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Melting Point +-5C________________ Boiling Point +-5C
Index of Refraction, nD20 +-0.005_ Molecular Weight +-2amu
Formula: C H N O Cl Br I S
(for formulas you can enter a ">" or "<" in front of the number, eg. >2)

UV Absorption Wavelengths:

, , +-5 nm

Mass Spectral Peaks:

, , , m/e

Chemical Types:

No Carbonyl present_ Carbonyl present
No Aromatic present_ Aromatic present
No OH or NH present OH or NH present
CH type:
no C-H saturated C-H unsaturated C-H both saturated and unsaturated C-H

Compound name contains:

Key to the Literature References
This data is available with 2D-structures and NMR chemical shifts in ISIS/Base format.