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" Integrated Sampling and Analysis Platform for the Investigation of Lake Geochemistry"


Construction of Floating Laboratory for Lake Research

D. Whitney King, Department of Chemistry

Robert A. Gastaldo and Jennifer D. Shosa, Department of Geology

Colby College

Waterville, Maine 04901

Using a grant from the National Science Foundation (EAR-0115900) we assembled a cost-effective and technically sophisticated instrument platform for coordinated biogeochemical investigations in lakes.   The platform is based in a Godfrey Marine pontoon boat equipped with: four on-line FIA-based instruments (Fe, HOOH , and nutrient analysis), CTD (temperature, depth, conductivity, pH, eH, oxygen, fluorescence), GPS navigation, and a vibracoring system.   This instrument provides the capability to measure multiple geochemical parameters in the water column and sediments over a range of scales - both temporal (seconds to centuries) and spatial (cm to km).

A diagram of the boat, the Colby Compass, is provided below. Please click on features of the boat for more information.

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