Theory | Preparation | Operation

The system should be in the overnight standby mode if it has not been used recently.  This is shown by a window with an EAI graphic in it, with very few operational pull-down menus.  To exit the standby mode, click the 'stop overnight standby' in the run menu.  Check the dot-matrix printer to the left of the instrument for any warnings or cautions; if any should be listed ask your instructor for assistance.

If all preparation is complete, click 'Carbon Hydrogen Nitrogen' in the run menu.
In this new window, there are several options the system presents to the user.  Check the box beside 'Enter K's and blanks automatically,' and fill in the field requesting the number of samples.  This number includes all blanks, conditioners, standards, and samples.  The next window asks for the sample information.  The masses should be entered in
micrograms, and the ID should be one of these choices 'blank' 'STD1' 'STD2' 'STD3'.'conditioner' or '<your sample name>'   Blanks should not have a weight entered (do not enter 0). 
Click the OK button to access the next step.  Read the 'to do' list and when each item is complete press OK again.  This puts the system in a completely automated mode.  There will be a three minute wait before the instruments begins analyzing the samples.  Each sample will take about five minutes.
Return to collect printouts, and be sure to return the system to 'Overnight Standby Mode' when the automation has stopped by selecting it in the pull-down Run menu.