Science Library

10/24/2014: Friday

Strong and Weak electrolytes,
Acid Base Strength,
Sapling Homework 14 b Ksp, bases, Temperature Due Monday 10/27/2014
Practice Homework (not to be handed in) Chapter 14:1-6 and here are the answers,

10/26/2014: Sunday

Question and Answer session: Sunday Olin 1 at 4:00 pm

10/27/2014: Monday

No Sapling homework for Wednesday

10/28/2014: Tuesday

Test: 5:00-7:00 Olin 1 Chapter Sections 10.1-10.6, 11.2, 12.1-12.4, 13 all, 14.1-14.4 up to page 572 (not including Working with Small Equilibrium Constants)
Here are the answers to Practice Test 2

10/29/2014: Wednesday

Sapling Homework: HW 15 a Weak Acids and Bases Due: 10/31/2014
Reading Chapter 15.1-15.5

10/31/2014: Friday

Reading 15.6-15.7

11/02/2014: Sunday

No Sapling homework for Monday

11/03/2014: Monday

Sapling Homework 15 b Conjugate acids and bases, diprotic acid : Due date 11/05/2014.

11/05/2014: Wednesday

Reading Chapter 16.1-16.2
Sapling Homework 16 a buffers, pKa : Due date 11/07/2014.

11/07/2014: Friday

Sapling Homework: HW 16 b buffer preparation (and amphiprotic salts) : Due date 11/10/2014.

Sapling due

11/10/2014: Monday

Reading Chapter 16.3-16.4

11/12/2014: Wednesday

Sapling Homework HW 16 c Ksp : Due date 11/14/2014.

11/14/2014: Friday

Reading Chapter 6 First Law of Thermodynamics
Sapling Homework HW 16 d complexation (Remember the trick of writing the complexation reaction as a dissociation to get a small equilibrium constant: Kd=1/Kf) : Due date 11/17/2014.

11/17/2014: Monday

Sapling Homework HW 6 a 1st Law : Due date 11/19/2014.

Practice Test 3, (answers will be on Reserve in the Science library in the CH145 folder starting Tuesday afternoon)

11/18/2014: Tuesday

Question and Answer Session: 7:00 pm Keyes 102

11/19/2014: Wednesday

Reading Chapter 17.1-17.3 entropy
No Sapling homework for Friday

11/20/2014: Thursday

Test Chapters 15 and 16: Olin 1 5:00-7:00 pm

11/24/2014: Monday

Sapling Homework: HW 17 a Entropy and Gibbs Energy : Due date 12/01/2014.

11/25/2014: Tuesday

Answers to this year"s tests:
Test 1, Test 2, Test 3, (also in the Tests directory accessed the main course page)

12/01/2014: Monday

Sapling Homework HW 17 b Non-standard G -AND- HW 18 a electrodes and a voltaic cell : Due date 12/03/2014.

Reading 17.4-17.5 and 18.1-18.3

12/03/2014: Wednesday

Reading Chapter 18.4-18.5 Gibbs free energy and cell potentials
Standard Electrode Potentials,

12/05/2014: Friday

Formula Sheets for the Final:
ACS Test Formulas, CH145 Final Test Formulas,
ACS Test Preparation Booklets are on Reserve in the Science Library (see the Homework Page for suggested example problems)
Sapling homework (practice, not graded) HW 18 b G and Nernst
Here are some example questions for the Colby portion of the final: Final Practice,

12/09/2014: Tuesday

Question and Answer Session Tuesday 4:00 pm Keyes 102
Question and Answer Session Tuesday 4:00 pm Keyes 102

12/12/2014: Friday

Final: we covered up to 17.5 in chapter 17 and Chapter 18.1-18.5, and 18.7 (so skip 17.6 and 18.6). Friday 1:30 Olin 1

Sapling Learning Chemistry Homework for credit, Practice Homework to do, but not for credit.