colosseum1newA recent issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Colby is among the top colleges and universities in the nation in the percentage of students studying abroad. Students can elect to spend one semester in their junior year in another country. Many majors in Classics or Classical Civilization have taken advantage of the opportunity to study in Greece or Italy. There are various programs in each country that are specially designed for American students. The Classics Department advises interested students in the selection of a program suited to their needs. In Athens, the cradle of Western democracy, and the birthplace of Greek Tragedy and Plato’s Academy, Colby students can further their studies while familiarizing themselves with the Acropolis and the Agora. In Rome, they can continue to pursue the ideals of a classical education while visiting the sites that for centuries witnessed triumphs over distant peoples.

Among the most popular options for our students over the years have been:

College Year at Athens (CYA)

and the

Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome.

Students interested in experiencing an archaeological dig over the summer should speak with department faculty, and search the list of field schools, etc., hosted by the Archaeological Institute of America.