Call for CLAS Sessions

This page contains information for how departments/programs and individual faculty members can request a Colby Liberal Arts Symposium session.

Department/Program Sessions

Department/program sessions are sponsored by departments/programs with the anticipation that all/most of the faculty will attend that session. Typically, department/programs sessions are used for honors presentations, capstone presentations, senior seminars, or other independent research.

Departments/programs may request a session of up to (but preferably less than) three hours. If a department/program needs additional time, they may also submit a request for an Open CLAS session on another date to cover the remaining time.

Course-based Sessions

Course-based sessions are sponsored by individual faculty members and reflect the work done either in a particular course or by a group of students supervised by an individual faculty member.

There are five types of course-based sessions:

  1. Thursday CLAS Poster Session
  2. Thursday CLAS Presentation Session
  3. Open CLAS Poster Session (during regular class time during the final two weeks of class, typically in one’s regular classroom)
  4. Open CLAS Presentation Session (during regular class time during the final two weeks class, typically in one’s regular classroom)
  5. Wild Card Session (in Ostrove Auditorium, creative format [PechaKucha, debate, etc.] or interdisciplinary topic. Engagingly targeted at a general (non-expert) audience.

Based on feedback, scheduling will prioritize department/program sessions to feature more advanced student scholarship.  If there are more course-based sessions than slots available, the divisions will determine which proposed sessions will occur on Thursday; toward that end, the request form includes a space for an explanation for why the session would be particularly well suited for Thursday. Any sessions that might not be selected for Thursday will certainly have the opportunity to use an Open CLAS slot(s).

Arts@CLAS Sessions

Arts@CLAS is a celebration of the arts that takes place Wednesday evening (6-9 p.m.) in the Museum of Art. The evening includes student performances (musical, theatrical, dance), readings (creative writing, poetry, multiple languages), exhibitions/open galleries (visual arts, cinema), and activities. The spirit of the evening is lively, with many different venues ablaze with activity.

If you have questions about Arts@CLAS, please contact Kim Besio,

Registration/Planning Schedule

Registration for 2018 is now closed.

Responsibility of a Session Sponsor

  1. Request a session
  2. Confirm the participants for your session
  3. Submit titles and sequences
  4. Communicate with session participants
  5. Moderate the session

Responsibility of a Student Presenter

  1. Confirm your participation with your session sponsor (chair, director, or instructor)
  2. Submit your title to your session sponsor (chair, director, or instructor)
  3. Prepare your materials
  4. Practice your presentation
  5. Come early to your session
  6. Be brilliant, and have fun!