The following information should be helpful to CLAS participants.

  • Confirm your time/place: Once the schedule has been finalized, you will be able to confirm your time/place by clicking on the 2016 Program tab and clicking the appropriate format (poster or presentation). If you don’t know which poster block is yours, you can search for your name under the same tab.
  • Poster Blocks: Each poster session (Morning {9-11} and Afternoon {1-3}), has an A block and a B block. “A” block participants will stand by their poster during the first hour of the session; “B” block participants will stand by their poster during the second hour of the session.
  • Poster Number: The poster number tells you which easel/foam core you should use.
  • Come Early, and Be Efficient: Poster presenters will need a few minutes to put their posters up. Oral presenters will need some time to load any PowerPoints on to the computer. There is not much time between sessions, so we will all need to be efficient.
  • Keep to Your Time: Each presentation has a starting time (and, by extension, and ending time.) It is critical that you not speak beyond your allotted time. We have many presentations and many sessions, and we need to ensure that sessions end on time–so that the next session can get in.
  • Be Courteous: In general, the expectation is that you will stay for your entire session–to provide a consistent audience for the full session. In some cases, though, you may need to leave early in order to deliver another presentation. In such a case, you should leave quietly between speakers.
  • Quiet Hallways: In the past, we had cases where the hallway noise interfered with the presentations being made. When presentations are in session, please keep your conversations quiet and away from doorways.
  • Have a Great Time: CLAS is a wonderful celebration of the impressive work that you and your peers do. Enjoy the opportunity to witness (and create) visible displays of intelligence.