Penalty Points for Alcohol


In some states, drivers are assessed points for traffic violations. At Colby, beginning this fall, students will be assessed points for alcohol infractions.

By R.J.

 The new format aims to simplify the disciplinary system so the College is more aware of repeat offenders and so students can easily understand the system, said Vice President for Student Affairs Janice Kassman. "We want students to know, as they're progressing through the College, where they stand."

As in the past, all students who are cited must see an alcohol counselor, but now disciplinary action varies based on the accumulation of points or the seriousness of the violation. One-point violations include underage possession and possessing an open container, and two-point offenses include attempting to purchase alcohol with false identification and supplying alcohol to a minor.

Accumulation of three points results in disciplinary probation, campus service, and possible parental notification. A fourth point means off-campus alcohol treatment, and the severity of sanctions increases up to permanent disciplinary probation and required leave of absence at eight points.

Much like some states offer driving school for point reduction, Colby will deduct one point per semester if students participate in non-mandated campus or community service or make an alcohol-related public presentation with the group Student Health on Campus.

The points system uses existing policies, says Kassman, and does not change or amend any policy. The new system does decrease the fine for one type of violation. Most fines are $100, except in cases where damage to property is included.