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David R. Surette '79's Young Gentlemen's School, Alec Haavik '92's Rocks, Joseph Roisman's The Rhetoric of Manhood, and Annie Proulx '57's Bad Dirt: Wyoming Stories 2


#shapedbyland#right#'Young Gentlemen's School
David R. Surette '79
Koenisha Publications (2004)
Reading Surette's perfectly crystalized poems of childhood (and beyond), you'll wish he had been along for yours. How could you have missed all those common, everyday moments that in his simple but vivid words are revealed to be anything but. A boy in Catholic school kills a mouse: "Sister / (face as white as the bands across her forehead) / looking like one of the girls in my class, / innocent as any one of them. / "I thought you might have let it go in the schoolyard or . . ." The collection moves from life in a house full of brothers to a note telling children about the birds and the bees""My youngest goes to an Agricultural High school, / majors in horses and cows so she's all set. / Everything there is super-sized.")"gently pointing to the too-often missed significance of the life that is all around us.

Alec Haavik '92
Red Ankh Records (2004)
Jazz saxophonist Haavik calls this CD "the culmination of my eight years on the NYC music scene." The eight tracks include six original compositions and two reinterpretations (The Police, John Coltrane), all part of Haavik's exploration of the confluence of rock and modern jazz. A philosophy major at Colby who studied Mandarin Chinese, Haavik this spring was bound for Shanghai, where he was to spend three months in residence at the city's premier jazz club. More information is available at

Commentary on Ainu Shin'y�c3;´sh�c3;»: Collected Stories of the Ainu Gods
Julie Marks Kaizawa '90
Sofukan, Ltd. (Tokyo, 2004)
In 1920 an Ainu girl set down tales told by her ancestors on the island of Hokkaido about the daily life, governed by religious perception, of the Ainu people. Kaizawa's English translation runs line by line beneath both the original Ainu and a modern Japanese translation. Copies of this collection currently are available in major libraries.

The Rhetoric of Manhood
Joseph Roisman (Classics)
University of California Press (2004)
What did fourth-century Athenians think it took to be a man? Roisman turns to the Attic orators for the answers in this groundbreaking study of manhood as it was regarded in that age. The book considers Athenian men as family members, friends, and lovers, manhood in the military, manhood as it related to social and economic status. Roisman finds that, contrary to previous studies, Athenians weren't of one mind on the topic of manly values and conduct.