From the Editor


By Gerry Boyle '78, P'06

Slowly but surely some new nomenclature has crept into conversations we have around the editorial table as we construct Colby and as we plan for the future.

The online magazine moves closer to taking its place shoulder-to-shoulder with its printed-paper sibling. Colby podcasts are being produced as I write this. Blogs are part of the discussion, along with RSS feeds (whatever they are).

New communications technology is changing the ways people get information and how people interact with the media. Technology is like New England weather; if you don't like it, just wait a while and it will change. Some changes have been implemented and we hope you've noticed.

Rob Clockedile, my colleague down the hall, has added features to the online version of Colby that even dedicated print magazine readers may want to check out. First and foremost is the comment function at the end of articles. Have something to add to what we've reported? Touch a key and start typing. Love a story? Tell us why. Think we're full of hooey? Write it up and let it fly. Those comments will be posted with the online story for the edification of the entire Colby community.

In this issue of the print magazine, some of the online comments have been added to the traditional letters to the editor. We expect that trend to grow as more readers learn of these new ways to turn the magazine into a dialogue.

The opportunities to post comments come on the heels of the online poll, which News Editor Ruth Jacobs put in place a few issues back. The last poll (on the place of fraternities in the world of small liberal arts colleges) garnered a record response. Readers who favored fraternities outpolled their anti-fraternity counterparts, 122-77.

Or did they?

It seems the people who count the votes couldn't help noticing that two thirds of the pro-fraternity votes were coming from the same two Internet addresses. Maybe they have large families. Maybe they still live fraternity style, lots of people in one big house. Maybe they let their passions get the best of them.

In any event, we enjoy hearing from them and all of you. Vote early. Vote often. And please stay in touch.

Gerry Boyle '78, P'06
Managing Editor
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