Welcome to Organic Webcards, a new feature of the Organic Chemistry Resource Page that aims to help students study organic reactions.

Since many students memorize reactions with the aid of notecards, our goal is to provide students with an idea of how one might set-up his or her note cards. Since we are using the organic text by Francis Carey, the Webcards cover reactions from chapters in that book (as well as additional reactions covered in our organic chemistry class at Colby College).

One caveat for students: there is definitely something to be said for making your own note cards. You can place much more information on them than are shown here, and writing out the reactions on your own can aid in your learning of them. The reactions on the Webcards may not cover every detail and limitation of a particular reaction, and we strongly advise you to double-check everything with your textbook!

To use the Webcards, scroll down below...but before you do, please note this brief disclaimer: While we have tried to check everything, we do not guarantee the accuracy of these reactions. However, we would appreciate being informed of any errors via email. Just click here to send comments or suggestions to [email protected]

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