Wit & Wisdom



"Nobody cares if you mess with a crustacean's stem cells."

Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Biology Andrea Tilden, describing her biomedical research on comparative functional genomics. She confided that, after messing with stem cells, she and her research colleagues at Mount Desert Island Biological Labs eat a lot of lobster.

"To live in nature is to use and change it by our presence. The choice we face is not to leave no marks"that is impossible"but rather to decide what kinds of marks
we wish to leave."

Professor William Cronon of the University
of Wisconsin in a lecture titled "Saving Nature in Time: The Past and the Future
of Environmentalism."

"We launched a new Web design.
That doesn't mean anything's done."

Rob Clockedile, managing editor for Web communications, at a meeting on February 1, the day Colby's new Web design went live (and the next round of revisions began).

"It's probably a good time to be taking
the test, because colleges are still
pretty confused."

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Parker Beverage on how colleges will assess scores when the new Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) takes effect in March.

"It's like I get to be a journalist and the matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof at
the same time."

Mackenzie Dawson Parks '99, reporting on her new gig co-writing the dating column for the New York Post.

"Thank goodness.
It only took four and a half years."

President William Adams, reporting in February to faculty and staff that the value of Colby's endowment had finally recovered beyond its previous high at the end of fiscal year 2000 "an apex achieved, he pointed out, the day before he took office as Colby's 18th president.