Wild Card sessions at CLAS are designed to be engaging presentations that either utilize an unusual format (such as debate or pecha kucha) or tackle an interdisciplinary topic.  These sessions all take place in Ostrove Auditorium, and they are accessible to the entire Colby community.

This year’s Wild Card sessions are:

9:00        CARA Project Blitz: What do green spaces, HPV vaccines, children’s sharing, human rights in the Congo, cook stoves, Colby’s energy trends, control of lasers, concussions, and aesthetics have in common?  First-year CARA students! Come hear short presentations, or Project Blitzs, highlighting this exciting work.

       9:00 – Lincoln Lenderking, Hania M. (’20) and Zhou, Peisen (’20)
Islands of Green on a Degraded Landscape: Ethiopian Church Forests
9:06 – Ruddy, Lauren A. (’20) and McKenna, Megan A. (’18)
How Global Health Disparities Shape HPV Vaccine Development
9:12 – Ahn, Injung (’20)
‘It’s MY turn!’ Measuring Children’s Social Problem Solving
9:18 – Eber, Iliana S. (’20)
Human Rights Abuses in the Congo: An Ongoing Issue Amidst an Ever Changing Conflict
9:24 – Nguyen, Cindy P. (’20)
Why Can’t We Say Bye (Bye)Omass?: An Exploration of Failures in Improved Cook Stoves
9:30 – Poore, Tiffany M. (’20) and Ross, Camille H. (’20)
Watts Up with Colby’s Energy Trends?
9:36 – Soice, Emily H. (’20) and Li, Yin (’19)
Controlling the Laser Show
9:42 – Kempkes, Erin M. (’20) and Zheng, XiaoyueM. (’20)
The Repercussions of Concussions: Researching Mild TBIs in Student Athletes
9:48 – Zhang, Hongyong (’20)
Ultimate Aesthetics: The Collaboration of Technology and Performance


10:00        Engaged Experiences:  Colby students do fascinating work around the world.  Come learn about internships and off-campus study adventures from Europe to Africa to Asia to South America to the coast of Maine.

      Akingba, Omolara A. (’18)
Panel Member – Internship Cape Town HVTN Immunology Laboratory, South Africa
Aukland, Cleo T. (’17)
Panel Member – Internship Croco Magazine, London, UK
Blackburn, Brandon C. (’17)
Panel Member – Off-Campus Study Ireland and Germany
Fotos, Katherine L. (’17)
Panel Member – Off-Campus Study, SFS Tanzania
Lin, Elenia L. (’18)
Panel Member – Off-Campus Study Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, East B oothbay, ME
Mo, Douglas L. (’18)
Panel Member – Off-Campus Study Middlebury in China, Kunming
Mouradian, Christina E. (’19)
Panel Member – Off-campus Study Saha Global Summer Water Fellows Program, Gha na
Webb, Kyra A. (’17)
Panel Member – Off-campus Study College Year Athens
Brooks, Cecil (’17)
Panel Member – Off-campus Study: Dominican Republic, Bolivia, and Peru


11:00        Revolutions! (Humanities Theme): This year’s humanities theme has been Revolutions!  Students from across the college will share how their different courses addressed the theme of Revolutions!

     Bowen, J. Fenwick (’17)
EN333: Environmental Revolutions in American Literature and Culture
Clark, Christine (’19)
LT232 Love and Revolution
Jean, Melissa G. (’17) and Johnson, Catherine M. (’17)
FR377: Staging the Revolution: The Theater of Revolt
Simpson, Edward F. (’17)
ES 346: Global Food Policy
Stern, Elisa F. (’17)
PS349/350: Seminar and Collaborative Research in Neural Plasticity and Behavior: The Revolution of Adult-Born Neurons
Stewart, Kyndell C. (’19)
TD197: Revolutionary Movements: Black Dance in America
Woodruff, Beatrice B. (’19)
RU242: Russian Cinema from from Lenin to Putin


1:00        TED MED:  In November and December, several Colby students attended the TED MED conference in Palm Springs, California.  Not only did they hear from leading edge scientists, they also encountered a diverse group (e.g., facial sculptor, global DIY adventurer, progressive mortician) focused on improving health conditions around the world.  Come and hear their stories.

     Longerstaey, Anoush M. (’17)
Tocci, Noah X. (’17)
Shortsleeves, Paige E. (’17)
Le, Phuong M. (’17)


2:00        Activist Alley:  Ever since the first year of CLAS, we have wanted to create an Activist Alley–an opportunity for student activists to share their stories and speak to the Colby community.  This year, we have several groups that will present in Ostrove and others that will be nearby.

      Middendorf, Emily M.. (’17) and Adan, Abukar A. (’17)
Beyond the Impression: Stories About Identity at Colby
Hojlo, Margaret A. (’17) and Naimie, Lillian E. (’19)
Sustainable Food Practices at Colby and Beyond
Wagner, Tommaso E. (’19)
Save the Queen: Environmental Engagement through Community Beekeeping
Huang, Lijie (’19) and Yu, Long Yung (’19)
Empowering International Environmental Activism through Documentary Film
Jensen, Laura A. (’17), Gottsegen, Holly C. (’20), MacKerron, Jane A. (’20) and Wyndham, Mattie L. (’19)
Conversations on Feminism on Colby’s Campus


3:00        Water:  There may not be a more persistent or more perplexing global issue than that of water.  Water touches all lives.  It shapes economies, provokes conflict, proves central to both health and disease, and inspires art.  This session will begin with a screening of the 12-minute documentary about Benard Kibet’s Davis Peace Prize project in Kenya.  It continues with several other short presentations on the power and beauty of water.

        3:00 –  Kibet, Benard (’18)
Film: Bringing Water to a Community
3:15 –  Lee, DaWon (’17)
Ethiopia Stream Team
3:21 –  Corin Balan (’18) and Michael DiCosmo (’18)
Water as Environmental Cohesion
3:31 –  Clemens, Ryan (’17)
Fluidity: Intersections of Water, Landscape, and Humanity
3:36 –  Kwak, Carolyn J. (’19) and McDonough, Mara (’20)
A collaborative research network for undergraduate limnologists: NE GLEON
3:42 –  Arthur, Samuel D. (’17) and Beacham, Andrew J. (’17)
Climate Monitoriing on Alllen Island
3:48 –  Clemens, Ryan (’17)
Climate change and adaptation in Maine’s lobster fishery