Protease Digest

Digests a protein with a selected protease and and lists the monoisotopic mass of each peptide. A peptide can then be selected and the isotope cluster calculated. Help
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with protease: and maximum missed cleavages.

Peptide Modifications: Help
Cysteine modification(all C's):   Oxidized Methionine (all M's)
One Post-translational modification:

Ion Type:
N terminal group:   C terminal group:   Charge State : [M+]

Target ion m/z: with a maximum of Da. Help

The proteolytic peptides close to your target m/z:
{} is the starting sequence number of the peptide.

Isotope Cluster    Help
Select a result, above, to find the Formula:  

Substitutions: (when you show isotope cluster) Help
Amino Acid: has atoms substituted by with composition of %

Colby College and Los Alamos National Laboratory, T. W. Shattuck, 1/3/01