Carbon Compounds, Organics, and Organic Reagents

C1 Compounds

CO2     CO3     CS2     OCS     OCS2+    
formaldehyde     H2OC     HOCH     formic acid     formate ion     formoylperoxide     formamide     CHOSH, formthiol     CH2SO    
        O=CHF     FCOOH     CO2F-     HCONH-     formylchloride     COCl2, phosgene     COBr2     CSCl2, thiophosgene    
methanol     methanol onium, CH3OH2+     methylamine     methylammonium ion    
methanimine, CH2=NH     CH=NH2     diazomethane, CH3NN     CH3NN+     NH2CN, cyanamide    CH3NH=N        
methylphosphine     methylphosphonium ion     methylthiol     CH2SH2     CH3SH2+     chloromethane
        fluoromethane     nitromethane     nitrosomethane    
        methane sulfonate ion     methane sulfonyl chloride     formyl fluoride sulfonyl fluoride, COFSO2F    
CH3F     CH2F2     CHF3     CF2O     CF4     CF3     CF3+     CH3OF    
CH3Cl     CH2Cl2     SCCl2     CHCl3     CCl3     CCl4     CF3Cl     CHF2Cl     CHCl2F     CCl2F+     CH3Br     CH2Br2     CHBr3     CH2ClBr     CH2NF3    

C2 Compounds

C2O6 (CO3 dimer)    
ethane     ethylene     ethylene triplet     acetylene     H2C=C, vinylidene     ClCH=C, chlorovinylidene    
ethanol     ethanol(alt. conformation)     dimethylether     ethyleneoxide     vinyl alcohol     vinyl chloride    
chloroethane     1-deH-1-chloroethane radical, CH3CH(•)Cl     bromooethane     1-deH-1-bromoethane radical, CH3CH(•)Br     acetaldehyde     chloroacetaldehyde     glyoxal, CHOCHO     ketene    
acetic acid     acetate     chloroacetic acid     chloroacetate     bromoacetic acid    
acetylfluoride     acetylchloride     oxalate     oxalylchloride    
hydroxylacetaldehyde     hydroxylacetaldehyde anion    
trans-CH3CHNH, ethanimine    acetonitrile     methylisocyanide     methylcyanate    
CH2CHF     CH3CF     CH2CF-     CH2CF2     CH2CF22+    
1,1-difluoroethane     gauche-difluoroethane     anti-difluoroethane     1,1-dichloroethane     gauche-dichloroethane     anti-dichloroethane    
1,1-chlorofluoroethane, Freon-151     1,2-fluorochloroethane     1,1,1-trifluoroethane     1,1,1-trichloroethane     hexafluoroethane     trans-difluoroethylene     cis-difluoroethylene    
chloroethylene     trans-dichloroethylene     cis-dichloroethylene     CF2ClCF2Cl     1,1-dibromoethane     cis-1,2-dibromoethane     1,1-dibromoethylene     cis-dibromoethylene    

C3 Compounds

cyclopropane    propene    cyanoethylene    propanol, CH3C2CH2OH     methylethylether, CH3OC2CH3     acrolein    propionaldehyde    acetone   
methylacetate, CH3COOCH3     propanoic acid, CH3CH2COOH     allyl alcohol    cis-propene-1-ol    trans-propene-1-ol   
cis-1-chloro-1-propene    trans-1-chloro-1-propene    2-chloro-1-propene    1-chloro-2-propene   

C4 Compounds

butane, CH3CH2CH2CH3     2-methylpropanol , (CH3)2CHCH2OH     t-butanol, (CH3)3COH     diethylether, CH3CH2OCH2CH3     ethylvinylether, CH3CH2OCH=CH2     butyraldehyde, CH3CH2CH2CHO     2-butanone, CH3CH2COCH3     methylpropionate, CH3CH2COOCH3    

C5 Compounds

2-methylbutane, (CH3)2CHCH2CH3     pentene, CH3CH2CH2CH=CH2     2-methylpropanol, (CH3)2CHCH2OH     t-butanol, (CH3)3COH     methyl-t-butylether, (CH3)3COCH3     2-pentanone, CH3CH2CH2COCH3    

Nitrogen Compounds, Amines, Imines

hydroxylamine    hydroxylammonium ion    CH2NH, methanimine    methaniminonium ion, CH2NH2+    CH=NH2    
NH2CN, cyanamide    diazomethane, CH3NN     CH3NN+     CH3NH=N    
methylamine, CH3NH2     methylamide anion, CH3NH-    
dimethylamine    2-aminobutane, CH3CH(NH2)CH2CH3    
N-methylmethaniminonium cation, CH3NH=CH2+     N-deH-ethanimine radical, CH3CH=N•    
formamide, HCONH2     formamidate anion, HCONH-    
cis-acetaldimine, CH3CH=NH     N-methylacetamide, CH3C=ONHCH3     N,N-dimethylacetamide,CH3C=ON(CH3)2   


NH3->O     CH3NH2->O     CH2NH->O     H2N2->O    
PH3->O     CH3PH2->O     H2S->O     CH3SH->O     CH3F->O     CH3Cl->O     H2S->O2    

Lithium Compounds

CH3Li     CH2Li2     LiNH2     LiNH2-dimer     LiNHCH3     Li2O     LiOH     LiCl     LiOCH=CH2    

Aluminum Compounds

AlH3     AlH3NH3     CH3AlH2     AlH2NH2     AlF3     AlCl3     CH3AlCl2     AlCl4-    

Silicon Compounds

SiH4     SiH3SiH3     CH2SiH2     SiO2     SiCl2O     CH3SiOCl    

Reactive Intermediates

OH radical     HOO radical     HCO3 radical     CO3- radical    
methylene singlet (CH2)     methylene triplet (CH2)     methyl radical (CH3)     CH3+     CH3-    
    ethyl radical (CH3CH2)     CH3CH2+     CH3CH2-     cyclopropane radical     HCC-     HCC•    
CH3NH-     CH3NH radical     CH3OH+     methanol onium, CH3OH2+     CH3O+     CH3O-     CH3O radical     CH2OH+    
methylperoxyl radical , CH3OO•     CH3CO+     CH2CHO-    
CF2 triplet     CF2 singlet     CF3     CF3+    
CHCl singlet     CHCl triplet     CCl2 singlet     CHBr singlet     CHBr triplet    
H2CF+     CH2Cl+     CH2Cl-     CH2Br•     trans-C2H4Cl2+     Cl2C=C singlet    
allyl+     allyl radical     allyl-     allylalcohol radical     allylchloride radical     1-chloropropane radical
HCONH-     N3 radical     N33+ singlet     N33+ triplet     N2H+    
Many More Organic Radical Cations, Neutral Radicals, and Cations

Hydrogen Bonded and Neutral Complexes


Ion-Molecule Complexes

Be2+...H2C=CH2 unsymmetrical     Be2+...H2C=CH2 symmetrical     Be+...H 2C=CH2 unsymmetrical     Be+. ..H2C=CH2 symmetrical    
water...HCONH-     LiCl...CH2=CH2+    



SOCl2     COCl2    


Hydrides: H2O     HCN     HNC     HNCO     HOCN     HONC     HNCS     HSCN     HN3
        H2N2     H2N=N     N2H4    
Oxyacids: HNO     HNO2     HNO3     H2O2     H2CO3     H2CO2    


Hydride Conjugates: OH-     CN-     NCO-     NCS-     CNS-     N3-    
        HN2-     N2H3-    
Oxyanions: NO-     NO2-     NO3-     HO2-     CO32-     HCO3-     HCO2-     CO22- triplet     CO3O2-     CO2O2-    

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