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We have posted a variety of links geared towards undergraduates studying chemistry. Many more will eventually be added. If you know of a web site that would be appropriate for posting here, feel free to e-mail the URL to Dr. Thomas Poon.

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Organic Chemistry Pages

The Ultimate O-Chem Links Page
This web site, created by Prof. N.J. Turro at Columbia University, contains links to learning resources for organic chemistry students. The links are conveniently arranged by topic. This page is highly recommended for O-Chem students taking a first semester organic chemistry course.

Chemist's Art Gallery
This site contains many links to other sites that have chem. demos, modules, and presentations.

Amino Acids
A very fast web page containing a listing of amino acids, their structures, formulas, and abbreviations. Also, users have the option of downloading the AAs in ".mol" format.

Global Instructional Chemistry
A site with 35 links to sites that offer chemistry instruction on the web!!!

MathMol Home Page
Some structures and movies on molecular modeling.

Chemistry Visualized
Kent Wilson's Group at UCSD has set up an incredible web page tutorial for both general Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. Both static images and movies are used.

Molecule Archives in PDB Format
Many organic and biochemistry related compounds can be downloaded from this site and viewed using freeware programs such as RasMac. Just type in the name or partial name of the molecule of interest to initiate the search.

Molecular Models in PDB Format
Another database of compounds viewable with RasMac from the Department of Chemistry at Okanagan University College.

Organic Compounds Database
A searchable database of over 2000 organic compounds including numerous physical property data as well as spectroscopic data. The world wide web component of this database was created by Professor Tom Shattuck of Colby College.

Periodic Table of the Elements
An easy to use periodic table with fundamental property information for each element.

Fundamental Physical Constants
This document gives the values of the basic constants and conversion factors of physics and chemistry.

Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds
Type in the abbreviation of a chemical compound (for example: THF ) and let this web page find its full name for you.

Acronyms Database
Type in any acronym, especially chemistry related ones (for example: DEPT ) and let this web page find its full name for you.

Biotechnology Dictionary
A nice dictionary of chemistry terms. Though mostly biochemistry oriented, a very well done web page.

Biochemical Compounds Declarative Database
439 unique compounds that can be viewed online in a variety of formats. Searchable by name or as an alphabetical list.

Laboratory Related Links

Hazardous Chemicals Database
This database will allow the user to retreive information for any of over 1300 hazardous chemicals based on a keyword search. Potential keywords include names, formula and registry numbers (CAS, DOT, RTECS and EPA).

NMR Information Server
Many links to NMR related sites.

Material Safety Data Sheets at the University of Utah
Visit this site to obtain toxicity and hazard information for a variety of common organic compounds.

Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation Glossary
An informative web site on a variety of instrumental techniques.

NMR Simulation Programs
Many FREE programs (IBM compatibles only) which simulate NMR experiments can be downloaded from this site

Chemical Separations
An excellent tutorial on various separation techniques (eg. chromatography, distillation, etc.) by James K. Hardy at The University of Akron.

Fischer Scientific
Catalog listings which are complete electronic versions of their printed counterparts. Each catalog offers an intuitive table-of-contents navigation tool, full-text searches, as well as part number, page number, and manufacturer searches. Almost 100,000 quality Fisher Scientific products and 10,000 images are represented here in over 3,000 catalog pages. Our popular MSDS database is now integrated into the Fisher Chemical catalog.

Financial Aid & Summer Opportunities

Financial Aid for College
A listing of fellowships, scholarships, and awards for undergraduates studying chemistry.

Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities
A listing of summer research opportunities (nation-wide) for undergraduates. Though not an extensive list, it's a good start for those looking to do research and get paid for it.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)
A program of the National Science Foundation which provides summer research opportunities for undergraduates at top-notch institutions. Many disciplines are supported including CHEMISTRY, biology, physics, etc.

Life After Colby Chemistry

Chemistry Job Search Web Page
The name says it all!

Chemistry Graduate Programs in the U.S.
A nice listing with links to many graduate schools that offer advanced degrees in chemistry and biochemistry.

A Meta-list of online job resources. Includes many job related links.

Med School Info

Kalplan's Guide to Preparing for and Getting into Med School
Nuff said!

Wanna go to med school? Then you need to take the MCAT. Get informed here, a web page presented by the folks at Princeton Review.

American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) Web Page
Many med school applications are processed through this service. Visit this page to find out more.

The Princeton Review of the Best Med Schools
A searchable database with extensive info on US medical schools. Also available as an alphabetical list.

Medical Schools in the U.S. And Canada
A listing of accredited medical schools in the U.S. and Canada along with deadline dates for applicants. U.S. schools listed by state.

U.S. Med Schools
Another list of U.S. med schools in alphabetical order along with enrollment numbers and annual tuition!

Jobs & Research Positions
A listing of jobs and research positions in the medical and healthcare industries.

Miscellaneous Links

ACS Web Page
This is the home page of the American Chemical Society. The ACS is the largest professional organization in the scientific community with over 150,000 members. The ACS has countless roles in the chemical community, and all those intending to pursue careers in chemistry are urged to join. Visit this web page to see what they're all about.

UCLA WWW Virtual Chemistry Library
An extensive list of chemistry web pages. Very well done.

Best of the Web 1995
Check out one person's opinion of the best chemistry sites of 1995.

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