NMR Spectral Deconvolution & Peak Picking

This applet downloads a JCAMP formatted spectrum from your computer and starts deconvolution
and peak picking. Choose the start and end to isolate the multiplet of interest. Leave at least
three data points on either side of the multiplet to establish the baseline. If your file is small
enough, you may leave the start and end blank.
Note: there is a maximum of 512 points.

Please specify a JCAMP spectral file:

Example File:
For an example file try a multiplet from 5-methylfurfurylamine: 5.92-5.86 ppm multiplet.
Download this file on to your computer and then browse for it from this script.
(Note: If you have Chime installed, to download the file click right in the
Chime JCAMP spectrum window and choose Save As...)
(The original JCAMP 5-methylfururylamine spectrum for this multiplet is from the
Useful Chemistry Project. The spectrum is kindly supplied by Jean-Claude Bradley at Drexel.)

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