Pentanucleotide Mass Finder
This applet finds oligonucleotide sequences that match an input m/z. The oligonucleotide can have up to 5 bases. The nucleotides can be in their hydrogen or alkali metal ion forms. Help

Deoxy-Mononucleotide Ions:
Monoisotopic mass

 baseNpN pN>ppNp

Parent Oligo:
Type:    5' terminal group:   3' terminal group:
Maximum Charge State :    Allow ion exchange

Search Ion Types:

Target ion m/z: +-

Results: (select a result to see its isotope pattern)
oligo_____Ion Type____M/Z_______

Ion Equivalences:
5' \\ 3'-OH-p
HO-d = w
b = y
d = y
a-B = w
p-b = wd = w
b = y

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Colby College, T. W. Shattuck, 4/20/02