Wit & Wisdom



"It is almost always a mistake to have heated arguments in virtual space."
President William Adams, offering advice to first-years at the Matriculation Convocation in September. (Adams's address is online at www.colby.edu/president/articles/firstyr05.htm.)

"We were giddy from sitting down at
the big table."

Donnell O'Callaghan '06, president of the Student Government Association, describing himself and SGA Vice President Romeo Raugei '06 after their first meeting with the Board of Trustees. (The SGA president and vice president attend trustee meetings as student representatives to the board.)

"Are you the one with the whip?"

An Ursuline nun to Dean of Students Janice Kassman at a neighborhood tea arranged by student residents of Colby Gardens. The nun was referring to a letter to the editor in which Nancy (Briggs) Marshall '82 assured the neighbors that Kassman was always good at "cracking the whip."

"It will be reiterating in a ham-handed way what we already are doing."

Professor Joseph Reisert (government),
quoted in the Portland Press Herald
about Colby's plan for Congressionally mandated "Constitution Day" programs
at American schools.

"Believe me, after four days of not showering, that shower will probably be the most memorable shower you ever take."

Melissa Hernandez '05, to a first-year student before he embarked on COOT.

"I hate that liberal newspaper."

Clyde L. Wheeler, Winslow, Maine, resident, after learning that, in its arts calendar, The New York Times had mistakenly printed his phone number instead of the number for the Colby College Museum of Art. He explained that he comes from a long line of Republicans.