Modified or Uncommon Amino Acids

Post Translational Modifications

Terminal Groups

Homoserine lactone: hsl, is produced on the N-terminus after cleavage with CNBr. CNBr selectively cleaves after methionine. The methionine is converted to homoserine lactone.

Target ion m/z

The target ion m/z is used to display only those peptides that are close to the chosen value. The target ion m/z doesn't change the calculations in any way. The value just controls which results are printed.

Isotope Cluster


A given amino acid may be isotopically substituted. The substituted amino acid is assumed to be 100% substituted. Completely unsubstituted and completely substituted amino acid can then be mixed in the specified percentage.


Post-translational modifications:

PIR RESID Database
Rockefeller: PROWL Common Postranslational Modifications
ABRF: Delta Mass. A Database of Protein Post Translational Modifications
ExPASy: Accurate Mass & Pepetide Modification
ExPASy: FindMod tool
ExPASy: Find Mod Tool Masses

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Some Search Engines that include post-translational modifications:

EMBL: Protein & Peptide Group PeptideSearch
UCSF: Protein Prospector
ExPASy: PeptideMass

Stable Isotope Substitution:

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