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Welcome to the Stereochemistry Online Page at Colby College

The following exercises were developed by Professor Thomas Poon (now at Claremont-McKenna College)
and Professor Emeritus Bradford Mundy (Colby College)

This web page is designed to help students of Organic Chemistry understand some concepts of stereochemistry. This is accomplished using the two types of exercises provided. One involves the classification of a given molecule as either chiral, achiral, or meso (click on the word to learn what it means). The other exercise involves the comparison of two molecules, and the determination of their relationship as enantiomers, diastereomers, constitutional isomers, non-isomers, or identical compounds.

The unique and hopefully helpful feature of these exercises is the ability to control the spatial orientation of each molecule. This is done using the Chemscape ChimeTM plug-in for Netscape NavigatorTM. If you can see the rotating molecule below, you already have the plug-in installed. Otherwise, click here to visit the ChimeTM plug-in site . Follow the installer instructions and then restart Netscape (or another frames-capable browser). You should then be able to see the rotating molecule below.

Click in the appropriate table to attempt one of the stereochemistry problems:

Comparison ProblemsChirality Problems
Exercise 1Exercise 1
Exercise 2Exercise 2
Exercise 3Exercise 3
Exercise 4Exercise 4
Exercise 5Exercise 5
Exercise 6Exercise 6
Exercise 7Exercise 7
Exercise 8Exercise 8
Exercise 9Exercise 9
Exercise 10Exercise 10

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